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What two scientists find below the surface of Mars will change them forever. The award winning sci-fi comic, in print for the 1st time.
What two scientists find below the surface of Mars will change them forever. The award winning sci-fi comic, in print for the 1st time.
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Update and Artist feature #6: Simon Roy

Posted by Der-shing Helmer (Creator)

Hi guys!

Obligatory funding update: we're well on the way to the 110k goal: the final hardcover upgrades! I wanted to retain the mysterious, minimalist art-book feel of the hardcover without needing a dust jacket (I hate them~), so our prepress tech Rhiannon found an amazing alternative solution that will be added to every hardcover book once we hit the next goal... Can't wait to show you guys!

More news:

  • Thanks to overfunding I'm also now able to order a few more hardcovers than I was originally able to, so I'm going to add a few more copies to the sold-out basic and premium HC tiers. Due to rarity the HCs will only be available at conventions after the KS is over, so now is the best time to get one if you want one.
  • To answer another common question: yes, you'll be able to add an additional book (softcover only) to your order when the surveys go out~

OK OK enough about that... I'm excited to finally get to talk about our final guest artist, who I was able to add to our roster thanks to all of you. Our previous artists have been from a variety of backgrounds, but sometimes you crave an artist who truly loves and exudes those classic sci-fi feels in every piece they create. For me, that artist is Simon Roy.

Simon is a super legit sci-fi comics artist, having worked on titles such as Habitat, Prophet, Jan's Electric Heart, and many others. The first time I encountered his work, I was not just entranced with his meticulous and organic style of lineart, but also his passion for futuristic visions and unexplored worlds. It's the kind of spirit that you can't fake or hide, because you see it on every page.

I really appreciate the extreme attention he gives to not just the aliens that inhabit the worlds he illustrates, but also the terrain, the architecture, the mechanics... The first time I met Simon was actually on a panel about worldbuilding. After that panel I was like "fuck, how do I become friends with this guy," lol. Thankfully he's also super friendly in addition to everything else.

A lot of his work is in print, but the real deal is hiding in Simon's Patreon, where he shares original science fiction comics that to me recall the vibe of my favorite classic authors. Below are some panels his recent series, Griz Grobus, about a town which reactivates a machine who was somehow involved in the upheaval of the the area's previous inhabitants.

His work runs the gamut of gritty, charming, horrific, breathtaking and of course beautiful. I'm so glad that Simon will be contributing a print for all the print tiers, and hope you guys will check out more of his great work below :]


Where to support Simon and read his original comics: Patreon

Where to buy Simon's work: Books | Original Art

Where to connect with Simon: Twitter | Tumblr | Insta | Personal Site


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    1. Der-shing Helmer 4-time creator on

      @ Kevin RIGHT It’s like, you either tape it down like the library does and it balloons out awkwardly while reading, plus you never see the real cover again, OR take it off and negate the point of even having a dust jacket. Plus I always find mine flattened out later and the creases never sit right again T_T I vowed to never myself contribute to the dust jacket problem.

    2. Der-shing Helmer 4-time creator on

      @ TalyaStorm I’m excited to get it on your shelf too XD

    3. Missing avatar

      Kevin Pittman

      I always take the dust jackets off before reading, and often forget to put them back on. I have a pile of them on a shelf.

    4. Missing avatar

      TalyaStorm on

      I had stumbled upon youe web comic on accident one night, and am excited to get it on my shelf!