MARE INTERNUM: the sci-fi graphic novel

by Der-shing Helmer

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      TalyaStorm on

      I had stumbled upon youe web comic on accident one night, and am excited to get it on my shelf!

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      Kevin Pittman

      I always take the dust jackets off before reading, and often forget to put them back on. I have a pile of them on a shelf.

    3. Der-shing Helmer 4-time creator on

      @ TalyaStorm I’m excited to get it on your shelf too XD

    4. Der-shing Helmer 4-time creator on

      @ Kevin RIGHT It’s like, you either tape it down like the library does and it balloons out awkwardly while reading, plus you never see the real cover again, OR take it off and negate the point of even having a dust jacket. Plus I always find mine flattened out later and the creases never sit right again T_T I vowed to never myself contribute to the dust jacket problem.