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What two scientists find below the surface of Mars will change them forever. The award winning sci-fi comic, in print for the 1st time.
What two scientists find below the surface of Mars will change them forever. The award winning sci-fi comic, in print for the 1st time.
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Artist feature #5: Franz Anthony

Posted by Der-shing Helmer (Creator)

Wow, it's April~

Obligatory book update: We hit 100k! Utterly ridiculous! There are exactly 2 weeks left to go, so plenty of time to futz around with your order until the campaign ends. Personally, I am all about these premium tiers, because I've been adding a bunch of stuff to them as we've been busting through stretch goals, including all the work of the incredible guest artists. And it's time to introduce a new one to you!

One hand against the other makes a very nice sound for science artist Franz Anthony

Franz is an science illustrator at Earth Archives and the creative director/ co-founder of Studio 252MYA, a collective of natural history artists. The first thing you should know about Franz is that like a wizard, he paints living creatures so vibrantly that you feel like you could reach out and touch them. This is impressive for extant animals, but even moreso when bringing the dead to life.

A lot of artist with a paleo touch tend to focus on the traditionally sexy animals like dinosaurs, megafauna, etc. What I love about Franz is that he can bring that appeal and dignity to fish, arthropods, and even Hallucigenia (jk nobody know what's going on with Hallucigenia). This post happens to contain a lot of aquatic animals, but Franz has got some great work with the classics like mammals, birds and reptiles too.

There are, happily, a ton of great science illustrators out there, but what drew me to Franz's work immediately was not just his ability to render, but his penchant for striking design. Through the lens of his artistic eye, we're treated to a kaleidoscope of organic angles, fantastic shapes, and clever presentations of species long gone, but now impossible to ignore.

click thru for more in Franz's poster series~
click thru for more in Franz's poster series~

Lastly, and potentially most importantly, Franz is a consummate biology shit-poster. Like you would not believe the quality, educational shrimp memes coming out of this guy. Squid memes too. Look at this.


 In any case, I got TERRIFICALLY lucky and was able to hire Franz to do an illustration of our own faceless wonder, Thighfriend. This print will be included automatically with all of the Premium tiers, thanks to you guys allowing us to reach that stretch goal! I'll be sharing a preview a little later just so you still have something to look forward to XD But it's looking absolutely beautiful so far, like the rest of his work, and I'm so glad to get to share some new Franz art with all of you!

Please take a look at all or any of his sites below, there is a lot to see and love.


Where to commission and/or buy Franz's work: Personal Site | Studio 252MYA

Where to connect with Franz: Twitter | Tumblr | Insta

Where to support Franz: Patreon | Ko-Fi

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    1. Missing avatar

      Jérémie Locas on

      But what about Thrip friend? :P

    2. Der-shing Helmer 4-time creator on

      lol, lets be honest with ourselves... memes are legitimately a great teaching tool and we'd be idiots not to harness their power

    3. Franz Anthony on

      I'm happy that you acknowledged my educational shitposting, I feel like it's my true calling now!