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SHIFTCAM is a 6-in-1 lens case that enables you to take high-quality shot in the most comprehensive, convenient and portable way.
SHIFTCAM is a 6-in-1 lens case that enables you to take high-quality shot in the most comprehensive, convenient and portable way.
SHIFTCAM is a 6-in-1 lens case that enables you to take high-quality shot in the most comprehensive, convenient and portable way.
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    1. David Hasty on

      Never received.

    2. Missing avatar

      Waso Danilenko on

      Hey, please, stop ignoring me in messages

    3. Missing avatar


      when ship?

    4. Josh "Panda Cub" on

      @Sonny that happen to me as well and mine is broken at the bottom where the hand grip is located other than that I was happy with the case but not happy with the fact that it didn't even last a year.

    5. Missing avatar

      Sonny Lee

      Hi my shift cam case has cracked from the top left corner where the lense is from just removal of the case? Is this common ?

    6. SHIFTCAM 3-time creator on

      Hi All,

      For backers who have received your ShiftCam, Let us know how we did! and check out the #ShiftCam Instagram feed!

      If you encounter defects or damages on your ShiftCam, Please send us an email to with your Backer's number. We will have our CS team follow up with your repairment.

      Thank you for your continuous support. And stay toon, something new is coming!!

      ShiftCam Team

    7. Missing avatar

      Marianna on

      Dear sirs,
      I am from Moscow, and I have not received my product. Could you send me the tracking number.
      Kind regards.

    8. Missing avatar

      David Hung on

      Hi, excuse me I begun to use my shift case on august 14 until today my shift case break, idk how... do I have a support for the case?? Like warranty something?

    9. Itzam Emilio on

      Regards, I from Mexico City, and I have not received my product. Could you send me the tracking number. Thanks

    10. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Weise on

      Ok, mine arrived at costoms today. Gonna wait till Monday to pick it up. Hope i dont have to pay a extra fee here in Germany.

    11. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Weise on

      How can i do a private message on kickstarter?

    12. Ryoichi Sakurai on

      Hi got my shiftcam already and its great. But the one i saw in your promotional video is that the case has a shutter button.. is this available?

    13. Missing avatar

      LE HONG THANG on

      Just received shiftcam today in Vietnam. Well done

    14. Missing avatar

      Ramona on

      I have not received the item yet. Pls give me the Track Numbers?!

    15. Bobby Wee on

      Hi i hv just received my order. you can ignore my comments. Thank you

    16. SHIFTCAM 3-time creator on

      Hello All,

      Sorry for the late reply, As we have ship out all ShiftCam earlier this month, arrival time might various base on different countries. We are trying our best to locate each parcel by tracking number as some tracking numbers is not always up to dates, we have to call the local courier and trace down the parcel manually, will try our best to respond to your inquiry asap.

      Thank you very much

    17. Bobby Wee on

      I have not received mine yet..Can i have the tracking number.. Thanks

    18. Joris Jumper on

      Guys, it is JULY 26 and I still haven't received mine. It is already possible to order online - So why pre order at all if we can't get it before hand.
      2nd time posting regarding this issue. Please get back to me asap.
      I'm leaving the shipping location in a few days.

    19. Missing avatar

      Roman Khan on

      hi! i'm backer 452
      can i have my tracking number?

    20. premal patel on

      I'm Backer 228. I received the Shiftcam today.
      While testing it I found that the 2 2x telephoto lenses are not telephoto but seem to be 120degree wide angle lenses.

      The objects are closer without the shiftcam lens.

      Where can I send the sample pictures I took to show you what I mean


    21. Missing avatar

      Robert Campbell on

      Hi. I got my Shiftcam today and congratulations on an excellent product. Well done.

      However, I didn't realise there was different sizes of iPhone and I just have a normal size iPhone. Do you make one for normal iPhones?


    22. Missing avatar

      LE HONG THANG on

      Hi, I'm backer #364
      How to get tracking number? Also, I have not received any information of my shiftcam yet. No update about shipping information. Could you please help? Thanks in advance

    23. Missing avatar

      Michael Panterov on

      Backer 403 - Russia. Received 3 days ago. It's awesome! Thanks.

    24. Hiromi Miyamoto on

      It arrived today. Quickly, it is a big success. What I want you to improve is the best if the hole of the strap is bigger a little. I will use it carefully. Thank you very much

    25. Missing avatar

      CyNaX on

      Hi ! I'm backer 376 from France. Can I get a tracking number please? Thanks in advance!

    26. SK

      Received mine today in Malaysia, Thanks !

    27. Missing avatar

      mu on

      Backer 443 requesting tracking details. Thanks!

    28. Missing avatar

      Harsh Shrivastava on

      I maybe backer 364--since the email I got said "Thanks to you and 363 other backers". How do I get tracking details?

    29. Missing avatar

      Badr H Albadr on

      I am backer 175 and cordially request my tracking number. thanks.

    30. Edwin Cortes on

      Hi! Can I get my tracking number please? I’m backer 368.

      Edwin Cortes

    31. Missing avatar

      Robert Vasquez on

      Good morning ShiftCam team,

      How may I contact you guys for a tracking number?

    32. Missing avatar


      I have already receive mine and it cane great. Excellent and well built casing and lenses. Perfect laser engraving too. Thanks shiftcam.

    33. Missing avatar

      Badr H Albadr on

      How can I get my tracking ID please?

    34. Missing avatar

      Sebastian Weise on

      Hi, can i get my tracking id please.
      Thank you.

    35. Missing avatar

      David Sun on

      Received this afternoon, Super good! Very good quality, especially the Marco lens & Fisheyes!

    36. Missing avatar

      Nam Tran on

      I am backer #301 btw.

    37. Missing avatar

      Nam Tran on

      Hi team ShiftCam,

      How may I contact you guys for a tracking number?

    38. Raymond Koh on

      Received - Singapore, everything is good.

    39. Missing avatar

      David Sun on

      Pls advise When I can expect to receive my SHIFTCAM? I am 254#, Thanks!

    40. Yangmi Park on

      I'm backer #132 T.T

    41. Missing avatar

      Jennifer Yeo on

      I received it today! And I love it! So much :) Everything good packed in one case. Thank you!

    42. Yangmi Park on

      When will my ShiftCam arrive?

    43. Missing avatar

      wen kai chen on

      is there a tracking code available?

    44. Missing avatar

      winki chan on

      Thank you for shiftcam helping! I want to know that my shipment have any tracking number or by post office.

    45. SHIFTCAM 3-time creator on

      Hi winki chan,

      Sorry to keep you waiting, your shipment is already on the way, and it will arrive at your place before 7/19. Have fun in your trip with ShiftCam, and remember to post your beautiful phone with our hashtag #ShiftCam

      ShiftCam Team

    46. SHIFTCAM 3-time creator on

      Hi Hoi Kiu Tang,

      Thank you for your feedback, we are glad that you like it. and yes we are in full speed designing the next version, we will keep you all updated with thats coming up next soon.

      ShiftCam Team

    47. Missing avatar

      winki chan on

      hi! how long time to ship case?i am waiting for long time.But I saw sale for 498 at log on. I buy 460 when i cannot to receive yet.I hope that before 19/7 to receive the case. i want to use case for my trip.can you help me?

    48. Missing avatar

      Hoi Kiu Tang on

      Thanks Creator!! I have used it for a day already! The case fit my phone so perfectly! Can't notice this benefit by just looking at the photo! The lens sliding experience is classy! This is my first time to back Kickstarter project and I feel good with this one. Maybe you can work on some other types of lenses as add-on accessories? it will be fun!

    49. SHIFTCAM 3-time creator on

      Hi Hoi Kiu Tang,

      Yes we can definitely offer discount for Backer's Friends & Family, in fact if you check out the latest backer's only update,, we have a discount code for backers to share. And they can make a purchase on

      ShiftCam Team

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