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A book about applying topics from mathematics, physics, and generative algorithms to computational systems. With Processing!
A book about applying topics from mathematics, physics, and generative algorithms to computational systems. With Processing!
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    1. drewish on

      I dove back into this book to get some quick hints for a project and ended up spending most of the evening rereading it. You really did a great job.

    2. David Tames on

      I just picked up the book again to look some things up and in retrospect, this is both a wonderful book and an excellent example of an alternative publishing model (encompassing editorial, distribution, funding) that has proven successful. I think it was especially valuable to have the community involvement through the editorial process, especially since I've recently read other textbooks that would have benefitted from community involvement in the editorial process prior to publishing. Thank you again!

    3. Missing avatar

      Hudson Luce on

      Well, I'll be damned, on the coldest day so far this year, in the midst of a blizzard, my copy of the print version of the book just arrived. Just skimming through it, it looks like a great book. I'll be giving the code a try out in the next few weeks. I may just order copies for a few of my friends. Well worth the $25. Thanks!!!

    4. Steve Cooley on

      Time for the quarterly update, please?

    5. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      Hi folks, I am sorry there hasn't been an official update in a while. Tons of progress has been made and a major update will come by the end of July. I'm trying to avoid sending updates without new materials. The next one will include an HTML5 version of the book as well as a new PDF with draft design. And then the only thing that will follow that is a round of changes and printing the book!

    6. Fredrik Wangel on

      @Daniel Shiffman: A progress update would be appreciated. Thank you.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marc on

      So... what the happs?

    8. Georg Duemlein on

      Haste makes waste.
      > "looking for collaborators who will help port it to different platforms."
      But don't get lost.

    9. Javier Fadul on

      Hello everyone!

      Just got back from EYEO Festival where I had the chance to catch up a bit with Dan. He mentioned we haven't been too pushy for getting him to complete the project and suggested we blast him with emails until he gets it done. No, I'm kidding.

      He did say though that he is working on interesting ways to publish the content itself, and is looking for collaborators who will help port it to different platforms.

      Looking forward to seeing the progress! there is so much great content in this book, definitely happy to have supported it.

    10. Missing avatar

      pakoito - WooS on

      It's ok Daniel, just wanted some updates or something, but knowing the draft is ready I am more content now :)

    11. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      @pakoito and all -- terribly sorry for all the delays. I severely underestimated the amount of time it would take for many of the elements of putting the book together. Rest assured the written draft is complete and so the final PDF and printed book is coming soon! (If anyone is truly unhappy I will be happy to issue refunds with interest, etc.) Stay tuned!

    12. Missing avatar

      pakoito - WooS on

      Daniel, the project is more than a year in and it's not yet finished :( Deadline was summer last year.

    13. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      yes, indeed, i'm hoping to publish the book in as many formats as possible (including an HTML5 version with animated canvas objects)

    14. James Junghanns on

      Any thoughts on publishing as an Apple iBook interactive textbook? As I understand it, it's possible to embed HTML (and presumably JavaScript) opening the door to the possibility of using processing.js to embed actual live code into the book...

    15. Afian on

      Thank you - something to read on a long flight back to Boston

    16. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      Afian -- there is a full PDF draft of the book. I am hoping to do final revisions and design in the next month.

    17. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      James -- combo update was just send out. You can find it under "updates"

    18. Chris Willis on

      I'm finally catching up on Chapter 10. Great stuff, Daniel! For what it's worth, I've been an author and have some understanding of the effort required. I'm impressed with the quality of the book so far. Keep rockin'!

    19. James Junghanns on

      Any news? Is there any hope of getting a "combo" updated PDF with illustrations and all the chapters in a single file, suitable for reading on the go?

    20. Afian on

      Hi! When will the pdf version be finished?

    21. Dylan Wreggelsworth on

      I've been reading the chapters, following the examples. This material is really great. I'm excited to see this shape up.

    22. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      Hi Pakoito and all!

      I am working on getting an update out soon. I'm working on a brand new box2d library for chapter 5, getting some of the illustrations produced for the first few chapters, and a new exciting announcement about how the book will be published (format-wise, etc.) I am really sorry to be so delayed, my goal is to still have the finished version of the book by end of 2011!


    23. Missing avatar

      pakoito - WooS on

      Hi Daniel,

      how's the book coming? It's been two months without updates :(

    24. Rainer Kohlberger on

      @daniel cheers, looking forward!

    25. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      Hi Rainer. Sadly, I am delayed for various reasons, but working hard to finish the writing and figure out all the design and production questions that I'm discovering while self-publishing. My hope is for the book to be completely finished and shipping by the end of 2011. Backers would receive a PDF beforehand.

    26. Rainer Kohlberger on

      is there an updated schedule on when you plan to finish the book? thx.

    27. David Bamford on

      Hey Daniel, Is it too late to upgrade my my pledge to get a print copy? Thanks and good luck on bringing it home!

    28. Missing avatar

      rozling on

      I can't wait for this book - revisiting Learning Processing to brush up!

    29. James Junghanns on

      I’m really looking forward to the print copy so I can clamber up a mountain with my MacBookAir and just lock myself away until I can code pretty-looking-stuff.

      (Just mentioning.)

    30. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      Great comment Robert I will definitely keep this in mind!

      All best,

    31. Robert White on

      any thoughts about the print copy yet? I have a suggestion! If it's not cost prohibitive (it very well may be) could this book be bound in a way so it lays flat on a desk? Coil bound?
      I hate it when books close themselves or turn pages when you are trying to type something. Thanks and best of luck with it!

    32. Eric Dijkema on

      Daniel, may I suggest reading Philip Ball's "Critical mass" it covers a lot of the subjects you teach us about and might give us (your followers) some nice idea's for sketches.

    33. Ricardo Sanchez on

      Excellent! Looking forward for those examples thanks a lot!

    34. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      Hi Ricardo. The topic is too advanced for the scope of what the book is covering. But I do hope to add lots of supplemental examples and tutorials to the book web site and this would certainly be on the list! (First, I have to not pass out when thinking about quaternions.)

    35. Ricardo Sanchez on

      Hi Daniel,

      Will it be possible to add a section for 3D rotations and Quaternions? I know there are lots of resources online but I cant understand any of them, same happen to me with Vector math but after reading your Chapter on the subject I finally got it. Please ;-)

    36. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      Yes, it's been a while! My sincere apologies, my writing is on hold while I finish out the ITP semester with thesis presentations and the spring show. Have no fear, new chapters will arrive late in May and throughout June! Hopefully I'm still on pace for the entire book to be completed this summer. Thanks for your patience!

    37. Missing avatar

      Juan Manuel Gimeno Illa on

      Eagerly waiting for more chapters ....

      More than a month now.


    38. Missing avatar

      Philip Earley on

      Hi Daniel,
      I'm desperate to get hold of the draft chapters you have already released and really looking forward to getting hold of the final copy. Is it possible to still donate since I can't find a way to go about it on this site?

    39. Missing avatar

      stefan krakhofer on

      Hi Daniel,
      keep up the energy and good work. you ll make many people happy by sharing your insights with this project.

    40. Grzegorz Góralski on

      This project looks very interesting for me, especially the part focused on subjects related to biology (I am biologist). I like your previous book, its very well written, so I suspect that this one will be even better :-).
      Unfortunatelly I've found that project just 2 days after the end of funding. I would like to support your project in 25$ option, is it still possible?

    41. Brit Cruise on

      Thanks for backing me. Can't wait to read your book. Would love to do a episode on nature's software and early brains which evolved for navigation and vision....anyway good luck with the writing! And thanks for helping spread the word

    42. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      Douglas -- fantastic site!! Look forward to talking later this summer, yes. Let's be in touch!

    43. Douglas Sweetser on

      Hello Daniel.

      I am the lone backer that wants to do an hour-long skype jam session. I run, an effort to translate any and all physics equations into animations, currently using gif89a technology (translation, workable but lame). Let's pencil this in for late August, Sept, after the book is out and life is a little less insane. I have to struggle a bit with relearning Java and Processing. My hope is to refactor my perl/c-code into Processing so people can play with quaternion animations on the web.

    44. Paco Loco on

      sounds really instresting

    45. Brit Cruise on

      Hi Daniel! I just backed your project because it's right up my alley. I also just launched a Kickstarter project for an educational TV series which deals with some of the same topics: - Maybe you can give me a shout out? Who knows, I could even turn your book into an episode. Would make a great show!! Just need some buzz

    46. Daniel Shiffman Creator on

      Thomas -- just click on "updates" and scroll down to read the previous updates. The links are there. Enjoy!

    47. Thomas Rand-Nash on

      Hi. I am a recent backer, and am hoping to gain access to the first few chapters, as you recently released chap 5, and I have no idea how to get 1-4. Thank you, I can't wait for the book to be finished and congratulations!

    48. Missing avatar

      Matt Gorbet on

      DANIEL! So great to be able to give back a little -- in the past week I've used your awesome Kinect Processing library and your simple particles to quickly introduce a whole bunch of new students to the power of code. Now I see this and of course I'm backing it right away! Can't wait to read what you've written.

    49. Yi donghoon on

      Hello Daniel!
      I'm always thank you! I'm designer/developer based on processing. from south korea.
      this is awesome project. really excited. I'm looking forward to get final book/PDF!
      cheer up!!

    50. Giuseppe Sorrentino on

      Hello Daniel,
      to back Antonio and Fabian, I am interested and available for translating in Italian. Just contact me when the final draft is ready.

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