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We're turning a handful of songs into tiny masterpieces and cramming them on to this circular thing you shove in your computer.
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New Things!

Check your e-mail.  I sent you a pretty important link. :)  If you didn't get it, e-mail me at and I'll hook you up.  Love you guys.


Hi ladies and gents!

I want to send you a long overdue update on where we are in the project, and how much longer it's gonna take for us to get that album in your grubby little hands!

Since we last spoke, I got a fat ring on my finger (not from kickstarter money - from my fiance :) and got a new job teaching a bunch of 11th graders why books, poems, and writing are cool.  Needless to say, with a new job and wedding planning, this whole album thing is moving along a bit more slowly than I thought.

As of now, we are 1 and 1/2 songs short of finishing.  After that, we send it off for mastering, duplication, and viola! Home to us! Because of my and the studios crazy schedules - I'm estimating it will be done and ours sometime mid-summer. By that time I'll be back to playing shows with a full band, traveling around the world (oklahoma's the world right?), and thanking you over and over again for your generosity.

Thank you so much for being so patient and kind - I promise I didn't run away with all your money and buy a reasonable low-priced sedan. I will see you so very soon!