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We're building a beautiful, accessible, feature-rich Bible app for the SheReadsTruth community and women around the world. Join us?
We're building a beautiful, accessible, feature-rich Bible app for the SheReadsTruth community and women around the world. Join us?
1,892 backers pledged $87,774 to help bring this project to life.

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      Stephanie Jones on

      As a child, when I heard the ice cream truck I would always be scrambling for change so it wouldn't just pass me by. This is how I felt in supporting the campaign. I'm unemployed for a season and my money is acting a little funny BUT I could not let this opportunity to support such a dynamic ministry pass me by. Whether you were able to buy a brownie sundae from the ice cream truck or just an ice cream sandwich we all did it!! God is beyond amazing! I'm so excited for the web-conference!!

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      Arialu on

      I'm so excited to be a part of this project and community. This is so exciting, I can't wait to share my life with my sisters and our Lord Jesus.

    3. Missing avatar

      Aduke on

      ahhhhhh goal surpassed!!!!

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      Stephenie Kissinger on

      This is so exciting!

    5. Lauren Carter on

      Wow!!! How amazing is our God!!!

    6. Jordyn Brazil on

      My stomach is so full of butterflies at the thought of this night of worship with SO MANY of my beautiful sisters!! Less than $3000 to go and we STILL HAVE 12 hours to do it!! Come on ladies!!!

    7. Christina Marie Vickers on

      I'm a backer! Whoop! But now, I want to be able to purchase separately some of your swag. Is it possible to do that?

    8. Edshara Bryant on

      I'm so excited to be able to help She Reads Truth! So grateful to have found and been blesses by their devotionals!! Can't wait for the app!!

    9. Morgan Simmons on

      Everyone should share this on their Facebook pages with how SheReadsTruth has made an impact on your life! Go, and be bold and unashamed of the Gospel! :)

    10. Jen Aitken on

      She Reads Truth devotionals plus the wonderful women that study here have served as inspiration to me for quite sometime now. I am seriously excited that I can carry this app and all of you with me wherever I go. I thank God that I have the means to contribute to this wonderful project. :o)

    11. Missing avatar

      Traci Kersey on

      ANDROID APP FUNDING REACHED!!!!!! God is soooooooooo GOOD!!!!

    12. Ashley Danielle Flores on

      I was finally able to make my pledge today! Whoo-hoo! I have used these devotions almost every day for over a year now and think making them available in app form would move mountains in the lives of so many women. I also have an Android and hope we hit that $65,000 mark. From the looks of things, it looks as though it may happen today!!!

    13. Caroline Clark on

      I am a college student and read She reads truth daily it Has helped me so much in my life. I gave $10 if you are an adult you can manage to give at least that much. I also have a android phone and I believe it would make such a difference if it was available to me please donate so we can get the android app I would be so Greatful!

    14. Jordyn Brazil on

      So close to the Android goal with nineteen more days! God is so faithful and has definitely proved to be mega glorious and gracious throughout this process so far!

    15. claire bills on

      Have been so blessed by the she reads truth community and so pleased to see how close we are to the Android total how could I not give! Be great to see other car decals in the UK!

    16. Missing avatar

      Michelle Tolbert on

      Glory to God! This is amazing to watch.

    17. Jillian Kuykendall on

      Have I mentioned that I CANNOT WAIT to get my SRT swag? I mean, obviously I'm pumped about the apps ... who isn't? But I've been pining for a SRT journal forever. And a special coffee mug? Hello!!

      You ladies are amazing in your unwavering faith. Thank you for sharing that day after day. I can't wait to see where the next step lands us.


    18. Molly Harris Bronson on

      As an Android sister, seeing the total increase each time I check in is so encouraging! God is definitely speaking through the developers & donors and clearly saying he wants SheReadsTruth to reach EVERYONE, no matter their operating system! :-)

    19. Missing avatar

      Holly on

      It's so much more fun to see it come in hundreds of smaller amounts than a few huge ones :) the power of the whole body working together.
      Will mugs, tshirts, etc, also be available for purchase through the website in the future?

    20. Missing avatar

      Stephanie Browne on

      I thought about this campaign all day. The power of community when rooted in Christ is undeniable and amazing. He moves! He really does!

    21. Holly Radican Farrell on

      Excited for this! Hopeful for us Android sisters! The Lord is doing amazing things.

    22. Elizabeth Mayberry on

      YESS! I am so hopeful for us Android sister too!! The Lord is doing great things!

    23. Missing avatar

      Valarie Wilson on

      Woot! Went to bed knowing what the Lord was going to do, and praying that He show me what I could do this morning. Droids we're going to get an app too! This Bible study program has helped me to invite, and get the Word into the cell-phone hands of a twenty year-old, (2 studies so far) which wouldn't have been possible without online technology. My birthday is Sunday--this is my birthday gift! --Valanne

    24. Myra Gale Mara on

      Now, for our Andriod sisters!!!!

    25. Missing avatar

      Megan Whitmore on

      Your video made me cry, and it was then I knew that I had to help. God is so amazing and has carried me through so much, I want SheReadsTruth to become an international household name!! :-)

    26. Alysa Bajenaru on


    27. Courtney Stoops on

      Y'all know the words....
      My God is so BIG, so STRONG, and so MIGHTY... There's NOTHING my God cannot do!

    28. Missing avatar

      shayla gragston on

      This is beyond incredible! God is so good!

    29. Amy Steiner on


    30. Jusika R. Martinez on

      yay!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations! How amazing and BIG our GOD is!

    31. Missing avatar

      Vivian Rodriguez on

      All praise be to God!!!!! So happy!!!

    32. Missing avatar

      Hope Curtsinger on

      What a mighty God we serve! So thankful for the leadership and family within this community! Praying for each women who will experience the gospel through this mission. Love, prayers, and hugs to each of you!

    33. Missing avatar

      Megan Walsh on

      Over $35000 in less than 24 hours!! Whoop whoop! God is amazing!! So pumped to be a part of such a wonderful cause!

    34. Sheri Hooton on

      God always provides bigger and better than you could ever dream. I think this means He approves of your plans! Way to go ladies!

    35. Nannette (Candacejo) Elkins on

      We made it!!! Woo hoo!!! Now on to Android! Amazing....

    36. Missing avatar

      Julie Palbicki on

      Amazing work The Lord has done!!!!!

    37. Missing avatar

      Erin Bridges on

      Thank you Amanda and Raechel for leading the She Reads Truth community! I'm so excited to see the app you have in store, and am so thankful to walk this path as God does big things within this community! God clearly has amazing things in store for SRT!

    38. Missing avatar

      Alle McCloskey on

      Just got a screen grab of the amount that pushed you over! $35,066

    39. Missing avatar

      Sarah Cooper on

      Yay $35000. God is so good

    40. Amanda Schulze on

      It's been such a joy to check back in throughout the day. Praise God for His provision and the amazing community that is She Reads Truth!

    41. Missing avatar

      Ashley Greene on

      So excited for y'all. God is so, so good! So amazing to watch the goal get closer and closer.

    42. Missing avatar

      Michelle Tolbert on

      God is sooo good! I am grateful for his provision!

    43. Carol Mitchell on

      Oh my this is so amazing! The first day and the goal is almost reached! I can't wait for the App! I love this online community!

    44. Missing avatar

      Lauren Gaffney on

      I'm SO excited about this! I can't stop checking the site to see how God is providing! This is absolutely crazy and totally not at the same time! God is SO good and ALWAYS shows up!

    45. Missing avatar

      Angelina M Smith on

      Such a beautiful thing to watch!! It's a great joy to see the fruits of a group of ladies who have decided to live into God's will and share their wisdom with other women. I look forward to using this app daily!! You go girls!

    46. Missing avatar

      angie on maui on

      Praising Jesus for letting me be a part of this amazing experience. Feeling so blessed and so proud of my sisters-in-Christ! So much can be accomplished when we are obedient. God loves a cheerful giver! 2 Corinthians 9:7

    47. Judie Talbot on

      I get such chills every time I hit refresh :)

    48. Keight Dukes on

      Wait. "Super soft?!" I was led to believe my shirt would be three ply beefy t. Redacted. ;) XO

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