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Build fortifications, commission monks and defend the city in this unique worker drafting, action selection game for 1-4 players.
Build fortifications, commission monks and defend the city in this unique worker drafting, action selection game for 1-4 players.
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Fortify and Absolve

Posted by Shem Phillips (Creator)

Hi everyone!

Tomorrow Sam and I will be doing a live Q&A (likely through YouTube live). Feel free to as a question in the comments below about Paladins, Architects, game design, New Zealand, or anything else, and we will do our best to answer it live in the video.

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Thank you!


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    1. Pete Thane on

      @Malegria - in the live stream they said it would not be a worker placement but there would be workers in it

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      Malegria on

      Will the 3rd game of the Western Kingdom trilogy be a worker placement as well, or will it be something different?

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      Gulliver_DGF on

      Looking to the point count of each game, both in Architects and in Paladins -and
      watching the success of kickstarter campaigns- have you considered the possibility of including a scoresheet?
      I think it is useful for many players and would make it easier to count points.

      Congratulations for the success of your campaigns!

    4. Genesyx on

      Hey Shem, here are a few questions from me for the live stream:

      - How did the theme for Paladins came about? Like for Architects I could see how a tableau building game could lend itself nicely to the theme of builders (& not too hard to fit the capturing mechanic around); and while the Paladins theme make sense now on hindsight with the actions, I can't fathom that being an obvious choice when designing the game.

      - In your opinion as the designer, What (if there's any) makes Paladins unique in the worker placement genre? Like for Raiders I would imagine there's the one-in-one-out WP mechanic, & architect is the compiling worker + capturing mechanic.

      - How much indirect player interaction would you say Paladins have, in comparison to Raiders & Architects?

      - Other than theme, are there any elements in Paladin that were affected / influenced by its predecessor games (Shipwright, Explorers, Raiders or Architects)?

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      Craig Cooper on

      Why are jars used in connection with absolving? I assume there's a strong thematic connection as the pieces are so distinct - but I can't work out what it is!

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      Marco Teti on

      @ trevor, I'm sure there are many that would love to know if Architects will get an expansion. Personally, I think this has been in development or will be - yet I don't know for sure. Architects is getting some great reviews and such. I like you am hoping it will happen. Shem.....Sam..... make it so!!!

    7. Daniel

      Have either of you participated in a haka? If so, what are your thoughts of the experience? If not, do you have a desire to?

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      Mark Nash on

      How do you make sure a game is balanced?

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      Trevor on

      Ok I'll be the one to do it.

      Is there any information you're willing to share about any potential Architects expansion(s)? Any information you're willing to share would be awesome: where it/they are at in development, when you're thinking it/they could launch, maybe a little about how it/they change(s) the game?

      Also, what's the best piece of advice you'd give to people playing Paladins (especially after their first game)?

      Thanks Shem and Sam!

    10. Derek on

      How do you begin the design process? What are your first ideas? Theme? Mechanics? Art?