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Build fortifications, commission monks and defend the city in this unique worker drafting, action selection game for 1-4 players.
Build fortifications, commission monks and defend the city in this unique worker drafting, action selection game for 1-4 players.
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Posted by Shem Phillips (Creator)

Hi everyone,

I am absolutely blown away by how well the campaign is going. We are already past $500,000 NZD in less that 4 days! So with that in mind, I wanted to add some more cards into the free promo pack.

A few backers had been asking about the Promo Paladin cards. Specifically if there were 1 per player, or just 1 of each. Originally there was just 1 of each (4 cards total). But after giving it some thought, I figured having 4 of each (16 cards total), could make for some fun variants. So we're doing it! We will do some testing on the variants this week, but this is what we're thinking:

Variant 1. Each player chooses 1 of the 4 Promo Paladins into their deck so that they have 13 cards total.

Variant 2. Each player adds all 4 of the Promo Paladins into their deck so that they have 16 cards total. Then each round they draw 4 cards. In addition to playing 1, placing 1 on top and 1 on bottom, players must also remove 1 entirely. This particular variant will need some testing, but I feel it will work.

Variant 3. From the total 16 Paladins, each player during setup selects 12 Paladins as their deck for the game. The other 4 are returned to the box. This would be for more experienced players.

Also, on top of that, I wanted to add in some more Townsfolk cards to the promo pack. So, please welcome the Patron to the team! She gets the indicated silver, labourer or provision when taking the pray action (as either the board action or a reward from garrison, absolve, etc).

So that takes the total cards in the promo pack from 13 to 28. More than double! I will also include a rules card for the new Paladin variants with the promo pack.

Thank you all!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Marco Teti on

      Thanks Shem! I was one of those that commented on BGG wondering if that would something you'd consider. I can understand the strategy of placing on the bottom of the deck for more strategic effect for the last couple of rounds but I also love the idea of of the uncertainty of which ones will come up. It's something I enjoy in games that give you that 'Deal with what you get' aspect to it. It's why I love Spirit Islands' Event decks. Coupling with the randomness of the suspicion deck and what townsfolk and outsiders that are already random enough, I think the uncertainty of which paladins of the 16 you get makes the game much more interesting. Thank for what you do.

    2. S Buntenbach

      +1 for a printed rulecard for the old architect promos as bonus
      And thanx for all other bonus cards

    3. ekster

      That's a great update, Shem! Thanks for the extras!

    4. Christopher Park-Thomas on

      Love this idea of customizing Paladin decks. It's almost like having asymmetrical player powers.

    5. Zachary Smith on

      This is like a hidden stretch goal :-)

      Excited for this!

    6. Brett W. on

      Always refreshing being part of one of your no games campaigns.

    7. Brett W. on

      You are the best Shem. Thanks that is awesome.

    8. Derek on

      Much appreciated Shem. Once again, thank you very much!

    9. Missing avatar

      Craig Small on

      No problem, Shem! Thanks for the quick response. I know I can always order some from your store and they’re really inexpensive.

    10. Missing avatar

      John Rodriguez

      I love the variant #3 idea! A great addition for when we've gotten the regular game down pat and want to spice up the strategy. :)

    11. Missing avatar

      Richard Canning on

      Can one of the KS bonuses be a rule sheet for the promos? One of the annoying things for Architects is not having the rules for the Promos on hand. Yes they were made available after delivery online, but most of us don't have a printer that matches the quality of the rulebook.

    12. Alan Brookland on

      Cool news, I like the sound of the variations afforded with the extra paladin cards.

    13. Matthew on

      I had been thinking that I would take all 16 Paladins and randomly choose 12. But I like not knowing exactly what will come up. Could also apply the same deck to multiple players by grouping all the cards in piles, then choosing twelve piles randomly, distributing among the players--but I'll be playing mostly solo anyway.

    14. Shem Phillips 13-time creator

      @Craig: No, this is not something we will be looking to do.

    15. Missing avatar

      Andy on

      Cool. Seem's to me like reaching a stretch goal :)

    16. Missing avatar

      Craig Small on

      Excellent news. Thank you, Shem! Is there any possibility of replacing the punchboard provision tokens with wooden ones? The game looks fantastic. I can’t wait to play it.

    17. Josh McFarlane on

      W00t! Thanks Shem!!

    18. Ricky Lianto on

      Yeah more stuffs!