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pledged of $24,567 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

pledged of $24,567 goal

All or nothing. This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by .

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    1. Sam Macdonald Collaborator 1 minute ago

      A few comments down, but I'll add to what Shem has said.

      @Christopher: Thanks for sharing that idea. There was a very early iteration of the game that was similar. There were limitations on each spot, and capturing was incentivized to free each spot. It made the game even more 'mean', without adding fun or depth really. What also ended up happening was someone would capture to clear the spot, but the next people could just go there before the person who cleared it would have a chance to get in.

      There are also more subtle forms of blocking. You'll often find that there are apprentices that you want to build your strategy around and other players take them. Tax often gets taken just before you would go. The Cathedral can get blocked etc.

      Rest assured that we have tested a lot, and we are convinced that there are many viable strategies and more than enough interaction between the players.

    2. Decar
      about 1 hour ago

      Half way through the play back now, will be finishing it tonight. I love how fast Helena is to play, it really adds a lot for 2-player, but can't wait to see the game without her next week! A second recording for Youtube would be fantastic even if it came up a couple of days later.

    3. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      about 1 hour ago

      @Paul: I downloaded the recorded stream yesterday and it's very low quality. It looks like Kickstarter renders at a low resolution. I guess to save on file space for them.

    4. Paul P
      about 4 hours ago

      If the recording of the stream is put on Youtube will the video quality improve?

    5. Zachary Smith about 4 hours ago

      @Alexandre playtester here! I think it basically works like bad has potential to be more powerful, but is much harder to execute, good is just solid, and has potential to shut down bad players (by building the cathedral and speeding up the game). But if the non virtuous player times things well and combines well buildings and apprentices, I think he has a greater potential. But as I said, much harder to execute!

    6. Zachary Smith about 4 hours ago

      Woooo! 3000 backers!

    7. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      about 12 hours ago

      @Christopher: Thanks for the suggestion. Architects has already gone through months of playtesting and development, so we're definitely won't be making any drastic changes to the gameplay. That's an interesting idea though. Thanks.

    8. Christopher Park-Thomas about 12 hours ago

      @Creators – I wanted to ask your thoughts on adding a wrinkle to the placement rules. And I realize you may have already tried + discarded this idea for good reason.

      SUGGESTION: When placing a worker, pay 1 Silver for every 2 opponent’s Workers already at that location – the first Silver is Tax (maybe not Tax, if it makes low-virtue strategy too good). Does not apply at the Town Centre, Tax Stand, Black Market, or Guildhall.

      What’s the point?

      (1) There is no blocking (except for the Black Market), so it may add to gameplay to make your decisions about where to place your workers more interesting. You want to go to location A, but it costs less if you go to location B. Here, your worker placements don’t lock out your opponent, but it does matter who gets there first.

      (2) The decision about whether/where to capture an opponent’s figures seems to be, “well, I shouldn’t let you get too far ahead there,” but this can add another compelling reason of, “I want to go to that forest but it’s too expensive, so I’m going to the Town Center first. You’ve got to go.” This puts more importance and significance on the CAPTURE mechanic, which is a really interesting and unique part of the game.

    9. Sam Macdonald Collaborator about 14 hours ago

      @Robert: Yes that's correct.

    10. Missing avatar

      Robert Forkner about 14 hours ago

      The bowls you were using, are they from the same guys on kickstarter now with these bowls (granted the colors are different)?…

    11. Sam Macdonald Collaborator about 15 hours ago

      Well that was close!! Helena was breathing down my neck. Thanks to all of you for watching and commenting!

    12. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      about 15 hours ago

      @Christopher: I don't expect it to be on Tabletopia. Would be great though!

    13. Christopher Park-Thomas about 15 hours ago

      Forgot to ask on the livestream... do you think Architects will show up on Tabletopia anytime soon (alongside Raiders of the North Sea)?

    14. Henry So about 15 hours ago

      That was a sweet live stream. Thanks again!

    15. Paul P
      about 15 hours ago

      Much fun on the stream.

    16. Henry So about 16 hours ago

      @Pete Serafin: There's no pledge manager, so if you want in, you should pledge for the package you want.

    17. Pete Serafin about 16 hours ago

      Forgive me if this has been answered but couldn't find it ... if I pledge $1 now can I upgrade my pledge after the project ends?

    18. Sam Macdonald Collaborator about 17 hours ago

      ...and I was logged into my wife's account. Woops :)

    19. Missing avatar

      Christina Macdonald about 18 hours ago

      @Alexandre: Thanks so much for backing and for the kind words. We hope you really enjoy this game!

      1. The game is less 'nasty' the more players there are. It's really hard to just pick on one player with 4 or 5 players playing, whereas in 2 player games you will always be capturing the same opponent's workers. But in all player counts, there isn't a large amount of conflict. The interaction is fun, but doesn't feel too mean.

      2. Maybe some playtesters can weigh in on this, but we really laboured to make both the virtuous and ignoble paths viable. I have won the game with 0 virtue, and I have won the game with 14 virtue -- and probably everywhere in between. It becomes about execution. Can you play out your strategy to perfection?

      There are many strategies that can work well in Architects. But it's about playing your combo of apprentices and buildings well, and timing is key too.

    20. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      about 18 hours ago

      @Matt: Any time a backer adds extra funds above their chosen reward level, I contact them to ask what add-ons they wanted. I record all this in a separate database. Thanks!

    21. Missing avatar

      Matt about 18 hours ago

      Just backed and am v-excited. Just wondering (perhaps this is obvious but I didn't see it in the comments) - How do we tell you what extras we want in our kickstarter order? Or does it become obvious just based off the amount we have backed?

    22. Missing avatar

      Alexandre Limoges about 18 hours ago

      Hi everyone. Just joined after seeing the great run-through by Radho and because the designers were present on the BGG forums to answer questions - which I appreciate.

      A few questions, if I may:

      1. My group dislikes "take that" mechanisms. I have seen the video, as mentioned, but it was a 2-player game. How nasty can the game get with 3+ players?

      2. This question is for playtesters: is it equally efficient to go the "swindlers" and the "virtuous" ways? (I am talking about the scale on the left of the board). Is it easy to be "un-virtous" and redeem at the end? Is taking the virtuous path efficient, depending on what other players do?

      A few comments: I love the way the game looks. Congratulations to the artists. I also think that some of the mechanisms are really original, like the mob action. Also, I really like the fact that contrary to so many worker placement games, most actions do not limit the presence of other players.

      I don't often back games that I know nothing about. I did here. Because the game really looks fantastic...

    23. Stefan Tymoshyshyn about 19 hours ago

      Do what I did and buy Raiders as well ;-)

    24. Missing avatar

      about 20 hours ago

      Ok I'll stick them on eBay......... Joking!

    25. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      about 20 hours ago No, there won't be a pledge manager.

      about 20 hours ago

      can I upgrade to 2 or 3 copies in the pledge manager?


    27. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      about 20 hours ago

      @PlanBee: No, they're only compatible with Raiders.

    28. Missing avatar

      about 20 hours ago

      Re the raiders outsiders that useable in architects too?

    29. Francesco "Magjus" Santoro
      about 21 hours ago

      Thank you Shem!

    30. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      about 22 hours ago

      @Francesco: You should be able to reduce your pledge down to $96 NZD now that your rewards will ship from within Italy (no need to pay the extra $12 NZD). Thanks!

    31. Francesco "Magjus" Santoro
      about 23 hours ago

      Many thanks for the italian version!! I changed my pledge to coin architect non English, total for me is 108 NZD, 96 for the game and 12 for shipping to Italy. Is it correct?

    32. Missing avatar

      Ian Z 1 day ago

      @shem Great news even if i was pledging in english anyway! Many many thanks for the very appreciated italian version! :)

    33. Missing avatar

      Damiano 1 day ago

      Woooow! I'm so happy for the italian version! Thank you :)

    34. Decar
      1 day ago

      Go and thumb some images people:
      and give Architects a Hotness boost!

    35. Black Forest Studio 1 day ago

      I'm going to try to make it to watch the Live Stream tonight, starts in about 11 hours!! Good luck vs AI :)

    36. Missing avatar

      StormsoN 1 day ago

      Thanks for the answers! I'm convinced now

    37. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      1 day ago

      @StormsoN: They are 23mm in diametre and 3mm thick (Scythe coins are 2mm).

    38. Henk Allaert 1 day ago

      @StormsoN : you don't need to take my worth for it, but the coins from raiders of the North Sea are awesome and these will be more or less the same. At this price, they are a steal :)

    39. Decar
      1 day ago

      @StormsoN - they look to be very very similar to the Raider's coins ( These coins were about 5g each.

    40. Missing avatar

      StormsoN 1 day ago

      I've looked through the campaign page, the FAQ and also lots of comments but I couldn't find more information about the (nice looking) metal coins.

      @Shem: Could you please tell us more about it? Size, weight, Thickness, maybe even a real high resolution picture?

    41. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      2 days ago

      @Christo: Sorry, but that is not possible in this campaign. I will have spare English ones available after Kickstarter fulfillment though. They might end up on my spare parts store or in the BGG store. Thanks!

    42. Christo
      2 days ago

      I backed Shipwrights/Raiders/Explorers and their extensions.
      I am french and would have liked to back this game in french, but would like to get "Raiders Outsiders" promo in English ! Would it be possible ?

    43. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      2 days ago Yes, the same high quality will be in all versions. Your calculations are correct, except for the extra $8 at the end. That is already included in the first copy ($78). Thanks!

      2 days ago

      or If I want 3 copies:
      78+65+65+8... right?


      2 days ago

      and.. If I want to buy 2 copies... I will pay:
      78+65+8(shipping)=151€ is it right?

      2 days ago

      one question...
      will the quality of the components be the same in the spanish version?

    47. Carl King 2 days ago

      I'm totally sold on this and the extras make it easier extra worthwhile as I have Raiders and love the new cards

    48. Decar
      2 days ago

      Thanks both, that's looking to be a great card. As you said Sam, good to retire some of the less desirable work force at the end of the game ;) 12 VP is quite the reward!

    49. Shem Phillips 10-time creator
      2 days ago

      @Decar: It's worth 12VP!

    50. Sam Macdonald Collaborator 2 days ago

      @Decar: It's worth really good points. Usually good to build right at the end when you longer need assistance from your Apprentices.

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