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Prehistoric big cat Ratha gets her own graphic novel, 30 years after she first lifted her torch.
Prehistoric big cat Ratha gets her own graphic novel, 30 years after she first lifted her torch.
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TGIF and progress report

Posted by Sheila Ruth (Imaginator Press) (Creator)

TGIF, clan cats! (Although I don't suppose the Named have a concept of a weekend, since there need to be Firekeepers and Herders on duty at all times.)

Since the Kickstarter ended, I'm afraid we've been rather quiet, but that's because we're putting all our energy and time into working on the graphic novel! Things are rolling along, and we're really excited about where it's going.

Here are some things we've been working on this week:

  • Character reference sheets for Ratha as a cub, adolescent, and adult.
  • Layouts and scripting for the complete first scene.
  • Selecting a font.
  • Planning the overall process that we'll use.

Tod has shipped me the original artwork for the Thakur character reference sheet, and as soon as I get it, I'll have it professionally scanned and run some tests of the Giclée prints for the Kickstarter rewards. Once all the character reference sheets are complete, we'll be able to get the clan cat pins and Giclée prints made up and send them out to backers.

The good news is we've had a number of preorders for the print edition so far. If we get enough preorders, we'll be able to proceed with the print edition. If you haven't already preordered and would like to do so, you can preorder it here:

If you aren't already getting a copy of the ebook or "making of" ebook as part of your Kickstarter reward, or if you'd like additional copies, you can preorder them as well. Your card will not be charged until we're ready to ship the graphic novel, which we currently estimate will be November, 2014.

I'll leave you with an image of some Ratha cub faces, including her grumpy face, which Dani says she enjoyed drawing. Have a great weekend!

Sheila Ruth, Imaginator Press

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