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Prehistoric big cat Ratha gets her own graphic novel, 30 years after she first lifted her torch.
Prehistoric big cat Ratha gets her own graphic novel, 30 years after she first lifted her torch.
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Posted by Sheila Ruth (Imaginator Press) (Creator)

WE DID IT!!!!! Thanks to our wonderful fans, friends and supporters, we reached 100% funding in the wee hours of the morning, and this thing is really happening! There will be a Ratha's Creature graphic novel! Hugs and purrs to all of you for your support. I love that some of you stayed up late to watch it roll over, and I've enjoyed reading all your comments on the Kickstarter page and Facebook and elsewhere.

There are still 37 hours left to go until the deadline, so in the final hours we'll be working towards the stretch goal to create a print edition. The initial funding goal allows us to create a digital/ebook version, but doesn't provide enough for a print run. Even if we don't reach the stretch goal, I am committed to trying to find a way to bring this book to print, but the closer we can get to the stretch goal, the better our chances. I think that something this beautiful deserves to be on paper, a real work of art that we can touch, smell, admire, and display, so I'm going to do everything I can to make that happen.

For your amusement this morning, here is a quick cartoon of Mondir drawn by graphic novel colorist Tod Wills. Those of you who have read Ratha's Creature know that Mondir is a bit confused about how babies are made. Poor Mondir!

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    1. Sheila Ruth (Imaginator Press) Creator on

      Thanks so much for your help, Donald! You aren't the first person to remark that you wish you had a spare $5K. :)

    2. Donald E. Miller, Jr. on

      I am so very happy to here this! :=3

      I will try to help out in making the print edition a reality. Too bad I don't have a spare $5k laying about. :=3