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Prehistoric big cat Ratha gets her own graphic novel, 30 years after she first lifted her torch.
Prehistoric big cat Ratha gets her own graphic novel, 30 years after she first lifted her torch.
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The Herding Teacher's Name

Posted by Sheila Ruth (Imaginator Press) (Creator)

In Update #9, Dani Long mentioned that Thakur is pronounced "Ta-KOOR," and some people expressed surprise. The pronunciation is such a well-kept secret that Clare Bell wrote this humorous poem about it a couple of years ago:

The Herding Teacher's Name (or I Should Be Working on Something Else)
(just for fun)

by Clare Bell

The herding teacher's name is Ta-KOOR
I'll admit that it's a little bit obscure
Although it sounds absurd
It's a Bengali word
The herding teacher's name is Ta-KOOR

Oh the herding teacher's name is Ta-KOOR
I can't blame you if you're not really sure
The books where he resides
Lack pronunciation guides
Yes, the herding teacher's name is Ta-KOOR

We call the herding teacher Ta-KOOR
THA-kur isn't right and needs a cure
It was a glaring feature in the TV movie "Creature" *
But the herding teacher's name is Ta-KOOR

Get it through your furry heads; it's Ta-KOOR
If you say it wrong you may not be a boor
As it's writ in Ratha's Creature
It really does mean "teacher"
The poor herding teacher's name is Ta-KOOR

Ah, the herding teacher goes by Ta-KOOR
Regrettably it rhymes with "manure"
You must do quite a dance
When herding elephants
Since they leave behind a whole lot more than spoor.
And the herding teacher says his name ... TA-KOOR!

Progress Report

We are now 84% funded at $4,989 with 4 days to go. A big thank you to all the backers who have  got us this far, and not just for your pledges. All your support and encouragement means a lot to all of us. With so many people rooting for us, we have to believe that we'll succeed!

Art Gallery

The art posted for the Ratha Challenge continues to pour in, and we are continually amazed at the talent in this community. Please do take a few minutes to peruse the gallery of art posted by fans to support this project. If you're a fan of the series, or even if you've never read it but you like big cats, you'll enjoy the art. You can find the gallery here: I've included a few pieces below for your enjoyment, but there's so much more to see in the gallery.

Ratha as I saw her by ~synnabar. Source:

Going Prehistoric by *seasaidh. Source:

The Fire Comes by *graphiteforlunch. Source:

Narir and Ratha by *viergacht. Source:

Sheila Ruth

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    1. Sheila Ruth (Imaginator Press) Creator on

      Yes, it is Night-Who-Eats-Stars! Isn't he handsome? He's one of my favorite characters.

    2. Jessica Alvis on

      The fire comes makes me all giggly cause I'm uber curious if that is "Night-who-eats-stars" n________n!!!!!!