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$535 pledged of $4,000 goal
$535 pledged of $4,000 goal


Crazy Commute is a competitive and lightweight card game. In Crazy Commute, players choose a character to represent them and try to get ahead of other players through dueling. Getting to the front means a higher chance of winning, but it's not an easy feat to accomplish! The first player to defeat 7 opponents through dueling is the winner!




 Read the full review here: CLICK HERE

Read the full review here: CLICK HERE

 Read the full review here: CLICK HERE



You can download the rule book here too: DOWNLOAD RULE BOOK

How to Play:

There are 5 drivers to choose from! Each player chooses a driver to represent them in the game. Line up each player's character in a horizontal line to start!

Only on their very first turn, the first player will move their driver card in front of other players just to get the game started.

Draw a card at the start of every turn. If you draw an event card, play it immediately! Random events add new play conditions to the game!

Try to pass opponents to move forward! Move your driver card beside the driver directly in front of you. Being in front of everyone gives you a higher chance of winning!

The driver you are trying to pass gets to choose whether they will let you pass or duel you to keep their spot.

If they choose to let you pass, a random card is taken from your hand and put into their hand. Having more cards in hand gives players an advantage when dueling!

If your opponent chooses to duel, they will throw down a card from their hand to start the duel and block you from passing!

Defeat your opponent with the proper cards to win the duel and get ahead!

Win 7 duels to win the game! It's easier to win duels at the front so try to make your way up and keep that sweet, number 1 spot!



Until the end of this campaign, Crazy Commute is available to play for FREE on Tabletopia! Just invite your friends and you can try the game on your browser or through Steam (download Tabletopia on Steam and search for Crazy Commute).

Click here to play online: CLICK HERE

  • Bringing Crazy Commute to reality will only be possible with your help! We can't do this without you!
  • Crazy Commute is a great filler game for your game nights and is suitable for kids! It'd make a great gift too!
  • Make the game better for everyone! Any stretch goals we unlock will enhance the quality of the game and everyone who pledges for a physical copy will get these upgrades!
  • Get Crazy Commute at a discounted price! Backing us on Kickstarter will insure that you get the absolute best price you can get for the game!



Social Goals

A NEW driver card will be introduced and added to every physical copy of the game if at least 4 of these stretch goals are met!

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Sheep Tree Studios is a husband and wife team who is passionate about games and toys! We love games that encourage socialization, especially in children! We aim to make kid games that are fun for adults too!

If you'd like to support us, follow us, or share our campaign, we'd love to hear from you on social media! We greatly appreciate any shares, retweets, or comments about Crazy Commute or our campaign! Your support on social media can help us reach our goal and make Crazy Commute a reality!


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Risks and challenges

We learned a lot from our previous attempt and we've done a ton of research since! We have prepared everything before the campaign to avoid delays. All art is completed and playtesting has been done to bring you the best version of Crazy Commute we can! The core game is pretty much ready to print and we have been in constant contact with our manufacturer and fulfillment partners so that we can work as efficiently as possible and to ensure that the production process begins as soon as the campaign is over!

You can rest assured that we will contact our manufacturer and fulfillment partners as soon as our campaign is successfully funded and work on stretch goals as soon as they are unlocked! Children's product testing will occur during production as well to ensure a child-safe product for you and your family!

As with any campaign, unexpected issues can occur and delays are always a possibility. We promise we will work hard to get your rewards to you in a timely manner and to keep you updated every step of the way! We strive to be a transparent company so please feel free to ask any questions you may have and we will try our absolute best to answer them!

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