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Update #7

It's FIREBOXing day...

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Wonderful news! The Belt Mistletoe™ clip has been hand picked by the fantastic team at, the world renowned online gift store, to feature in their exciting Christmas line-up of amazing items.

This is a wonderful endorsement for a product that came to life because of Kickstarter supporters like you. So now, if any of your friends or relatives want their very own Belt Mistletoe™ (and quite frankly, who wouldn't want one!) they can easily visit Firebox, and the brilliant team there will ship it anywhere in the world in time for Christmas.

To view the Belt Mistletoe™ listing on Firebox, simply click HERE or click on the image below...

Have a fabulous day!

Shed x

Update #6


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By now, you should have received your reward(s) - please let me know if not...

You may have noticed that the back of the BELT MISTLETOE™ packaging included a very special barcode in the shape of, well - a belt (see below) - it's all about the details! It really scans too - try it on your phone if you have a barcode scanning app.

Thanks to your support, it's been a busy time since I last posted an update...

Since then, I've carried out a successful 'ideas consultancy' session for a VIP backer, given lots of motivational speaking presentations, performed the first run of my comedy show 'TROUBLE' and I'm also thrilled to let you know that I've now signed two deals with a pair of exciting online retailers who wanted to stock the BELT MISTLETOE™ for Christmas.

In other news, I'm currently looking to team up with a fantastic Fiction Literary Agent who represents the best fiction ghost writers. I've competed the first 15,000 words of a new sci-fi novel (which will make an awesome movie one day) and now need to work with the best in the business to publish and launch it. So, please do get in touch if you know anyone brilliant in the literary arena.

Thank you for backing the BELT MISTLETOE™ campaign and all the very best,

Wishing you a wonderful day,



Update #5



Great news! The factory in China has now finished the first BELT MISTLETOE™ production run and I'm very excited to say that we're about to ship the finished BELT MISTLETOE's very shortly.

So, it looks likely that you'll receive the BELT MISTLETOE™ (or two) that you ordered in around six to eight weeks, depending on sea freight and customs durations. This would mean we'd hit the November target - and I may even be able to send you your BELT MISTLETOE™ sooner than that..

The image below wonderfully shows the finished items being boxed up. Woo-hoo!

It's a big moment and you made it happen - thank you! Shed x

Update #4



A huge thank you to you for backing this campaign! You're now guaranteed to have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and be the most incredibly hilarious person at any party or board meeting with your very own Belt Mistletoe™.

The payments are now all being processed and my end, I'm forging ahead with getting the final samples approved and the first run of the mistletoe manufactured, so that I can ship you the reward you ordered. Below are the first pack shots of the pack samples from the factory and once I've held them in my hand and given the go-ahead, the first batch will be shipped over. Exciting!


If your reward included the ideas consultation session, I'll be in touch soon to arrange a good time for you - and if you backed a reward that included tickets to my upcoming one-man comedy show, 'TROUBLE', the dates are now as below, so I'll be sending you a request to let me know which one is best for you to attend. Thank you for your support and can't wait to see you at the show...

'TROUBLE' is on during August at the Phoenix Artist Club as part of the Camden Fringe...


Thursday 1st August: 8.15 - 9.15pm
Friday 2nd August: 8.15 - 9.15pm

Friday 9th August: 8-9pm
Sunday 11th August: 8-9pm

Saturday 17th August: 9-10pm
Sunday 18th August: 8-9pm

Thursday 29th August: 8-9pm
Saturday 31st August: 8-9pm

(Please note: The show will deal with all areas of subject matter and is not for the easily offended!!)


Shed x

Update #3

From the factory in China...


Here are the first images of the tool that's being created in the factory in China to allow the Belt Mistletoe™ to be be injection moulded and mass produced. Each part of the finished mistletoe clip needs a separate mould: the top photo shows the tool for the berries and the lower one displays the metal plates needed to create the main stalk and clip cover. You can see that once the berries have been moulded, they then have to be removed from the excess material created during the injection process.

It's not long until the end of the campaign now - and very exciting indeed. Thank you for your continued support...

Have a good day and all the best, Shed x

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    1-TO-1 IDEAS CONSULTANCY - If you've ever had an idea you wanted to bring to life, then this is for you. I'll deliver my very best advice and any relevant contacts I have to help you successfully launch your idea, during a thirty minute consultancy Skype session.

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    ONE CORPORATE SPEECH OR COMEDY GIG - I will fly anywhere in the world and deliver my corporate speech outlining my techniques for creating amazing ideas for your company to you and your Team - or I will perform my comedy routine at any event you like... (Plus 10 BELT MISTLETOE's and 5 signed copies of my latest book). And, if you so desire, I'll add your name or company to any updates I post about this campaign, if that will bring you a benefit too.

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