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Shearwater - The Golden Archipelago Limited Edition Dossier's video poster

Shearwater's Jonathan Meiburg and designer Mark Ohe created a deluxe 75-page dossier of exotic images and documents to accompany SW's new album. Read more

Austin, TX Music
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This project was successfully funded on January 31, 2010.

Shearwater's Jonathan Meiburg and designer Mark Ohe created a deluxe 75-page dossier of exotic images and documents to accompany SW's new album.

Austin, TX Music
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About this project

In conjunction with the release of Shearwater’s new album, The Golden Archipelago, singer Jonathan Meiburg and designer Mark Ohe have created a beautiful, full-color, 75-page, 8 x 10.5” dossier as a companion piece.

It's a visual guide to the world of the album, primarily composed of photographs and documents collected by JM from islands and other singular places around the world. Among its pages are the national anthem of Bikini Atoll, the story of a charming and fatally obsessed German aviator and explorer, notes from the daily life of a remote Aboriginal village occupied by missionaries, and photographs from an island Jules Verne considered "The End of the World," where endangered animals remain unafraid of humans. It also features production credits and full lyrics for The Golden Archipelago and its B-sides.

Images from the dossier are featured in the above video, and some beautiful sample pages can be found on the Matador blog here:

The dossier’s loose, numbered pages are perfect for spreading across a desk and poring over by the light of a single bulb. They will come packaged in a personalized, numbered, heavy-duty envelope fastened with a string tie (also found in the link above).

Meiburg and Ohe worked for weeks to compile and design the dossier, which was originally intended to accompany a special edition of the album. But the cost of printing the complete dossier at full size turned out to be prohibitive, and the band's record label - though thrilled with the result - couldn't figure out a way to make it work. It fell to the band to make the dossier available as it was originally intended.

Thus, you can obtain a physical copy of the full dossier in all its glory only by donating to this project on Kickstarter.

You'll need to pledge at least $30 in order to receive the dossier, which covers the costs of printing and shipping a single copy.

(NOTE TO OVERSEAS BACKERS: If you are outside the United States, you will need to pledge an extra $15 to whatever tier you wish to back, due to extra shipping costs for an item of this size and weight. So if you'd only like the Dossier, please pledge $45, if you'd like one of the $35 gifts, please pledge $50, $65 for the $50 tier, etc.)

There are also gifts available if you pledge over the minimum amount, which you can choose and receive for as long as our limited supplies last - first come, first serve.

The gifts include rare CDs, t-shirts, and even one-of-a-kind production notes and ephemera from the making of two SW albums.

Our target amount reflects the minimum number of copies we need to print in order to make the dossier even vaguely affordable. Any amount raised above our target will be put toward the purchase of a much-needed touring van and other necessities for keeping Shearwater on the road this year.

If you wish to receive multiple copies of the dossier, please pledge more than once. This project will close on January 31st. This will be the only time that physical copies of the dossier will be made available.


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    Pledge $35 or more

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    Pledge $35 or more and choose one of the following:

    (1) A “Rooks” seven-inch, with the B-side of “The Rainbow,” a live Talk Talk
    cover unavailable anywhere else.

    (2)Rook poster

    (3) Palo Santo promotional sampler CD, with five selected tracks from the album

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    Pledge $50 or more

    72 backers

    Pledge $50 or more and choose any one of the $35 gifts, as well as one of
    the following:

    (1) Discontinued original Palo Santo CD release, featuring alternate versions of several songs.

    (2) Out-of-print I Eat Records compilation from 2004, featuring unreleased Shearwater track “Professor Nightmare” - also contains a Thor solo track and a rare Okkervil cover of the Orange Mothers song “Nancy," featuring Kim on upright bass.

    (3) Out-of-print Preserve compilation featuring unreleased Shearwater song “Remember the Tiger."

    (4) CD of Shearwater’s VPRO (Amsterdam) session from 2004 (including the first live performance of “Hail Mary”)

    (5) Any one of the following t-shirts:

    (a) Green Hippo Eating Crocodile w/ “Shearwater” logo: Available in GM, S, M, L, XL

    (b) Grey “Sea Serpent Fishing” design (no band name): Available in GM, S, M, L

    (c) Dark Grey “Shearwater” logo with flying crows: Available in GM, S, M

    (d) Everybody Makes Mistakes t-shirt: Available in Navy or Light Blue in M (not AA)

    (e) Bats image designed by our drummer Thor in Kelly Green: Available in GM, S, M, L

    (f) Small, cute “monster” image designed by Thor in Red or Golden Yellow: Available in GM, M

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    Pledge $100 or more

    25 backers All gone!

    Pledge $100 or more and receive any one of the $35 gifts, any one of the $50 gifts, and one of the following original Shearwater artifacts or CDs (available until otherwise noted):

    (1) Rook studio notes: a set of tracking sheets, elaborately and inscrutably color-coded, denoting the completion of various tracks and instruments. These sheets hung on the wall in the studio during the making of Rook and were much scribbled-on. Also included are a set of track sheets from one of the master reels, and a score for the song “Home Life” used by the string and wind players during the session.

    (2) EMM notebook: A handwritten notebook kept by the band during the making of the second album. Full of drawings, lyrics, and production notes. Also crammed with press clippings and other ephemera from the earliest days of the band.

    (3) The Dissolving Room CD, the rare first Shearwater album, recorded in three days in an abandoned building (now demolished) in 1999. (These are the last remaining copies from this pressing).

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    Pledge $150 or more

    1 backer All gone!

    If you’re the first to pledge over $150, you can receive the very last copy of the
    rare and out-of-print Sham Wedding/Hoax Funeral Split EP with Okkervil River.


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