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Rechargeable batteries save us a lot of money but take a lot of time. What if you could recharge a battery in seconds instead of hours?
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Shawn West

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Graphene Production, Capacitor Production and Testing in a kids toy...


Here's how the graphene is made. Pure graphite powder goes in to a ball mill along with half a dozen, 1/4", ceramic balls. I run it in the ball mill dry, for about a day. Then I add purified water and a little bit of a surfactant. Then the ball mill runs for another 5-6 days. The mixture is left to sit while the graphene floats to the top after which it is skimmed off and then applied to a strip of a nonconductive film and allowed to dry. Water and surfactant amounts are a bit of a trade secret.

These capacitors are not the prototype of the manufacturer that they allowed me to buy. They are a prototype, partially created by myself that I am paying the company to manufacture.

If anyone thinks a child's toy is a poor platform to use to test a batteries endurance, think about it this way. Children's toys aren't made to be energy efficient. They drain batteries quickly and the toy manufacturer probably has some sort of an agreement with battery manufacturers saying, "Give us a cut and we'll make sure people have to buy lots and lots of batteries." On top of that, it also gives the battery a chance to take the physical abuse of a 1 year old throwing the toy around.

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    1. Creator Erich Fahrenholz on July 26, 2014

      Sorry I called you Chris, had a slip of the mind. I meant to say Shawn up there. Lots of things going on around me, I tend to get names mixed up.

    2. Creator Erich Fahrenholz on July 25, 2014


      I know that you are geared to make a profit from your invention. I would recommend not divulging too much information to the public before products are in hand. Simply stating it's a custom capacitor with a graphene conductor is way more than enough information.

      If you don't achieve funding, I would hope you give it another go with a better explanation for the campaign. Maybe contact an AD company who would agree to put together a kickstarter for you, under the conditions that they would be paid if you meet the minimum funding goal.