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"Ascended Masters" is an action-packed martial arts short film, written and to be directed by Shawna Baca.

"ASCENDED MASTERS" is a short film based on a feature screenplay trilogy currently in development. It’s action packed with Wushu martial arts, sci-fi, mythology, and heavy visual effects. The film stars Wushu World Champions Don Hyun Kiolbassa and Ernesto Matamoros, and features actress Kikey Castillo. SYNOPSIS: Two Ascended Masters from LOTUS descend down to Earth to fight the Dark Brotherhood, who are trying to kill mankind. These immortal warriors must protect the human race before the Dark Brotherhood destroys Earth. BACKSTORY: In 2008, I was in Film Independent's Project:Involve program in the Director's Track. My mentor, Eli Roth, told me to go out and write my own screenplay and not just depend on director-for-hire gigs.

So… I had this concept for a film and began writing the feature screenplay, ASCENDED MASTERS. Because of my love of mythology, I wanted the screenplay to be authentic, so I traveled when I could to historical sites to really embrace the culture of where the mythos in my screenplays take place. I became obsessed with reading books and doing extensive research. My passion for this film started taking a life of its own and the concept grew into a trilogy.

Since then, I’ve had concept art done, storyboards, animatics, stunt choreography, visual effects tests and put a creative team together to help me complete this vision. Like many other filmmakers, I wrote this short film with the wish to showcase it to production companies and studios and, ultimately, make the movie.

But in order to make this film a reality, we need your help! Through Kickstarter, our goal is to raise $20,000. This is the minimum amount we need to make this vision become a reality. Of course, if we surpass our project goal, this will help push the project to its full potential. ABOUT WUSHU MARTIAL ARTS: Wushu Kungfu is a Chinese Martial Art which, literally translated, means "The Practice of War Art." Wushu Kungfu was originally born over two and a half centuries ago at the Legendary Shaolin Temple in China. It is generally accepted that all forms of Asian Martial Arts have spawned from this original practice. During the constant political struggles within China, Wushu KungFu was banned on several occasions by invading foreigners and by local governments for fear of power struggles. Accordingly, Wushu KungFu became a largely underground secret society, taught under strict secrecy in family systems. A martial artist would be required to give a specific hand signal to identify their practice. Although some of the moves appear "flowery," each move contains "mortal application," but actual application is taught strictly through closed-door training. Today, Wushu Kungfu is famous for its wide range of categories and explosiveness. It remains one of the most widely practiced martial arts today, and includes such legendary martial artists as Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. Nevertheless, Wushu KungFu remains one of the most secretive martial arts in the world.


HOW KICKSTARTER WORKS: By supporting a project and donating, you are supporting independent filmmakers and artists. No amount is too small.

 Unfortunately nothing. If our projected goal isn’t met before the deadline, the backers will not be charged, and our film won’t be funded. Of course, we are optimistic artists.

 We can exceed the goal and Kickstarter will allow as much money as is given before the deadline. We need to raise $20,000 by April 21st. Any funds raised will go directly to covering operating expenses, such as film and lighting equipment, production insurance, locations, permits, visual effects, set building, etc.

Every dollar above and beyond $20,000 will increase our ability to achieve our creative vision and include state of the art technology, including stunts and visual effects.

So, we need a few Ascended Masters out there… as well as some Film Angels to help us on this Earthly mission.

 You can contact us directly at AscendedMastersmovie@gmail or through our Facebook page: We will get back to you. ☺

 Unfortunately no. Donations are raw gifts. Non-tax deductible.

 Every penny (minus the fees associated with the Kickstarter program) will go directly to funding the, “Ascended Masters,” short film.

All incentives, big and small, will happen if our goal is met. Depending on the award, some will go out once pre-production starts. Others may have to wait accordingly to the production/manufacture time-table of those awards in particular. However, if we meet our goal, we will contact you and let you know when you will receive your award.

ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? Just ask us. We would be happy to answer them. Send us an email at

If you’ve read this far, we really appreciate your time to thoroughly read through our project profile. We hope you come on board our journey with us!

With gratitude on behalf of the Ascended Masters Creative Team, Shawna Baca, Kaz Kipp, Aaron Sanchez, Ernesto Matamoros, Kikey Castillo, Mike Dallatorre and Don Hyun Kiolbassa.

We like making new friends! :)



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