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Team up with the creators of The Last Rocket, Bloop, and Super Clew Land to make six games in six months.
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Shaun Inman

1,687 backers pledged $66,694 to help bring this project to life.

Six Strings to 8-bits

I sat down with Matt for a brief interview. He reveals his musical roots and love of the digital sound. Of course, Matt made all the music in the video!

One of my favorite 8bitmatt tunes, Mori, was featured in our Kickstarer video. I've been listening to it all afternoon. Now you can too! Download the Mori MP3 and NSFe.

We've moved the Primer series to our site so we can have syntax coloring and embedded SWFs. Today Shaun tackles setting up your game development environment in Primer: Getting Started. Cool!

Retro Game Crunch continues to receive positive press. The Verge just published an excellent interview. I really like this one. The Kickstarter was also featured on GameFans, Giant Bomb, and even Uncrate.

Only two weeks to go!

- Rusty

P.S. Shaun just told me Mori is Japanese for Forest. Sweet!