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Team up with the creators of The Last Rocket, Bloop, and Super Clew Land to make six games in six months.
Team up with the creators of The Last Rocket, Bloop, and Super Clew Land to make six games in six months.
Team up with the creators of The Last Rocket, Bloop, and Super Clew Land to make six games in six months.
1,687 backers pledged $66,694 to help bring this project to life.

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Worldwide Release


Rusty here!

We've got some exciting news to share. The worldwide release of Retro Game Crunch! The full RGC collection is now available on the Humble Store and our homepage. A lot of extra work has gone into this definitive release:

  • A single download with all seven games.
  • A launcher app to switch between the games.
  • Controller support! A few popular gamepads, like the Xbox 360 and Playstation 4 controllers, now work with the entire collection.
  • Smaller file sizes.
  • Extra polish, bug fixes and love.

All backers at $25 and up get this new version! Download it now on the RGC Backer Rewards page. Just another way of us saying thank you! <3

Release Trailer

We've made a sweet trailer for today's announcement! It does a good job showing the scope and scale of Retro Game Crunch. Hope y'all dig it.

Full Steam Ahead

Retro Game Crunch is now on Steam Greenlight! Greenlight is how new indie games get on the Steam store. We need lots of "yes" votes to progress through the Greenlight program, so click here, and give us a thumbs up. Once RGC is released on Steam, we'll hook you all up with Steam keys too.

Thank you

This journey wouldn't have possible without you all. Your themes, feedback and pledges made these games a reality. We couldn't have made it without you. Thank you a hundred times!

The End is Here


This is it. A little over twelve months since the Kickstarter was successfully funded, game six is done and it's a doozy. Six weapons. Six bosses. Six environments. Twelve levels. Twelve tracks. An overworld map. And a shop with dozens of upgrades. Shūten is easily our most ambitious game yet.

Thank you everyone for helping make Retro Game Crunch real. We'll have plenty to say about our final game and the entire Retro Game Crunch experience once we get some rest but for now, backers can download the Complete version of Shūten from their Rewards page!

The Final Vote


Voting for our sixth game is open! Check the list and heart your favorites. We start our final crunch Friday evening.

Game 6: Your Theme Here


This is it, our sixth and final game—we need your themes! Theme submission is open until 5pm MDT on Wednesday followed by two days of voting. Then, at 6pm on Friday the 25th, we crunch one last time!

Brains and Hearts and CPUs

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Game 5, our card game turned video game, is done! Backers can download Brains and Hearts from their Rewards page right now!

We've tweaked the rules to speed up play, but don't worry, Team Crunch makes a cameo appearance to explain the game as you play. You can still challenge a friend or go head-to-hard-drive against the new CPU. And for the first time, you can watch the credits without beating the game. Your name in lights!

Brain Slab, a collection of the three slab serifs created for the game, is also up on the Rewards page for backers of $50 and up.