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Dance is beautiful; dance with well-made costume is awesome. Read more

Amarillo, TX Dance
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This project was successfully funded on February 14, 2013.

Dance is beautiful; dance with well-made costume is awesome.

Amarillo, TX Dance
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UPDATE 23 January 2013

I confirmed yesterday that I need a pair of swords for the dance routine. Ergo, the stretch goal now put swords as the first priority. Pricing looks about $70 per sword (incl. S&H), so the first $140 of overage will go to them.


Performing requires many things, not the least of which is exactly the right outfit. I'm a member of a local dance troupe, and we will be performing at a convention this summer. We've started on our program, and it's time to get started on the costuming, as well.

I'm looking for $200 to build my steampunk dance costume. The items I need are:

-Shorts and hardware: If the underlying structure doesn't hold, the whole thing falls apart. These will be the most expensive single items.

-Leotard: we found an awesome leo with corset-style lacing already on it!

-Skirt: one of the more labor-intensive items, as these will be frilled and flowing and all.

-Hat and Shoes: basic black that we'll upgrade with accessories.

-Knee pads: the basic gymnast type, since we'll be doing some floor work in the routines.

-Decorations: because basic black is neither steam nor punk.

I'll be cruising for the best deals and using every penny carefully, but I'm not going to get cheap stuff from the dollar bin. This will be a costume I can be proud of! You, too, can be proud of this lovely costume, because you helped me build it.


The more funding, the more amazing the costume. 

It's not steampunk without goggles, right? How about gloves and spats? If the total exceeds $200, I'll start shopping for those.

I'll be wandering the con when I'm not dancing, and while the costume is perfect for dancing, it lacks some things. Like a corset. Yes, I can dance in a corset, but some of the moves we'll be doing would break a corset, so I won't wear one during the routine. If the total exceeds $275, I'll get the materials to make a custom corset.

I'd like to be able to add character-specific details to the costume. I'm joining an airship crew as a marine-gunner. That means I need sharp things and 'splodey things. I'll also need protective gear. If the total exceeds $375, I will get started on those. Examples: guns, swords/knives, shoulder padding, sights, belts, etc.

I can come up with simple ways to carry all my weaponry, but who wants simple when AWESOME can be had? If the total exceeds $450, I'll invest in some seriously amazing holsters for my hardware. Shoulder holsters, under-arm, bandoleers, leg pouches, on and on until I run out of funds.

The last thing I can think of to round out this project is a coat. Not just any coat, but the ultimate coat. It will have pockets and pouches and details and a lining made from a custom-printed fabric, which is expensive and the reason this is last on the list of stretch goals. The total needs to reach over $600 for this addition to happen.

Risks and challenges

The performance is at the end of July, so I have quite a bit of time to finish it. That said, I do have other projects going on. I write serial fiction and post it three times a week; I'm also editing novels for release. Since writing is my Real Job, that takes precedence. Also, I participate in theater often, and I'm looking at doing a summer stock show, which starts in May and will consume my entire life until mid-August. It's critical that I get the costume done before then, so the sooner I get funded, the sooner I can show you what we made together.

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