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Sharkchild's second hardcover installment of 26 short stories of occult horror.
Sharkchild's second hardcover installment of 26 short stories of occult horror.
Sharkchild's second hardcover installment of 26 short stories of occult horror.
72 backers pledged $3,471 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

The Spirit Collectors (My First Novel)

After nine years, I've finally finished my first novel! THE SPIRIT COLLECTORS Kickstarter project is now up and running to raise funds for the hardcover version (including an awesome dust jacket with the imitation leather and foil stamping still beneath) and an audiobook version (complete with a cinematic score)!

Listen to the first chapter!

Like with the DARK VERSE books, there is absolutely no way this novel is possible without all of your support! Please take a look (and listen of the first chapter) and see if this is something you again would like to back. Thank you so much!

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The Dark Verse, Volume 3 Update

I'm off to a good start with 18% funded and 35 days left to go for THE DARK VERSE, VOL. 3: BEYOND THE GRIP OF TIME hardcover book, but I'm still going to need a lot of help in getting to the $11,000 goal. If you enjoyed what John F. Stifter and I put together for the second volume, please reserve your copy of the new book (with your name in it) and support me once more!

If you are wondering why the goal is so much higher than the last Kickstarter project, it is because even with the great support I received for volume two, I still had to pay the majority of the costs out-of-pocket to get the book out. $11,000 is the true cost it will take to get the new book out (with artwork, editing, printing, rewards, etc.) and it is my ultimate dream to make a career out of my writing, so like any business, I need to eventually be profitable to make that happen.

I hope you can help me! Thank you!

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The Dark Verse, Volume 3 Kickstarter Project has Launched!

I can't thank you all enough for bringing to life the second hardcover volume of THE DARK VERSE, but now a new journey has begun!

The Kickstarter project for THE DARK VERSE, VOL. 3: BEYOND THE GRIP OF TIME has just launched and I again must ask for your support in bringing my dark arts into existence!

If you feel so inclined to pick up a forthcoming copy of this new book (and/or any other rewards), I would be thrilled and extremely grateful! Here is the link:

Below is some of the pending artwork by John F. Stifter for the new cover!

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That's it! This project is done!

All rewards have been shipped!

I can't thank everyone enough for supporting this book! I hope you all enjoy the results of the passion and labor that John F. Stifter and I put into this book and the rewards! They are everything I could have ever dreamed of. 

If you feel pumped to keep up the support, please be encouraged to write a review about the book on Amazon. Your words would be invaluable to me!

Please let me know immediately if by chance something is wrong with your rewards, something got damaged, or if you have any other kind of question/concern. If something is wrong, I WILL make it right, so contact me.

2013 holds a lot of new Sharkchild projects! Within the next couple weeks, I will be launching a campaign with Dark Energy Discoveries to fund a full 13-track album of music and not long after that, I will begin the project for THE DARK VERSE, VOLUME 3! 2013 may or may not even hold a novel!

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Last, but not even close to least, I present to you John F. Stifter's t-shirt design! I think this shirt could literally have its own Kickstarter campaign!

And even greater still, the books have arrived! I will start shipping out all of the rewards starting today! The shirts will arrive next Tuesday, so those people receiving a shirt with their rewards will have their shipments sent out next Tuesday/Wednesday.

NOTE: For those that have not had the pleasure of possessing one of my books before, do note that my signature is found on the secondary title page of the books after the introduction.


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