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Psychedelic Americana - a celebration of the American song catalog, centered around an interpretation of Allen Ginsberg's song 'Western Ballad
204 backers pledged $23,171 to help bring this project to life.

Thank you!

I can't stop saying how cool this has been. Over the next couple weeks I'll be finalizing artwork, asking your opinions, scheduling phone calls, writing lot's of thank you notes and lyric sheets and organizing your packages. I'll also be posting lot's of updates so you'll know where we're at. If you have specific questions that don't get answered by the updates drop me a line at


Holy Guacamole.

The last 48 hours have been pretty stunning. And now I have lot's of work to do. Stay tuned for artwork postings, shipping dates and other pertinent details on your orders. Don't forget all of you who ordered songbooks to let me know which two songs you'd most like to see incorporated. The only snag that I didn't anticipate with the songbook was if folks requested songs that I didn't write- which a couple of you did. I will work out details on that-

Also, folks who asked for hand written lyric sheets - do let me know if you have a preference on the song.

With warm regards,

6 Days left- special gifts for turning a friend on to the project

To bring this adventure to a vibrant end I’m offering two new gifts that don’t cost anything. If you bring at least two friends into the fold and they order anything on any level of the menu, I’ll write you a poem. The poem can either be specific – if you give me a little bit of personal detail to craft in OR I’ll write it like I write my other work- as the inspiration dictates.
If you bring at least five friends into the fold I’ll send you a special limited and numbered edition 17x21 inch, illustrated Fillmore Style Shannon McNally poster created by Johnny Mollica.  This poster is a separate piece of artwork from the ‘Western Ballad’ poster that is already available on the menu, it is larger as well as numbered.
All you need to do is have your friend send me a message with their pledge letting me know that it was you who turned them on to my music and the project.

As ever - x- Shannon

'Western Ballad' mastered and first single released to iTunes

The cd has been mastered as of today! A giant and critical step for finishing a recording. Yea!!

Also, 'Memory Of A Ghost' is now available on Itunes!

Happy Autumnal Equinox! We are in Denver CO tonight- let the peeps know ok?


Single Artwork for 'Memory Of A Ghost'

Here is the first artwork from our artist Kelly Garcia. I'm going to release 'Memory Of A Ghost' as the first single (digitally) in the next few days!

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