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A 500 page premium hardcover  about duty, desire, and three desperate people whose misadventures in love bring the world to its knees
A 500 page premium hardcover  about duty, desire, and three desperate people whose misadventures in love bring the world to its knees
144 backers pledged AU$ 8,296 to help bring this project to life.

Backer payments and Kickstarter statistics!

Posted by Shane W Smith (Creator)

Dear backers,

You did it: you got Triumviratus into print... and in style, too! Thank you so much for your support - it's thrilling and humbling to have so many people on board.

We exceeded our funding goal by more than 10%, which is fantastic. And we completely annihilated all my previous Kickstarter funding records: this one is (by far) the most funded Shane W Smith project, with the highest number of backers.

After Kickstarter takes its share, we'll still have more than $7,500 left over to put towards the print run and reward fulfilment. Having this little bit extra in pocket might even be enough to upgrade the final book a little - I'm discussing a few options with my printer at the moment. No promises here, except that these discussions won't be holding up the printing schedule.

Here's what happens next: Kickstarter holds onto your money for about a fortnight, and then sends it through to me. In the meantime, I'll be making sure the book meets all the necessary specs, accepting printing quotes, making down payments, teeing up reward delivery systems, etc. No rest for the victorious - our campaign might have been long and tiring, but the real work starts today.

One thing I customarily do upon the conclusion of a Kickstarter campaign is to draw up a list of statistics and charts. I know many of my supporters are in the creative industries themselves, and this is one of the ways I like to give a little back. I also believe in transparency, and this is one of the ways I demonstrate that commitment. Besides (and perhaps most importantly) I'm a data nerd in my everyday life, and this is how nerds like me celebrate victory.

But first...

Failed payments

Around a dozen payments have been flagged by the Kickstarter system as having errors or failed. Kickstarter should have notified you by email if that's the case. Please take a moment to ensure that your pledge went through okay, because it's my understanding that Kickstarter will boot you from the project after a week or two of failed payments. I'd really hate for you to miss out on your rewards at this late stage for an administrative error. 

And now on with the statistics!

(Note: if you have no interest in these stats, feel free to bow out now. Thanks for your support!)

Triumviratus Kickstarter campaign stats

There's nothing in here that will identify individuals - all of the following uses aggregate data only. This information has been taken from various sources, including Kickstarter itself, Facebook Ads Manager, Kicktraq and Google Analytics.


Although this figure still needs firming up and confirmation, early estimates are putting the total number of comics pages (digital + physical) that will be delivered to backers at around the 280,000 mark.

And that doesn't include the Friends of Shane W Smith bundle.


This campaign attracted 144 backers, who collectively pledged $8,296.

The average pledge level was $57.62 per backer.

Of the backers who pledged for a physical copy of Triumviratus, 14 were based here in Australia, and a whopping 30 hail from other countries. (I'll be honest: I wasn't sure whether the sheer size of the book and the logistics involved getting it around the world would serve as a deterrent for backers, but I'm relieved to see that wasn't the case)

Ten backers of this campaign have never backed a Kickstarter campaign before! (Welcome to Kickstarter, and I'm so, so sorry for what's going to happen to your wallet if you stick around.)

Very nearly half of all backers came from the United States (70), with Australia coming in second (41).

Almost every reward tier save the ultra-premium Will of the Gods tier got at least one pledge, which was awesome to see.

The most popular reward was the $10 Stable Hand reward, with the $75 The Gift tier coming in second. These were the baseline reward tiers for getting Triumviratus in either digital or hardback format, so this was expected. The $15 and $30 tiers were third and fourth most popular.

Exactly 100 backers pledged at digital-only tiers.

Somewhere between 55-65 hardback copies of Triumviratus have been claimed by backers (I'll firm up these numbers in the near future). That's between 11-13% of our 500 volume print run, snatched up already!

Almost two-thirds of the money raised by the campaign came from backers pledging for physical rewards ($75+).

One pledge ($100, or 1.2% of the total raised) came from my family.


The campaign was visited by 2,208 separate users between July 3 and August 10. As 144 backers pledged to the campaign, the conversion percentage was 6.52% which, given the high price tag associated with Triumviratus, is a rate I'm very pleased with.


The charts below from Kicktraq pretty much speak for themselves, and demonstrate the fairly standard ebb and flow you expect to see in a Kickstarter project, with a big surge of new backers at the start and end of the campaign.

Somewhat interestingly, though, the charts show that the surge at the end of the project ran for five days with a significant peak on the third-last day (I was expecting the surge would be confined to the final two days).

We averaged 4 new backers per day, with an average take of $207 per day.

The campaign ran for 38 days and of those days, only 4 resulted in no money being raised for the campaign.


Over the course of the campaign, we ran 29 different Facebook ads to a range of warm and cold audiences, and spent a total of $705.32. This spend was divided roughly evenly between warm and cold audiences (warm $360.40; cold $344.92).

We reached 48,352 people and generated 1,302 clicks to the campaign (a click-through-rate [CTR] of 2.7%).

Our CPC (cost-per-click) varied per ad, but averaged out to $0.54 per click.


More than half the money (53.4%) raised by this campaign came from ninety-four backers who had never backed one of my projects before. Although this project could never have been funded without the involvement of those forty-nine wonderful backers who have returned to support me yet again, the success of the Triumviratus campaign relied to a significant degree upon the contributions of people I don't know personally.

I'm hugely excited by this outcome - it's what I planned and hoped for - and it's a genuine pleasure to be welcoming so many new readers to the fold.


I hope this data is interesting (and maybe even useful) to some of you. I'm more than happy to discuss this info further at some point.

(Of course, however, I will not be drilling down to the point where any backer's personal information may be compromised - I take privacy matters very seriously).

Thanks again for your support. I'll be in touch again soon with a progress report on the project.



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