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Original eyewear design inspired by rebellious youth, old school attitude and bohemian futurism. Made in Italy.

I'm an independent eyewear designer who has designed over 50 styles for a wide variety of clients.  Designing for clients is great but early last year I broke the mold.  I decided to follow my passion as an eyewear designer and launch my own brand.  These things take some time but everything is finally ready to go and I need your help raising $10,000 in 30 days to realize the dream of having my own sunglasses brand.


Most eyewear brands (including luxury brands)  are controlled by two global eyewear companies.  Most well known eyewear stores are also owned by these same two companies. This means that the styles these two companies produce are not very innovative as it is always easier for large companies just to go with the flow and keep releasing boring styles that sell & sell & sell.  Case in point- I don't think anybody needs another pair of Wayfarers ;) 

The brand is called CRIMINALIZEBORING (CZB for short) and over the past year I have been working with a factory in Italy to prototype the first style.  It is an oversized frame that infuses 80’s futurism with popstyle madness. I have already paid for the manufacturing molds and I am looking to raise $10,000 to fund the initial round of production.  

CRIMINALIZEBORING is about freedom.  It's about doing what you want.  The ability to be young and wild yet nostalgic.  A cheeky response to the way things are.  It's not a quest for cool or following fashion, it's about designing rad sunglasses that don't fit the mold of traditional brands.  It's a reaction to the current cultural & political landscape. In itself, CRIMINALIZEBORING is its own cause to support.

CRIMINALIZEBORING is focused on quality & style. Our unisex frames are made using the best manufacturing techniques combined with the highest quality materials.  Our sunlenses are provided through a partnership with Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision, the best sunlens company in the world.  This guarantees an extremely high level of protection for your eyes in all conditions. You can learn more about Zeiss lenses here.

The sunglasses are available in THREE rad colors.  Click here to see them all.

HOT product shots of the sunglasses are here.

AWESOME PEOPLE who are against boring here

Additional Features

Unisex Design, Optics by Carl Zeiss Vision  (CE Optical Class 1 - Impact Reistant CR39 Lens), Super rad microfiber baggie included.

CRIMINALIZEBORING is a passionate expression of design.  It is a unique style that you won't find anywhere else.  I have joined the movement to CRIMINALIZEBORING, and I would love it if you came along for the ride.

Thank you for considering my project!


Special thanks to Brian Stevens for the awesome product shots!


  • Whichever color you like!!! After the project gets funded I will email everybody asking what color they want. You can choose between Red, Black, & Clear.

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    Thanks for thinking of us! Feel good in the fact that you just joined the movement against boring.

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    A digital download of some super rad CRIMINALIZEBORING wallpaper created by Shane just for this project. Lots of sizes so you can install our super rad illustrations on your desktop, laptop, & mobile phone. Tell the world how awesome you are.

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    For a $95 pledge, you’re pre-ordering ONE pair of sunglasses and microfiber baggie. It’s going to be real sunny this summer so good thing you are planning ahead. A $150 value! Sound good? Message three friends about this hot deal now!

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    So you didn’t manage to get your hands on one of our $95 reward level sunglasses and now you are worried about squinting the summer away. Well, cheer up, sun lovers because we aren’t going to abandon you. For $125 you can pre-order ONE pair of our sunglasses and we’ll also give you the secret download link for the custom wallpaper. A $175 retail value! Can't wait to get a pair? Message three friends and tell them about this reward!

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    You’re clearly in it to win it at this point so you may as well go for the full package. Pledging at $300 gets you THREE pairs of sunglasses. One in every color offered! Now you can really show the world how super awesome you are by never wearing the same pair more than two days in a row. We’ll also include the secret wallpaper download link so you can deck out your phone, laptop, and any other digital displays you may own. A $475 retail value!

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    So you’re more of the collecting type? We have a pledge just for you. For $600 you get all THREE pairs of sunglasses signed by Shane. Shane will also hand number them as they come off the production line up to piece #50. First come first serve on this collectors dream come true (first order = #1, second order = #2, etc).

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