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"Pop's 'Stache" is a set of 8 different mustaches that help identify your drink! Also they make it look like you have a mustache when you take a sip!

Pop's 'Stache is the answer to the age old problem of "Hey! I just put my drink down at a wonderful social gathering, now which beverage is mine?!". With 8 different styles of mustaches that clip to the top of your favorite beverage bottle ( Fits a HUGE array of Soda/ Water/ Beer bottles) you will never get your drink mixed up again. But most importantly, take a swig and bingo! Instant facial hair!

The idea was born during a senior thesis class, My colleagues and I were sitting at a table together in a darkened class room during final presentations when we decided that we would start drawing. We began doodling out design ideas and trying to explain them to each other with out actually talking or writing text. Silent pictoral-communication was the name of the game! What we found out was that every time one person drew something the other would build off of the idea or just plain misinterpret it, which was how the Pop's 'Stache came to be! Soon after we submitted it to as sort of a joke, and it took off! Orders started pouring in from all over for a product we didn't even have yet, which is where we are at now.

For some shots of the 4 original prototypes in context please visit the link below:

Since the above layout was created 4 more mustache styles have been added, making a grand total of 8 different styles. One of each mustache will be included in each package of 8.
Pictured below is a prototype of what the packaging will look like!

It has always been a dream of ours to run our own firm that creates products that make people smile. In this economy its very difficult to find a job, especially in the product design field. This is why we figure we would make our own opportunities by chasing our dreams!

"Flat Lab Design LLC" is our small start up design company, and Pop's 'Stache will be our first product! We were hoping to fund it completely out of our own pockets, but it looks like we may need a little help. There are only a few details left that need to be worked out which is why this project is so realistic, In fact we already have a small quantity of limited edition prototypes that will be given away to select people who donate! ( Only around 60 were ever made! )

BTW: The funding end date is an average of our birthdays! So help us make this a birthday to remember!


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    A package of 8 Mustaches signed and numbered by the designers (Pictured in prototyped packaging below)

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    All of the above plus if your in the Brooklyn area stop by and hang out with us! Or have a conference call/ Skype sesh with all of the designers!

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