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Update #3

Thank you!

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Your support was much appreciated! thank you for believing in my work.



Update #2

3 days left!

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Only 3 days left! Please help spread the word! otherwise it looks like I'll be the king of failed @kickstarter projects!

Also, I looked into adding DVD's as a backer reward, but I don't have a DVD burner, and the cost of getting DVD's burned was a little out of reach, so for now, it's just the books and camera pieces from the film.



Update #1

Thank you for your support!


I wanted to reward you with a pdf, but there's no way to upload that, so I'll give you the link and you can download it here :) It's a companion pdf to the movie I made awhile back. It'll give you a sense of what some of the design of the book may look like, but not intended to be final by any means. Most of the book will use stills from the film, but there may be elements/pages that are similar to what is in the PDF companion. Anyway, thank you for your support and please help spread the word!



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    A DVD of the Falcon and a piece from the film.

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    A copy of the book (signed & numbered), and a camera piece from the original film (shipping included).

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