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A giant 10-person Eagle Bicycle with Beautiful Metal Wings and Flaming Eyeballs! Visionary Green Art Transportation!
120 backers pledged $12,527 to help bring this project to life.

The Shamancycle is a Home Run! Thanks to YOU!!!!!!

Posted by Phoebe Legere (Creator)

Dear Beloved Backers,

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for your amazing, brilliant support of my visionary Monster Eagle Bicycle!

August 23, 2013 I loaded The Shamancycle, weighing 1400 pounds, onto a flatbed and drove it UP over the Sierra Nevada mountain range, ACROSS the Donner Pass, and DOWN into the desert of Black Rock City, Nevada.

See me in the black hat and colored wings on the stage? See my beautiful friends from Shamandome happily pedaling across the Playa? Everyone who saw us smiled and applauded in WONDER! Naturally I was in 7th Heaven! It was an overwhelmingly beautiful, collective, magical experience.


The Eagle's Head is built with feathers I cut from pie tins, aluminum cans and silver windshield cover material. The feathers hang on an armature built entirely of old bike parts. Here's the head waiting to be mounted on the shoulders 9 feet up! See the handle bar forming the lower half of the upper beak?

On our Maiden Voyage, we drove the Shamancycle to Center Camp. There, 25 Shamans danced, sang, drummed and brought Ceremony to the people of Burning Man. Contemporary ballet choreographer, Alexandra Damiani, created a mind blowing dance for my composition "The Eagle Song." It was a joyous, magical, amazing, healing climax to a year of hard work. Here you see Jonathan Angelilli leading the Eagle Clan onstage, carrying Eagle Head!

You guys Kickstarted the Shamancycle into existence. Everyone thought it was an art car, until they looked and saw that LOVE IS OUR POWER! WOOO-HOOO! NO FOSSIL FUELS!!!!

Shamancycle was a Game Changer! A Paradigm Shifter! A Dream come True: The Shamancycle was pedaled by 6 people. Solar power ran all our lights and sound! The Shamancycle worked flawlessly: the wings moved, the head moved and our $1300 of El-Wire animations were a miracle to behold. Below you see Eagle at Sunrise outside of Shamandome Camp.

The Shamancycle can transport up to 20 people at a time!  The young and nimble climbed, jumped and danced ecstatically from level to level! Our bucket seats became comfortable transportation around the Playa for our Disabled and Senior Shamans.We sang and drummed as we pedaled. Everyone onboard became a member of our Tribe of Eagle Visionaries!

The Shamancycle was conceived Shamanically and executed with mechanical precision. We built Her from upcycled and re-purposed metal from cars that had been in bad accidents. We were blessed to have found a way to transform Pain into Beauty in this unusual way!

Above you see Damian. He has loaded his drums onto the stage - Eagle as drum riser!-   I played my keyboard and sang on the back. You see me walking toward the camera to turn it on. As soon as we started to improvise beautiful Burners gathered and started dancing, singing and celebrating with us! You can see Eagle is digging the whole scene! Look at that exquisite face, all made from stuff our society throws away! Note the claw fenders! The thighs and claws opened on hinges-our safety doors for the driver! Cool.

In Phase 2 The Shamancycle and Phoebe "Songbundle" Legere, Native Educator, will visit museums and schools. We will have a Raptor Keeper onboard with a real live Eagle and we’ll do a presentation from the stage about Environmental respect and Self-Respect--from the Eagle’s point of view of course!

In the next two weeks I’ll be sending out a survey to ask for your name and address so we can get your rewards to you. We had a little delay in our supply chain, but I promise to get you your well-earned rewards by the end of October!

We went way over budget- I am praying that next year I’ll be adding modifications to our FABULOUS alternative energy turbines and solar, and replacing the tin can feathers with woven bronze -(!!!!) which should last a thousand years or more.

I’m filming an HBO Special the first week of October produced by Lena “Girls” Dunham. They are fascinated with the Shamancycle. Don’t be surprised if you are mentioned! THANK YOU BROTHERS and SISTERS of the 20 person MONSTER EAGLE BICYCLE!

Onward and upward! The rewards are on their way (in a few weeks!)


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    1. Missing avatar

      JOHN J. ZELENKA on

      Well, what do you know...a feather CAN move a boulder. Great job Phoebe. Glad to have had a hand in it!

    2. The Cosmic Serpent on

      Huge congratulations on your success Ms. Songbundle! May she soar higher than ever next year, on the playa and beyond.