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A giant 10-person Eagle Bicycle with Beautiful Metal Wings and Flaming Eyeballs! Visionary Green Art Transportation!
120 backers pledged $12,527 to help bring this project to life.

Congratulations Backers! We've hit our first stretch goal of $6.5K

Posted by Phoebe Legere (Creator)

Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!

6.5k + Wooo-hooo! We reached our stretch goal! We’ve had an unbelievable outpouring of support over the last few days! You backers are the ones invested in The ShamanCycle. It's going to be AMAZING and you are the ones making it possible.

"Making the Future" a new documentary starring YOU!

We will be sending all of our $250 donators a print of Blue Eagle, and all of our $50 and above donators will be credited in the movie “Making the Future!”

Thank you for finding a reward that feels right, and pledging your support to build The ShamanCycle. It will be our collective gift to the future.

A special Thank You gift for you!

We are so overwhelmed with your generosity we want every one to get a special gift. We are sending each of our 56 donators a digital Mp3 of Phoebe Legere’s Creation Hymn – a 10,000 year old Native American medicine chant from Phoebe's CD Children of the Dawn.

This has been a magical weekend. Yesterday, as we were reaching our Stretch Goal, Team Leader Phoebe Legere became so inspired she put in a call to Omar Abass, the inventor of the Golden Spiral Turbine.

Phoebe said,

"I saw the Golden Spiral Turbine in a dream and I did an internet search to see if anyone else had thought of it...I found you! May we use your invention on the ShamanCycle?

Omar said,

"I love Eagles! I love your project! I want to go to Burning Man! I want to collaborate with you!" 

Phoebe was overjoyed! It was your support Team ShamanCycle, that gave Phoebe the confidence to STRETCH beyond her comfort zone, and GIVE her ALL to CREATE a cool future for the Earth:

The Sun-Wind ShamanCycle will be harvesting wind and sun from the Burning Man Playa and turning those natural, free, gifts from the Creator into Natural, Free, Re-Newable Energy. This is MAJOR! 

Omar said,

"None of the business people believed in me...They didn't get it!"

Phoebe just laughed and said,

"I believe in you Omar and I am going to make you famous."

Read more about Phoebe Legere, Omar Abass, Reed Fraser and Jeff Curious Carver on the!

Thank you for Co-creating with us! Thank you for inspiring us with your belief in the magical power of the Imagination!

Please blog, tweet, facebook, share and tell the world about a NEW KIND OF CLEAN VEHICLE, The ShamanCycle, shamanically conceived and executed by members of Shamandome and members of Curious Forge!

Peace, Love and Gratitude!

Phoebe Legere and Team ShamanCycle

You ask, "What's that blue thing on the left of the picture?" That's the Horizontal Axis logarithmic Spiral Turbine! You are going to be seeing a lot more of THOSE in the FUTURE! Trust me.

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