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We've got a full-length Shael Riley & The Double Ice Backfire album we want professionally engineered and mastered.
We've got a full-length Shael Riley & The Double Ice Backfire album we want professionally engineered and mastered.
125 backers pledged $6,176 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Shael Riley Creator on April 26, 2012

      Hey, Killsaly.

      Did I miss one of your private messages? I thought I responded to all of them, but if I didn't I apologize.

      Ricky, who has all of our stock, has told me a few times now that he's sent out all of our orders, though it does appear some orders still haven't been filled. Sorry about that. I've been trying to get him to send me the remaining stock so I can fill orders myself. but, so far, he hasn't been willing to--I think he feels like he should handle it himself.

      I will cancel your order and give you a refund if you don't want to wait anymore--just PM me your paypal--and I really do apologize. I'm sorry you haven't gotten your order yet. I have been struggling with Ricky to get the missing orders found and filled for months. I should have had the stock delivered to me instead of him, but I didn't. It was a mistake. Sorry.

    2. Missing avatar

      killsaly on April 26, 2012

      OK, so i spend 35 bucks and two years later still dont have my stuff? what the hell? I talked to Shael about this, but still nothing. I feel ripped off and really want to report this to the kickstarter people.

    3. Shael Riley Creator on February 20, 2012

      Oh! Good! Thank you!

    4. Bryan Rosander on February 20, 2012

      Just got mine by the way. Thank you very much!

    5. Shael Riley Creator on February 6, 2012

      Using a spreadsheet and asking "have you received your package?"

      Still trying to get Ricky to get tracking numbers from the shipping service he used, which would help. If I could get the tracking numbers myself, I would, but Ricky shipped the orders so only he can do it. I'm emailing him every few days.

    6. Bryan Rosander on February 6, 2012

      How are you tracking who has received and who hasn't? I haven't, but I'm very impressed at the effort you guys are putting into this to do this right.

    7. Missing avatar

      Snowydew on December 19, 2010

      I moved to a new location so... where should i send my new address?

    8. Joe Cammisa on September 21, 2010

      To Shael, Ricky and anybody else that wants to mail me cookies, I moved and my address changed.
      I didn't see anywhere to update it, so Shael told me to post it here for the world to see.
      Please don't send anything that will kill me in a bad way.

      Joe Cammisa
      1234 Spring Garden Ave
      Berwick PA 18603

    9. Shael Riley Creator on September 14, 2010

      Added you, Bryan.

      Anyone who can't access the Supporter forum, please post here:…

    10. Bryan Rosander on September 14, 2010

      I can't access the subforum either. My handle is chucklyfun.

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel James on September 13, 2010

      That would be Cesque :P

    12. Shael Riley Creator on September 13, 2010

      Er. Daniel James.

    13. Shael Riley Creator on September 13, 2010

      You sure can, Oliver. What's your forum handle?

    14. Missing avatar

      Daniel James on September 13, 2010

      Over 6 thousand!? Awesome job :D

      Can I get access to the Supporters' Subforum? I want to be ready for the 'Post pictures here' thread... I cannot wait!

    15. Shael Riley Creator on September 13, 2010

      Hey, everybody.

      THANK YOU.

      A lot.

      A whole.

      You guys rock.


    16. Shael Riley Creator on September 13, 2010

      As soon as Kickstarter dispenses the money to us, I'll get back in touch with Alex, our audio engineer-to-be, and we'll get this show on the road.

    17. Missing avatar

      olivier couston on September 13, 2010

      alright, it's over, you made it, now where is my album?

    18. Shael Riley Creator on September 13, 2010

      Ancestors are dead. Let's make the living proud.

    19. Sean W. Treacy on September 13, 2010

      Go go go go go go go! YOU MAKE ANCESTORS PROUD!!!

    20. Shael Riley Creator on September 12, 2010

      LOL! You are. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      papa goob on September 12, 2010

      When you make it big, I want to be the wiggly girl wrangler in your video shoots.


    22. Shael Riley Creator on September 12, 2010

      You got it, Snowy.

      We'll credit you in a way that suggests you are an 80s coke dealer.


    23. Missing avatar

      Snowydew on September 12, 2010

      Instead of Snowydew could you put down Snowy :3

    24. Ver's Angel on September 9, 2010

      You guys are doing it right. I rarely buy physical CDs, but I have to have this, it's just an awesome collection of limited stuff from a great band. Congrats to the success of this project! (speaking on behalf of Team Uvumi)

    25. Shael Riley Creator on August 20, 2010

      Please let me know if you've signed up for our forum but can't yet access our supporter-only board:…

    26. Shael Riley Creator on August 20, 2010

      Sure thing, Daniel 'Cesque' James.

    27. Missing avatar

      Daniel James on August 19, 2010

      Could I have my name as Daniel 'Cesque' James?

    28. Missing avatar

      Blake Disselberger on August 18, 2010

      Request: Since I'll already have my name as Executive Producer, could you hide the term "Volcano-Themed Bathroom" rather than my name? Seems redundant to have the same thing printed twice.

    29. Sean W. Treacy on August 7, 2010

      Today we dine on victory and cheez doodles.

    30. Shael Riley Creator on August 6, 2010



    31. Missing avatar

      Dawn Hewitt on August 6, 2010

      WooHoo! Congrats! The people have spoken, and they have said they want this album.

    32. Missing avatar

      William Rahn on August 5, 2010

      Hot Damn is that ever a fine Radio Head cover!

    33. Stewart Ulm on August 5, 2010

      This is so McAwesomepants, I have to continually up my pledge. If you kept this Kickstarter project running long enough, I'd end up impoverished by your rockstar nature.

    34. Shael Riley Creator on August 5, 2010

      I wonder what ever happened to that guy.

    35. pokezel on August 5, 2010

      I think I speak for everyone when I say that you should cover some Disk Mastah Smokabitch classics.

    36. Shael Riley Creator on August 5, 2010

      Holy smokes! $3,250! So close already!

      If you didn't catrch my Tweet earlier, here's that Radiohead cover.

    37. Missing avatar

      Skelbono on August 5, 2010

      Its really hard for me to find an artist that i like 100% of the way, EVERY song :D cant wait to see this finished! also big love to beefy for putting this up on his site, would've never found out about it if he did'nt.

    38. Connor Grant Pelkey on August 3, 2010

      only 89 dollars until a sweet Radiohead cover. GOGOGOGOGOGOGO!!!!!!!!!

    39. Shael Riley Creator on August 1, 2010

      ‎$2,666 in our Kickstarter! We'll release a Radiohead cover, free to download, when we hit $3,000.

    40. Beefy on July 30, 2010

      this is the dopest thing ever!

    41. Shael Riley Creator on July 30, 2010

      Thanks, Tim! We'll definitely credit your rockstar name as an executive producer.

    42. Missing avatar

      Tim Steele on July 30, 2010

      After literally years of getting my fix of Shael Riley, The Grammar Club, and SR and the Double Ice Backfire music for free, it's time to give something back. Let's do this!
      PS - If the exec. producer credit is a real thing, then I'd be a happy boy if it gets to be my rockstar name (Tim Steele) as opposed to my 4-realz name on the billing slip.

    43. Sean W. Treacy on July 30, 2010

      With my name in your art book, I'm gonna be famous!!!!!1

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