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A whole new campaign world for the Pathfinder RPG inspired by The Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, & Planescape settings!
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Gaming great Colin McComb to join us!

Posted by BlackStar Studios (Creator)

We're super excited to offer up a new Stretch Goal that we feel certain we'll achieve, hopefully on our way to the FATE and Atlas goals!  

We're teaming up with gaming great Colin McComb who will join the Kickstarter to help us design the region known as Barzakh, the “Place that is No Place”!

Barzakh is a combination of alternate universes, different quantum states, dream realms and simulated realities. Barzakh takes its inspiration from films like Inception,The Thirteenth Floor, and Dark City; it will excite and delight fans familiar with (or fond of) the Planescape setting. Which is why we are so excited to have Colin on board! 

Colin not only helped create the original Planescape material, including writing more than a half dozen books, he also worked on the original “Planescape: Torment” game and is currently working with inXile Entertainment on “Torment: Tides of Numenera”. 

On of the things we love about having Colin join the team is that he will help bring back some of the feel of the importance of player choice, belief, and ideology and the way that this actually helps shape the gaming environment! This is exactly what Barzakh is supposed to be about. Created by the Ancients, Barzakh is the (partial) home of the gods of Sæmyyr, as well as other bizarre locations and inhabitants.  It's a place where reality warps a little stranger and anything can happen through will and imagination!

Help us bring Colin on board and bring Barzakh to life!


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    1. Erzuli Kila on

      This update is mentioned on Planewalker, the main Planescape fan site:

      If people want to talk up aspects of the project related to the Planescape feel might draw a few backers in.

    2. BlackStar Studios 2-time creator on


      Great to hear it! The old 2e books are absolute gold mines of ideas! Really loved the Grey Elves too! We're going to try and bring back some of the feel of some of the older 2e versions of the races to the setting, so hopefully you'll enjoy what you get!

    3. Phil Creswell on

      I am digging through my 2e books a lot these days. Having a nostalgia attack. I need to read the Book of Elves again. The thing I came away from it with was Grey Elves. As an ardent hater of the irritating Elf tropes even as a kid, I turned to grey elves, and made them imperialists who were in competition for similar resources to Dwarves. Way more fun.

    4. Akimotos on

      i hope we will bring Colin in so i can torture players with Barzakh :D

    5. BlackStar Studios 2-time creator on

      Ha! Actually, a bunch of us at BlackStar actually _love_ that book! Unbalanced? Perhaps. Awesome? Definitely!

    6. Phil Creswell on

      Awesome, you should have him apologize for the 2nd edition Book of Elves again.