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A whole new campaign world for the Pathfinder RPG inspired by The Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, & Planescape settings!
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2019: Week 2

Posted by BlackStar Studios (Creator)

TL/DR: I discuss the adventures, art assets, and the general move forward.

2019: Week 2

Morning Backers!

I had breakfast with the owner of The Shadowlands this morning and am happy to inform all of you he green-lit production on the second city book for The Shadowlands and an accompanying adventure, which means we'll have content in line for releases throughout the summer and fall.

This is a good thing. 

It's not hard to imagine why I'm grateful he's doubled-down on his commitment to the project, either. We've had a much slower start on the second half of this release and I'm painfully aware of that; as a business owner, I know how important keeping your pace is when it comes to regular releases, so seeing his renewed energy on the project was awesome.

So, I'm relieved he's green-lit the next few products; he's expressed his faith in the setting and that's an important step in ensuring we deliver the best possible version of this campaign setting to you!

The Gathering Storm

As I mentioned in the previous updates, Nat 20 Studios added Neal Litherland (author of The Crier's Knife) to the project last year, as well as engaged Stephen DiPesa, one of the project's original designers, to return. 

This year, they will.

Neal Litherland will be introducing you to Thærz'avhar, the City of the Thousand Spears. His first adventure, The Gathering Storm, is being planned for a March release, but if we can get it out sooner, we will.

Here's a taste of what's in store:

Thaerz’avhar, the City of The Thousand Spears, is the last bastion of civilization before one enters the Shadowlands. While the city is known for its blue steel blades, and the strength of its defenses, it’s also surprisingly open to free trade. Practically anything can be found for sale in the city, particularly among the infamous Midnight Markets that take place along the soggy waterfront of the Sunken Souk.

While it is legal to buy and trade most wares, even dangerous ones, owners are still held responsible for their goods' damage.

Last night there was an explosion on the second floor of a shady warehouse near the waterfront. A dozen people were injured, and several were killed in the blast. The dust hasn’t quite settled yet, and people are looking for answers regarding what happened, and who was responsible for it. Answers don’t come cheap in the Souk, though, and have to be bought with blood as often as with coin.

Stephen Michael DiPesa will also be returning, penning a city supplement and associated adventure based in Thann: The Riven City of Wolœstra. While I won't share the details of that adventure before we've signed the contract, I've read his city pitch and the very concept - which takes us across the continent and into a completely different socio-economic sector of Sæmyyr - only adds to the layers of depth we've long aimed for in The Shadowlands

Needless to say, I'm excited.

Art Assets

Over the course of 2017-2018, we added a bulk of new artwork by Dio Mahesa and, this year, we're going to be adding new art from Annadel Cinco, another notable artist whose style you may recognize (as she's done some work for my company, Storm Bunny Studios).

I'm a big fan of her style and am looking forward to the new images she creates for us!



Edit: This post was edited at 11:47 AM, Jan 11th, 2019 (for clarity).

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