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Imagine a gritty harsh fantasy RPG world where magic is based in reality, politics are complicated, and nothing is as it seems.
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So much to be thankful for....

Dear Friends,

There is so much for us to be thankful for today. For many of you in the United States, today is Thanksgiving.  The received story is that a harsh and difficult winter was made survivable by the assistance and generosity of unknown friends.  That's the story that I chose to carry with us all today.  You have helped to bring about not just a vision of a world, but to bring into being a long held Dream.  We can't thank you enough for that.

There is much to be done, there is a great deal for us to prepare, to write, to gather together, and finally, to share with you - our supporters.  But today is not the day for many of you to be worrying about that, we hope that you, like us, are with people you love and who give meaning to you.  So rather than send out a flurry of emails, a bevy of information and requests for information, we'll say simply instead - thank you.  Thank you so much for your trust and faith, thank you all for believing in us and getting us backed.  We really couldn't have done it without you.  We hope to preserve that faith and trust by giving you the very best we can, a product even better than what you expected.  We hope to treat you with the same feast you have given to us.

So, thank you, enjoy this time with those close to you, and you'll be hearing from us soon, with exciting news, details, and much more trying to keep our end of the bargain.

Our deepest thanks and best of wishes, you'll hear more from us very soon.

Chris Merwin

Publisher, BlackStar Studios


    1. Creator Paco Garcia Jaen on November 26, 2011

      if anyone is deserving of the backing and the support, that's you. I know you'll make us all proud with Shadowlands. It great to be part of such Dream, my friend!