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Imagine a gritty harsh fantasy RPG world where magic is based in reality, politics are complicated, and nothing is as it seems.
120 backers pledged $11,772 to help bring this project to life.

7 Days to go AND we can do it!

Dear Friends,

They say that it's always darkest just before the dawn - and that is certainly the case with a Kickstarter. We've passed the mid-point of our campaign and today, with seven days to go, we are seeing the first rays of light upon the horizon.  In the past few days two exceptional backers (Beau Barnett and John Maki - we can't thank you enough!) have brought us to the 70% mark.  I'm convinced that we can make it, but we need your help to do it.

The story of the Shadowlands started nearly twenty years ago with a dream.  My father, in whose memory the "Gates of Tarina" is dedicated, had introduced me to Tolkien and my brother had taught me to play D&D.  I began to dream of a different world, a world I would call Sæmyyr.  As I grew older and learned more, I incorporated those ideas, the things I learned, into the world.  The Shadowlands is built with the belief that things like culture, linguistics, trade, economics, ideology, and yes, even (especially!) physics, matter in a fantasy world.  Real life had encouraged me to imagine a fantasy gaming world as rigorously realistic as ours, replete with dark, gritty, manipulative people and cultures in which characters could interface with ancient technologies through byzantine layers of intrigue and maybe even achieve the power of the Old Gods themselves.  My friends and players ate it up and asked for more.

Then you all came along.  You dreamed with me.  People I don't know who see and understand the same dream I do, people who want to see the dream of this world come true too, and who see themselves as playing in a world as strange and familiar as our own.  Through your help this Kickstarter is just a beginning, hopefully a long beginning of many adventures, many stories, many more books.  

So I hope that keeps you dreaming, I hope it makes you imagine this new world, and inspires you to tell everyone you know, to give a dollar (or more!) to help us realize this dream.  We're so close, and I know we can do it, with YOUR help!

And just to whet your appetite, we're in the last stages of having the adventure done, a little more editing to be done, but we put the gorgeous cover I showed you in the last update into layout and it looks incredible.  If this doesn't get your mind on the road to adventuring, nothing will!