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Imagine a gritty harsh fantasy RPG world where magic is based in reality, politics are complicated, and nothing is as it seems.
120 backers pledged $11,772 to help bring this project to life.

We're 90% there! Let's get the full 100% guarantee!

Dear Friends,

Whew!  Its been a busy past 3 weeks!  We've done a lot and its all been thanks to your help and involvement!  So, first, I'd like to thank all of your for sticking with us, supporting us, and giving us that initial burst of energy to get this started.  Right now we are more than 30% funded and a little more than half-way through our campaign.  Statistically 90% of Kickstarter projects that make their 30% funding mark, make their final goal.  We're in the middle of our campaign though, which is traditionally the slump time when things slow down and it becomes time to buckle down.  

A few things to know - we've been aggressively advertising on Facebook, both by reaching out to individual gamers, gaming networks, designers, and community pages, but also through advertising which has brought us a lot of attention.  We've also been really busy spreading the world within the community.  A few weeks ago we had an art exhibit as a thank you to all of you and to our amazing artists and managed to pick up a few more donations and some friends.  We've been posting in large roleplaying forums like RPGGeek, Paizo, and RPGNet.  And if you've spent any time on the RPGNet forums, you have have seen our beautiful banner advertisements, designed by our incredible layout guy, John Cason.  The amount of viewership we have gotten has really just been amazing.

So, we're looking very good, BUT, we can't do it without your help!

Thanks to you all, we have met that first hurdle, that initial 1/3rd mark, so now I'm asking for something different.  Now I'd like to ask you to take that spirit that inspired you to donate, to take your excitement at seeing this project, at witnessing the birth of our strange brave new world, and spread the word.  This is really about you now.  Something you saw got you excited, something we wrote inspired you to believe in us, so why not spread the word?  That is what community fundraising is all about - a shared experience, a desire to be part of a community that brings an idea to life.  So, whether its your next gaming session, at your favorite bookstore, or with your friends, let them know about this awesome new project you're supporting, this great idea which you are a part of, and which they can join in and become a part of too!  We're 90% there, let's go the 100%!

As a taste of what else we've been working on (we are still working on the project itself!) here is a draft version of artist Ambrose Hoilman's incredible cover for "The Gates of Tarina"! It's an actual scene from the adventure and presents our 4 awesome pre-genertated characters! The ex-legionairre gladiator (check out the trident!), the tegan (our version of halflings) rogue, the glowing eyes of the Brotherhood Adept, or the sword wielding Priest of Septimus - looks like its going to be a hec of an adventure!  Enjoy!



    1. Creator Loye Greenaway Merwin on November 8, 2011

      GREAT letter Chris. You know I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Please pass on my accolades to everyone who has contributed their amazing talent and wonderful support to this project. Mom