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pledged of $25,000 goal
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Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Tue, March 7 2017 1:20 AM UTC +00:00

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    1. laracroft on

      Then, as you know, what came next, the finale, freaked me out :)

    2. laracroft on

      Yep, I did it Mykll, YAY!!!!

      The last part of the clue about the "light from the sea" really through me until the penny dropped, Eureka! :)

    3. Mykll Valiant

      Yay you did it laracroft!

    4. laracroft on

      Humm . . . maybe unlocking the Easter Egg (which I did, eventually) has unlocked another Easter Egg? :=)

    5. Mykll Valiant

      Oh more than one Easter Egg? Challenge Accepted? =)

    6. Shadow Knights Studio 2-time creator on

      Hi @Everyone

      Your pal Ari here. @laracroft had some great questions and I wanted to attempt to answer them here.

      "The Lighthouse incident, what happened there?"

      Great question. The full game definitely explains everything but you'd be surprised how much the demo reveals. You'll have to look closely to really understand what happened at the Wescott Manor, but a lot of the "who, what, where" is explained via the main puzzle in the caretakers room/home. Long story short, The Lighthouse "incident" is an event that unfolded at the Wescott Manor in Maine where two high profile individuals died. The authorities at the time felt they had enough evidence to close the case and move on. No one has talked about that event since, until one day Elizabeth Beaumont asks P.I. Irvine to find her missing daughter, Lily. She believes Lily is connected to what happened there. Maybe she's right, but maybe she's dead wrong.

      "Why is Lily seemingly haunting the place?"

      Great question. No one knows for sure but hopefully, you will when you "Shed light on the truth."

      "Is the knife a murder weapon, and if so who was murdered and why?"

      There's something odd about that knife- it doesn't look like a normal kitchen knife or anything that would seem ordinary. It has a lot of decorations on it- perhaps ceremonial? Also, it appears to have a '7' scratched on the handle. If it was used for murder, it sure would be gruesome. Who? Probably whoever lived at that place. The Lighthouse incident had been described as a place where two high profile individuals had died.

      ""You TWO will pay" on the wall, what's that all about?"

      "You too" will pay??? =) A lot of people thought it was a typo but it's certainly "you two." My money's on the same people that died at The Lighthouse incident.

      "What about that photo, is it a photo of the Caretaker and his wife? (she looks nothing like Lily judging by the painting on the wall), also why was the woman in the photo removed from it, who did that?"

      Definitely not Lily in the photo. The ripped photo of that red haired woman was located close to where the message on the wall was so it could be related. I don't know about you, but people don't tear photos like that by accident.

      "What is the blue shard and how is it related to the Lighthouse "Let the light of the sea unveil me", part of the clue to unlock the Easter Egg?"

      Without spoiling the game, the nature of the blue shards tie to "the light of the sea."

      I can tell you that Easter Eggs are our way of communicating to our fans *nudge nudge wink wink*. Interestingly, awhile back we asked if people could guess what they might be, and we're happy to say no one has figured it out yet. Hopefully, the reveal will be awesome.


    7. Koochi on

      @SKS for both 1 & 2 option A., but it'd be good to have both. More time for game thingies shows ppl you love your game even more ^^

    8. Shadow Knights Studio 2-time creator on


      Great! Thanks for the response! We'll take a look at surveymonkey in the future. BTW Agony looks insane!!!!

    9. laracroft on

      Hi @Shadow Knights, My answers are . . .

      Q 1) [Option A]

      Q 2) [Option B].

      But [Option C] for both questions would keep everyone happy, plus this would be more work for you devs to implement, a WIN WIN :-) :P

      Just a suggestion, for a better response, why not consider setting up a simple poll on say https://www.surveymonkey.com/ asking backers to "Please use your kickstarter username, and vote!", mentioning that "Only backer's votes will count." and pop it in a KS update so all backers will be aware of the poll?.

      This worked well on another KS project (Agony) for a poll on preferred stretch goal order.

    10. Shadow Knights Studio 2-time creator on

      @Everyone Greetings Knights! Lot's of stuff/content coming your way soon...

      But a couple of quick questions-

      1] When crouching, what does everyone prefer?
      [Option A] Toggle Button to Crouch and UnCrouch.
      [Option B] Hold Button to Crouch, Release Button to UnCrouch.
      [Option C] Menu Item to enable either one. Requires more dev time =(

      2. When walking, would people like to have the Main Character's
      [Option A] Head Bob so the camera looks more realistic and immersive
      [Option B] No Head Bob because that'll make me barf and why do games do this?!?!
      [Option C] Menu Item to enable either one. Requires more dev time =(

      Anywho, let us know how you feel.

    11. laracroft on

      @Shadow Knights: Glad to hear you plan on posting monthly updates here on KS, It's the best way of keeping us backers informed on development progress and your planned second shot at a KickStarter.

    12. laracroft on

      I'm one of the "crazy people" @Mykll is referring too below, "10 on 10", Thunderclap, etc., all good stuff for the second KS!! :)

    13. Mykll Valiant

      Please tell me you yelled at least once at GDC: "LOOK AT ME!" Yep yep pass or fail, glad KS lets us keep the comments and Updates going. Looking forward to see things moving forward for a second shot. There are some crazy people here with ideas for the next go around. "10 on 10", Thunderclap that ends a couple of days before the 48 reminders go out, etc. etc.

    14. bill goodwin on

      Hope to see this made some day soon. Looked awesome. Tried to get people on who Greenlit this on Steam and people from friends list to support, but did not happen. Still looking forward to this being made. Good luck moving forward.

    15. Shadow Knights Studio 2-time creator on

      @Everyone Thank you so much for the comments and for your continued support. Seeing these comments make us work harder everyday to get The Lighthouse done. We love all the feedback that you have given us and it only helps us get better.

      For some reason we thought we wouldn’t be able to post updates on Kickstarter when the campaign was over, but it looks like we can! We will be posting a monthly update on here to keep everyone in the loop on our development process, and when you will see us on Kickstarter again.

      @Mykll Valiant Thank you :) GDC was amazing, there was so much to do and the week went by so fast.

      @koochi we saw Little Hawk at GDC, the game is great and the devs are awesome so we backed it right away! We hope it gets funded :)

      @Beth Thank you :) We will be coming back to Kickstarter. Not sure the exact date, but we will post an update here once we’re ready. Thank you for the support.

    16. Missing avatar

      Beth on

      Hello, I recently backed your project and was sadden to see it didn't reach it's goal. Will you be continuing with the project at a later date and if so will you be using kickstarter again? I would be glad to re-donate should you choose to continue development.

      Best of luck!

    17. Koochi on

      @SKS, well fancy seeing you at Little Hawk :P devs backing other devs xD

    18. Alex Grave on

      While I don't wanna paint the devil on the wall, it saddens me that such a promising project, catering to one of my favorite genres, likely won't make.

      BUT, that being said, I look forward to your future updates, and should your kickstarter fail, I really hope that you'll return later to try again!

      Best of luck regardless! :-)

    19. Koochi on

      @SKS, it's just as @Mykll said. Some projects don't get funded first time around and second time they suddenly soar past their goal(s). Hope that'll be the case for yours next time around.

      As @lara said, you really listened to feedback and it paid of in my mind, cause after the demo was released, a lot more ppl joined soon after. It's a testament of the hard work ppl saw in that demo that got you those extra ppl. Now we just need a later date and more ppl who know about this game.

      So a tip B4 the next KS project: send copies to youtubers as well as gaming sites before launch. I dunno how long they usually take to play and write about it, but that's better than doing it while campaign is running in my mind.

      Keep us in the loop and we'll support you in the future yet again!

    20. laracroft on

      @Shadow Knights, Read your latest update earlier, sounds like GDC went well for you. I also love the way you interacted with us, releasing a really good demo, and updating your campaign in response to feedback, so do drop us an update here when you re-launch your KickStarter and I will definitely back you again!

    21. Mykll Valiant

      Hey we went over $5,000! Small goals, baby steps. Bigger goals next time around.
      Just read the latest update. Dang, I forgot all about that "event". That seemed so long ago now.
      20 hours to go. Gonna get me all teary eyed inside. But it sounds like that GDC trip was a success. I checked their schedule early in the week. Was something like over 400 events in just 1 week? Glad you guys got some networking in, and want to continue.
      WHEN you do continue, drop us a line in an Update here. Kickstarter, Fig, somewhere else. The way you interacted with us, including getting a demo out, and improving on that demo, makes me want to back you for the game, and even more so for you as a team. Seen a number of games get funded second time around after the initial exposure and such. See no reason why you can't do the same. Thank you Shadow Knights Studio for letting us have a little peak inside!

    22. laracroft on

      @Zach, Yes, a real shame, I hope the devs continue to develop the game as they have said they intend to.

    23. Missing avatar

      Zach Avery on

      It's a shame we couldn't make this happen on Kickstarter...

    24. Dusk Shadow

      NOW that percentage of funds for atmospheric sounds and graphical detail needs to be a tad higher. Just a tad , I want this game to look like a movie.

    25. Dusk Shadow

      Im IN! ^,;,^

    26. laracroft on

      Welcome @Max Molinaro

    27. Max Molinaro

      Good luck in the home stretch! Very much like what I've seen so far, especially less artificial-looking puzzles, and the graphics in general.

    28. laracroft on

      I've been pondering as well :)

    29. laracroft on

      Agreed, spoilery, might refrain from posting any more of my thoughts. and yes, there are more questions than answers which is a good thing not to spoil!

    30. Mykll Valiant

      Very spoilery discussions though!

    31. Mykll Valiant

      Peen pondering since yesterday and I got no new idea, just more questions! No new ideas about the shards. Nothing about the the lighthouse really means, is, or stands for. Why would that light highlight clues? Lily scratching away in the guest bedroom, but surely she is not scratching out clues if she is dangerous? So who or what is scratching in the clues?

    32. laracroft on

      Also I think Lily has done something bad (she's dangerous right?) and doesn't want the truth to come out, and the lighthouse is somehow, through It's sweeping light, revealing the truth so that could be why Lily avoids it?

    33. laracroft on

      @Mykll, I love the Talos Principle too :)

    34. laracroft on

      * not "sounds" but "sound" :)

    35. laracroft on

      As the shards reflect the environment (see quote from @SKS 30 Jan), and Lily loves the windowless rooms and avoids the light from the lighthouse, once we have collected some shards we could place them in such a way as to reflect the light from the lighthouse (windowed room), through an open door and into the windowless room we are about to enter so if Lily is in the windowless room she will do a runner. how does this sounds?

    36. Koochi on


      Lily is a ghost who sees the lighthouse as the place that's tormenting her. The shards are her way of... ^^

    37. Shadow Knights Studio 2-time creator on

      @laracroft Ha! Vampire Lily... that would be cool! =D

      Well, she wouldn't stay away from windowless rooms [the downstairs guest bedroom that you play in has her scratching away at things there] but there's clearly something about the light from the lighthouse that she avoids. If you think about the lighthouse itself then....somethings... off.

      How would you explain the numbers appearing and disappearing, or the order of a combo box sequencing in order. What the heck is the lighthouse anyway? Things are questions that we want players to ponder as the game progresses. We have a lot of quotes for our game "Shed Light on the Truth" "We don't see things as they are..." etc. that can help draw out conclusions to the story.

      Don't worry, we won't go tv show LOST on everyone, but we do have an interesting narrative that we've been obsessing over for a looong time. Every piece is deliberate.


      Yes. She is Dangerous.

    38. laracroft on

      "Lily doesn't seem to like the lighthouse light", what about daylight?, mirrors?, wooden stakes?, garlic?. see where this is going :P

    39. laracroft on

      But then we would have no clues illuminated by the lighthouse which is no good at all!!!
      Ah, I dunno :P

    40. laracroft on

      Or we could just get into the lighthouse and pull the plug, that would really make Lily a happy bunny :XD

    41. laracroft on

      Also If the shard object absorbs the light coming from the lighthouse, Lily could go outside?, Hmm...

    42. laracroft on

      "Lily doesn't seem to like the lighthouse light", so she sticks to the windowless rooms?, maybe we collect enough shards to assemble into an object that blocks or absorbs the light coming into a room from the lighthouse through a window so Lily is happy to go into said room?, Hmm...

      This is comment #200 :P

    43. Mykll Valiant

      Rooms without windows, multiple shards, 50% correct, Lily hates lighthouse light. Shards don't highlight clues, they make it safe to go through a room because Lily is dangerous? Hmm...

    44. Shadow Knights Studio 2-time creator on

      Hint 02

      Lily doesn't seem to like the lighthouse light

    45. Mykll Valiant

      Now I want to go all Talos Principle and say you have to set up the shards to bounce the light into the rooms without windows, beaming from one shard to another until the light hits the windowless room, lighting up the clues.

    46. Shadow Knights Studio 2-time creator on


      You're right! There are multiple shards! =P

    47. Shadow Knights Studio 2-time creator on


      You're 50% correct. =P

    48. Mykll Valiant

      Like shining the flashlight through the shard. Hell I dunno.

    49. Mykll Valiant

      Not every room has a window, the lighthouse light is used to highlight clues, no window, no light for clues, so the shard is used as a lighthouse replacement, highlighting clues?

    50. laracroft on

      Got it!. A window, we can look out through a window, or we can look in through a window, so the Blue Shard is a "Window" that we can use to look into the past, correct? :P

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