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A play that deals with faith- that inner spiritual journey that touches the heart and moves the soul.

Our goal is to present Hugo Jon Sayles' In the Presence of God, an unfinished work of art exploring the human condition in the face of crisis.  We began work on this particular piece with Shadow Theatre Company last year, but it is still unfinished.  Our goal is to work with Mr. Sayles to see this story through to completion.  This past summer, we completed the first stage of development with a workshop presentation.  The video above contains excerpts from that presentation.  Now, we're going into full production- and you can help us to do that!

A woman with a magic touch tries to help lost souls find one another.

A newly orphaned child finds that she has nothing.

A woman's image of herself is breaking her heart.

A man lay dying of a heart attack.

A woman faces the possibility of drowning...while in a coma.

A man talks to a little his dreams.

A father searches for a mythical café.

The play is a series of vignettes telling the stories of spiritual journeys in words, poetry & Faith.  A life-time of a hundred years is but a blinking of the eye of God.

Since we're about local talent, our primary funds go toward their support.  That means taking care of the actors, director & playwright.  What we need your help with is helping us to provide this production with scenery, costumes, props, lighting and sound.


Since we have been so fortunate as to surpass our goal, we will now look toward going bigger and better!  Our current excess of $485 will go towards ADDING support to the artists involved in the production!  Everything that we raise from this point forward will go toward extending the reach of this work of art...We'd like to extend the life of this play by remounting it in 2013!

As it is now, In the Presence of God runs for a single weekend (3 performances and 1 preview).  We'd like to give it a good 4 weekends!  That's 12 performances!

In order to ensure that this happens, we'll need funding that starts at $8,000 (added on to the original goal with the $485 artist bonus, that makes our next goal total $10,700)

Here's a rough breakdown (of the original $2,200):

$1000 - Marketing.  This includes print ads in publications like the Denver Post & Urban Spectrum, postcards for our mailer, production photos and posters.  We have to be able to maximize the amount of people whose lives can be enriched by this story of faith.

$1000 - Costumes, Set, Props.  The set is minimal, but still requires a few odds & ends; the costumes span the late 1800s to the present and beyond; the props are also minimal (we already have a few).  The costumes from the 1800s are the more challenging aspect of production, so the bulk of these production funds will go there.

$200 - Kickstarter and Amazon Payment fees.  Kickstarter takes 5% of money raised to cover it's services and Amazon Payments takes 3-5% for credit card processing fees.


Here's a breakdown for our new goal to give the play an extended life:

$5,000 - Artist Salaries.  Our support for local talent comes before all else, so the bulk of our budget will always go toward taking care of them.

$1,000 - Marketing.  Additional performances require additional promotion.

$1,000 - Costumes, Set & Props.  We've already got what we need for the basics, but now we'd be going for an improved look for the production.

$1000 - Kickstarter and Amazon Payment fees.  8 - 10% of our new total minus what we've already raised.  And, if those total fees are less than $1000, we'll pay some of the difference forward to another project on Kickstarter and pay the rest forward to our next new production!



(from left: Hugo Jon Sayles, Arnold King, Kiana Coney, Jimmy Walker, Anastazia Coney)
(from left: Hugo Jon Sayles, Arnold King, Kiana Coney, Jimmy Walker, Anastazia Coney)

Hugo Jon Sayles (Co-founder/Playwright/Director) has been involved in the performing arts for more than thirty years as director, performer, choreographer, writer and teacher.  He is one of the most prolific members from the Denver Black Arts Company, Eulipions Inc. and Shadow Theatre Company.  Hugo is the recipient of the 1997 Colorado Council of the Arts Fellowship for his play Voices From the Soul; the 2002 Marlowe Award for Best Direction for My Children, My Africa!; and he was a 2002 finalist for the Jerome Fellowship for his play The Sisters, Sweetwater.

Arnold King (Co-founder/Stage Manager) has been involved in the local theatre scene for the past ten years in nearly 100 productions.  While serving primarily in a production capacity as a lighting designer (Maya Productions), stage manager (Shadow Theatre Company and The Avenue Theatre) and/or technical director (Su Teatro), he has also performed on stage as an actor, served as director, and even written a play (The Final Mile to Providence).

Kiana Coney (Co-founder/Costumer/Prop Master) has been one of the driving forces behind the endeavor that is The SOURCE Theatre Company.  Last year, she enjoyed her first major roles as a fresh face within Shadow Theatre Company- where she also had the pleasure of wearing various other theatrical hats being house manager; props master; costume designer; office manager; box office associate and volunteer coordinator.

Jimmy Walker (Co-founder/Co-Prodcer) has a career in the performing arts that has spanned over thirty years.  He has performed with such noted companies as the Denver Black Arts Company, the Movement Free Dance Company, the National Black Theatre Company and was the co-founder of Eulipions Inc.  He works extensively in the community as a resource for artists and progress in the Arts.

Anastazia Coney (Associate/Technical Assistant) prodigiously got involved in community and professional theatre three years ago and hasn't looked back!  Through the course of fourteen productions between Shadow Theatre Company, Grand Design Inc. and Su Teatro; she has served as a lighting technician, assistant stage manager, stage hand, assistant director and actor.  She is thankful to be able to learn from wonderful teachers.

Risks and challenges Learn about accountability on Kickstarter

The Denver theatre community does not yet have a culture centered around the creation of new works. There are only a few theatre companies in the mile-high metro area that dare take on the challenge of creating new works and fewer still that do it exclusively. There is only one company (that's us) devoted exclusively to new works centered around African-American culture. The SOURCE is a continuation of a 36 year legacy that began with the Denver Black Arts Company in 1976- a company that created new works centered on African-American culture. Two of the founding members of The SOURCE were also members of that theatre group, which gives us an edge in experience dealing with the practical application of creating new, culturally specific (but still not exclusive) theatrical works.


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