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We will never sacrifice quality simply to make a buck.  So grab a brew, pull up a patch of grass, and join us in the shade.

We will never sacrifice quality simply to make a buck. So grab a brew, pull up a patch of grass, and join us in the shade.

We will never sacrifice quality simply to make a buck. So grab a brew, pull up a patch of grass, and join us in the shade. Read More
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Thanks for taking the time to look at our project! We won't waste your time telling you about us, because if you're interested you can just read up on our profile (at the right) or our Facebook page.  Instead, let us tell you about the Shade Tree Brewing Company project.

Shade Tree: Short and Simple
Much like many other breweries on Kickstarter, our project is to get our humble little nano-brewery off the ground. Over the past two years, we've spent a lot of our own money, time, and [especially] elbow-grease scraping together the equipment we need to get a very small brewery off the ground.  We've built an entire 3 barrel brewing system by hand and from scratch, including the brewhouse, 3 head peristaltic pump, and HERMS (that's Heat Exchanging, Recirculating Mash System). We've also managed to acquire a plate chiller, diaphragm pump, and 12x12 walk in cooler (which we will be converting to a two-chamber fermentation/cold crash facility).  

But despite all of this effort and do-it-yourself determination, our labor of love has finally reached the point in our endeavor in which the DIY attitude can go no further.  We need kegs, fermentors, and licenses...and we need help getting them.

Why Shade Tree?There are quite a few little breweries that have gone the Kickstarter approach.  Some have been successful, some haven't.  So what makes us different?  And why should you dedicate some of your attention and donations to our cause?  

The answer is straight forward:  We want to do more than just make great beer.  Shade Tree Brewing Company was launched by a vision that intended not to launch a brewery that serves a community, but rather a brewery that is a community.  To every extent possible, our intent is to include our community in the brewing process.  Some of our approaches to achieve this will include:

  • Buying local ingredients
  • Supplying local farms with our spent grain to use as feed or fertilizer
  • Sponsoring community-created beers
  • Facilitating the craft beer and homebrew movements through education, competition, and festivals

In summary, we don't want this brewery to be about us. Nor do we want it to be about our beer alone.  We want it to be about creativity and community in appreciation of good beer everywhere.

How Can You Donate?It seems complicated at first, but in reality all you need is a Kickstarter account and an Amazon account.  Both are free, and only require an email address, a password, and a few seconds to set it up.  With those in hand, simply click on the bar to the right, select the amount you want to pledge, and Kickstarter will walk you through the rest!

THANK YOU for taking an interest in our project!

David and Andrew


  • You may have noticed that many of our items say "to be picked up at the brewery". This is because we don't want to guess how much shipping to your location would be. If you want one of these rewards, select it and add shipping costs as well. US buyers, we can ship the shirts and pint glasses for $5. We can ship the growler for $10. Legally though, we cannot ship anything with beer in it.

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    Pledge $2 or more About $2.00 USD

    Shout Out -
    Give us your name and a comment (keep it clean!) and we'll include you on an online thank-you list of backers! And yeah, we'll add you to this list for bigger contributions too...

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  2. Select this reward

    Pledge $6 or more About $6 USD

    Golden Ticket -
    What you need is a commemorative STBC Kickstarter ticket which can be redeemed for one free beer at the taphouse. Keep the ticket as a memento!

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    6 backers
  3. Select this reward

    Pledge $16 or more About $16 USD

    Golden Glass -
    You're ticket this time is a little more snazzy, as it can be redeemed at the brewery for a Shade Tree Brewing Company pint glass. (Sorry, the glass isn't ACTUALLY gold)

    Estimated delivery
    5 backers
  4. Select this reward

    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    Golden Growler -
    You're on the list, but forget that puny pint glass. How about a whole growler (which can be picked up at the brewery)?

    Estimated delivery
    7 backers
  5. Select this reward

    Pledge $25 or more About $25 USD

    Score Some Duds -
    How about a t-shirt to show your devotion to Shade Tree? You can pick it up at the brewery, or we'll mail it to you (US only, contact us for international shipping).

    Estimated delivery
    4 backers
  6. Select this reward

    Pledge $50 or more About $50 USD

    Formal Wear -
    Forget T-shirts, we'll give you a Shade Tree brewer's shirt...the same button-up, embroidered logo shirt that David and Andrew wear when crafting their brews. We'll even put on a patch with your name on it!

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    1 backer
  7. Select this reward

    Pledge $100 or more About $100 USD

    Name that Keg -
    Want to make a permanent impression on Shade Tree? Select this reward and we'll let you name a keg. We'll also let you take a pic with the keg you named and will hang it in our brewery. Sounds like someone's got their next Facebook Profile pic!

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    Limited 9 backers
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    Pledge $500 or more About $500 USD

    Brew-In -
    Got a homebrew club? Know a few friends that brew? This is the reward for you! Select this reward and we will give you free reign of our brewery for 24 hours (supervised, of course). During that time, you and your friends (as many as the fire marshal will allow) can come into our brewery and make as much 'wort' as you want. We estimate that if you plan it right, you could make 6 BBL's of wort during this time. This is enough for you and 36 of your friends to each fill their carboy's! You can make one recipe, multiple recipes, whatever. Heck, you can do a Parti-gyle if you want. You can even just sit and oogle the equipment for 24 hours if you so please. Ingredients are not included in the price of this reward but if you let us know what you want with enough advanced notice, we can get you the bulk rate that we pay.

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    Limited 0 backers
  9. Select this reward

    Pledge $1,000 or more About $1,000 USD

    Party in the Shade - If you're this generous of a person, then you've probably got a LOT of friends. Let us throw you and your adoring hoards a two-barrel party. We can host it at the brewery, or if you'd prefer, we'll bring the party to you (within 150 miles of the brewery).

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