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Explore a solar system and defend Humanity from an alien fleet! Era: Balam runs on your choice of Era d10, FATE or Savage Worlds!
143 backers pledged £2,339 to help bring this project to life.

50% Funded, an announcement and a Sneak Peek of Planet Candit!

Posted by Shades of Vengeance (Creator)

Hi everyone!

50% Funded!

Less than 48 hours in and we're at 50%, which is fantastic! Thank you so much for your support.

I think everyone is happy, except possibly the aliens who are now going to get mashed by a huge fleet of starfighters!

We've still got some distance to go, of course, but about that...

Announcement: Special bonus for all backers before 5th September!

As most of you probably know, this is a Project of Earth, celebrating Voyager launches. The second of the Voyager launches was on the 5th of September (and the project started after the first).

To celebrate this, I've decided to add some extras to everyone who is backing the Kickstarter on that date and makes it to the end of the campaign:

- I'll be sending out some wallpapers of the Era: Balam artwork to all backers. I'll do a landscape and a portrait version so you guys can choose where to use them!

- Every backer who is getting the paperback version of Era: Balam, will also get a printed postcard with one of the images on it (plus a few extra goodies from other Shades of Vengeance products!).

I just wanted to give a small token to you guys to say thank you for your immediate support!

And now, on to the promised planetary summary...

Candit is a major Human colony and will feature in several planned missions, including Mission Pack 3! Here are some summaries about the planet and the outposts you will find there...

Era: Balam - Planet Candit

Candit was the first planet surveyed by Humans on arrival to HX-7371. As it is within the Goldilocks zone, it has liquid water. However, it’s not arranged in seas but in a network of underground and overground rivers, which will often boil at the equator. Although the temperature in some regions of the planet is suitable for Humans, the atmosphere is not. 

Deng Outpost – Candit Location

Deng is known for being in one of the most difficult areas to reach on the planet Candit. Due to the rapid temperature changes in the equator, it is plagued by hurricanes and storms and, while Deng is far enough underground to escape the brunt, ships approaching and attempting to land have to choose their moment or be torn apart! 

Buk City – Candit Location (Restricted) 

Despite being one of the largest gatherings of Humans in HX-7371, calling Buk a city is a bit of a stretch. The domed city, home to 1000 people, is submerged under the largest single body of water on the planet. This protects it from much of the alien firepower which rains down onto it frequently: it is a location known to the aliens! Due to the large amount of traffic in the region, passcodes are required to land. 


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