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The critically acclaimed Survival Horror RPG returns to Kickstarter with expansions, as well as a £1 Rulebook Primer to try the game!
The critically acclaimed Survival Horror RPG returns to Kickstarter with expansions, as well as a £1 Rulebook Primer to try the game!
The critically acclaimed Survival Horror RPG returns to Kickstarter with expansions, as well as a £1 Rulebook Primer to try the game!
106 backers pledged £3,244 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Jacob,

      It looks like the cards were missed from your package. I told everyone to look out for you so we could give them to you. I'll send them to you as soon as possible.


    2. Jacob on

      Hi Ed,

      I meant to ask you when I saw you over the weekend but forgot (and then you were running a game and I didn't want to interrupt), My books arrived but my cards didn't. Do I need to just wait longer or should I have them by now?


    3. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      @3rik de πrik
      Excellent! Enjoy!

    4. 3rik de πrik on

      My book - Era: Survival Definitive Edition - arrived yesterday in mint condition. (Netherlands)

    5. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      @Todd Stephens
      I've sent out the cards today. They should arrive in 5 days or so.

    6. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      @Tyler awesome! Enjoy!

    7. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      Got my books a few days ago to my surprise. Honestly didn't know they'd here in Ohio so quick. Can't wait to read through them. :)

    8. Todd Stephens

      Thank you. I got the Swarm email this time.

    9. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      @Todd Stephens
      Hi! You should have the Swarm PDF, it was sent to your listed Email at the time. I will re-send it in a few minutes.

      If you havebt got them, I appear to have accidentally left the Karma cards out of your package, I apologise. I will send those on as soon as Humanly possible, probably Thursday.

    10. Todd Stephens

      Hi, just got my books today. They look good. I pledged at White Cross medic level, and just realized that I didn't ever get the PDF of the Swarm book. I do have Tales of the Outlands and Infected Manual though. Also, I don't see any Karma cards in the pack. Did those get cancelled?

    11. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      @Rogue Blade Games
      Yes, you absolutely should have those, I have you on my list and these two files were sent out on 18th July and 4th August!

      I imagine they will be gone from the spam folder by now, so I'll re-send them.

    12. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    13. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      That's correct. The Foundation Campaign and Aqua were not unlocked as Stretch Goals.

      I'm sorry to hear you won't be doing much in the way of Tabletop RPGs any more! That's a shame.

    14. Patrick SAYET

      just to make things clear in my mind : the new extensions are : The Swarm, Tales of the outlands and Infected? what became of Foundation campaign and Aqua?
      (also, sorry I didn't participate in the other Kickstarter, I won't do much tabletop RPG anymore)

    15. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Andreas,

      That's because your E-mail that you posted there does not match what you said on the survey, so it got sent to a different location.

      I have to work off the survey most of the time, so I'm not able to work if I have incorrect information.

      I have now sent this to the E-mail address you indicated below. I apologise for the delay in receiving this.


    16. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Andreas,

      I sent to the Email in your survey. I am unsure why it did not get through, and will investigate now.


    17. Missing avatar

      Andreas Loeckher

      Got not get the infected Manual, as You posted in Your update.

      Mail adress is proved and veryfied, where is the problem.

    18. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      If you pledged at the expansions level, you should be expecting a total of 3 books in Digital format:
      Infected Manual
      Tales of the Outlands
      The Swarm

      Only The Infected Manual has been sent out of those so far. Please see the Updates for more details on when things are to be sent out.

    19. Scott Mohnkern

      Sorry to ask, but if we funded at the "all digital expansions" option, what files should we have received to this point (and what should we be expecting)

    20. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Andreas - I sent you a second test E-mail to your revised E-mail address and am awaiting a response to confirm it got through.


    21. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Venjack, as a £10 backer, you don't have any Digital Rewards apart from the expansions and, as I said in the Update, the expansions have not been entirely written yet.

      You're not expecting any rewards at this stage, I'm afraid!

    22. Venjack

      Nothing has arrived yet. Checked spam/junk folder. Thanks!

    23. Missing avatar

      Andreas Loeckher

      Andreas Löckher

    24. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on


      Due to the nature of the problem, I'll be resolving this with you over private messages (as it involves your personal info, such as E-mail address).


    25. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      I'm not sure, I'll look into it, send a test E-mail right away.


    26. Missing avatar

      Andreas Loeckher

      I checked Spam and Trash Folder, i definitiv did not get anything.
      No Primer no cards
      What happened?

      Andreas Loeckher
      By the way Name on List is correct

    27. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      We did indeed! :D

    28. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      Hey we passed our goal woo!!!

    29. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Awesome! :)

    30. 3rik de πrik on

      Here you go, another 20GBP to upgrade to the Definitive Edition.

    31. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Morten!
      Yeah, it's great to be funded, that's for sure!

      The Rulebook PDF will be delivered to everyone as soon as the money comes over to me (which is 2 weeks after the Kickstarter ends). But in most relatable terms it's immediate, yes.

      Does that answer the question?


    32. Missing avatar

      Morten Helles on

      Funded!! Congratz to us all :)

      Quick question: The Rulebook PDF is already made, right, as part of the first Era: Survival kickstarter? If so, will backers of this Expansion kickstarter get that Rulebook PDF delivered as soon as this kickstarter ends? (Assuming of course that their pledge contains this Rulebook PDF.)

    33. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on!

      I'm not sure what to say!

    34. George White


      Hello everyone, I be your friendly old Retired Runner/Trader George... And do I have some hard learned advice for you... (Kicks a gnarled wooden leg atop a crate in front of my stall.) First advice, A true Survivor knows that it is better to be affordably armed and equipped than being pretty and shiny. (Smacks a fist upon his heavy weather, but well patched armor and packs) Now some of my wares may have been.... Procured from less successful survivors and given a good scrubbing and patches. But old George's equipment has already been field tested and serviced at least once in action... Guarantee. Some other Traders may try to tell you to go buy the Big far more Expensive fully loaded equipment packages before going out and facing the Infected... You know the shiny rifles with their still new oil smell and fresh never reloaded bullets. Well I tell you that is the same as tossing good Brass straight into a Drones path... (Spits to side, the raises up his battered rifle.) See my olde Beauty here. Yes she has seen better days. Her stock might be three different kinds of wood bolted together, but I can tell you for a FACT that the last thief who stole from my stall found out her aim is deadly straight. And as for those brand new cartridges of bullets... Who knows how old that powder might be... I sure would not want my last sight before an Ashen burns my tender bits crispy to be the dud bullet jamming my only shot!! (Bends forward on a table and runs his hand through a crate of loose reloaded rounds piled high.) I have expertly hand reloaded every one of these bullets from only the best spent rounds I come across in my travels from town to town. So you know they never failed to fire or jammed when the moment was direr!

      Which comes to my Second words of advice. Adaptability and up grading your equipment and supplies. While you all might want to look like the "City Elite" or "Alpha" members of the community. I can tell you that you can match them nearly bullet to overflowing pack starting with the amount of Brass as an everyday "White Cross Medic" package. Then get yourself some add-ons and upgrades from a friendly experienced Trader (coughs and smiles). Why I, myself, and me have personally outfitted myself as nearly well as any "Alpha" in these areas and cost me nearly 50 brass less (£50) (spreads my arms out widely to showcase my attire proudly).

      My Third words of advice is to KNOW what to expect in this world. Upgrade to the "Definitive" best maps and guides. (Pulls out a few leather hardbound books from his chest pocket and holds then out for all to see.) These are like my bibles, Torah, or Holy Scriptures from all the Monstrosities, dangers, and Factions I have come across in my 30 plus years traveling from wasteland regions to coastal waters. I did at one time like many of you might being thinking, why buy such Hardy heavy bound guides when cheaper paperbound or even word of mouth works well for such and such person you know. Well I will tell you why... (Slams down his wooden peg leg hard on the crate he was rest it on, then slaps it.) I lost this leg because the paperbound guide a two bit infected rat of a trader sold me, fell apart after a few uses, and the ink ran from the pages after a single rain. The pages warning me from taking a shortcut south of a small Nihilist town... I later found and shot that Trader. Left his body tied to a tree with the remains of that paperbound guide nailed to his head! So let my trials be a lesson for you all to learn without the Horrors and suffering I had. Find a way to afford only the BEST guides and know the Rules to survive.

      As for my Final words of Advice. Trust old George and his wisdom... I am old and only have one leg, but I am still Live LONG after most fools or Runners are dead or.... Worst than dead wandering out there. And I am telling you all to stock up, add on and upgrade your inventories with these well-tested gear and supplies. Then leave town before I do... Because I Guarantee that I will be gone long before The Swarm start cleansing this area!!!

      Now who will be my First customer? The first dozen who buy from me will get a bag of the Newest product from my trading with the White Cross free. (Holds high a single fat white tablet between his for finger and thumb). Three day injection tablets... Yes you heard me right... Instead of having to take an injection once a day, you can now only need to take one tablet every third day. Plus these new tablets are make with a sweet flavor, rather than the bitter old ones.

      Now no need to push or shove. I will be here for the rest of the day.

    35. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Definitive Edition Hardback includes the Digital as well, yes!

    36. George White

      When upgrading from Paperback Core rulebook to Hardback Definitive Edition rulebook, does that also include the digital Definitive Edition to be sent before the physical books?

    37. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      First, I wouldn't recommend doing this upgrade without the Definitive Edition because of the way the split is looking like it is going to work this time.

      However, the upgrade would be £50 for just the paperbacks to become the hardback expansions volume 1.

    38. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      And now at George's request:


      Everyone gets 3 expansions and we push on towards Stretch Goals!

    39. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      First... wow, thank you. I had no idea people had actually noticed! I can't explain how wonderful it is to read stuff like what you just posted.

      Second, the expansions upgrade is something I had not considered. Let me think on it and get back to you in an hour or two!

    40. George White

      Well... I am not going to steal your well deserved Announcement... Proclaim it Ed.

    41. George White

      Well as for reasons and also an examples for to upgrade or add on to your current pledges. In Shades previous Era Consortium expansion Kickstarter campaign, I did their Big Eight pledge to get the Definitive Edition. Alot more pages of History, Art, and content for me to GM with. So now when I am running campaigns I have the whole Universe compared to a single Galaxy worth of reality to play and run with. In addition, this is a company that sold us 8 expansions in that Kickstarter. Said and done, they as creators and fellow gamers were not happy with just that. Ed and team combined separate expansions together because they could not stop adding to the story and art content afterwards. And realized one Monster expansion edition is less expensive to print than two big books. So then with the savings, they added more to the new combined edition. And then because honestly I believe Ed has to much time on his hands, took Revival the horror expansion and just doubled from 70 odd pages to over 150 pages... They did all this AFTER all the money was theirs. Freebies!!!! To added another reason, the PDFs for 90% of the expansions books did not just arrive earlier than advertised, they came rapid fire and months before due. So for my final reason to upsell Shades campaigns. If you are a player, the History and back stories are very in depth to bring the game alive. If you are a GM like me, well I have University History courses less detailed, so I am now God instead of just a mere GM when coming up with campaigns and minions to smite the tiny players.... Happy Hunting

    42. George White

      How much is it to upgrade the 3 paperback expansions to the Limited edition 3 expansion hardbacks?

    43. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Well, it would be slightly biased of me to try to convince you... but it's 70 extra pages of story, locations, crafting, Infected and more!

    44. 3rik de πrik on

      If someone manages to convince me it's worth 20 GBP to upgrade to the Definitive Edition, I can increase my pledge some more...

    45. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      It absolutely is! I strongly recommend it!

      They have also done another Consortium episode - getting close to 100 episodes! :D

    46. George White

      The Swarm - Part 3 podcast is available on Dice and Stuff website.

    47. Tyler Anthony Edwards

      Omg we're so close I can taste it.

    48. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Patrick,

      I plan to put up a page for PayPal and cards via our website, as we did for Era: The Consortium but there won't be a PledgeManager, no.


    49. Patrick SAYET

      would definitely like the new edition, but short on funds right now, will there be a pledge manager to add things later?

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