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A Tabletop RPG for £1! Adventuring is too dangerous - tell stories of your quests instead: all of the glory, none of the danger!
A Tabletop RPG for £1! Adventuring is too dangerous - tell stories of your quests instead: all of the glory, none of the danger!
216 backers pledged £1,145 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Morten Greis Petersen on

      Got mine today. Denmark.

    2. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      I'm really glad you guys are enjoying getting the books so much!

      I hope you have many fun hours of playing Era: Lyres :D

    3. Missing avatar

      Erich McNaughton

      I received my book last week in Oregon. It looks fantastic and was so speedy. Thank you very much. I really look forward to playing!

    4. Christian Lajoie on

      Got mine today
      Northern Québec (french speaking part of Canada �)
      Nice book
      Greath colors

    5. André Roy

      Mine arrived yesterday. Eastern Canada

    6. Erik Ingersen

      Got it in Denmark today! :D

    7. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Scott,

      Yes it does! I am actually hoping to beat the deadlines I have given in most cases, but printing usually takes about 6 weeks. Once the Digital Version is complete, I will be sending it out to all backers.

    8. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      hey congratulations. I have another question, sorry. so the £1 pledge says it has a delivery of April, the £5 pledge says June. does this mean thay I can expect the digital version in April?

    9. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Scott!

      No, this is a multiple d10s game, I did a video right here of some of the example rolls you might have:

      And here's one of actual gameplay:

      I hope that helps!

    10. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      OK, Thanks. Does this just require a single d10 then?

    11. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      P.S. Unfortunately, Kickstarter doesn't let you charge £1.50 for P&P!

    12. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Scott, it's a Large Letter within the UK, which comes to about £1.20. Add packaging, handling, etc to that, and you're pretty close to £2.

      US rewards are printed and shipped within the US, which is why it is a similar price - they aren't shipping from the UK to the US.

    13. Missing avatar

      Scott on

      How come it costs the same to post in the UK as it does to the US? I could send you some stamps for less than 2 quid.

    14. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      @Gary Rabinovich... lol!

      Actually the short comic we did a while back with the original version referred to a guy called "Linken" who was in the same tavern telling stories about "The Temple of Time"...

    15. Missing avatar

      Gary Rabinovich on

      The Inn of Shakes and Spear. A place where any person can become a lyre.

    16. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Ah, I see, like...

      Necromancer: Go over there and kill all the adventurers.
      Undead wanders over and kisses each adventurer in turn.
      Necromancer facepalms.

    17. Jordi

      Undead minions are very stupid, so its easy that they missunderstand something and end up doing something completly different from their orders ;)

    18. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Christian - I like the rag doll possessed by the demon idea - this little cloth, cute girl doll screaming in a demonic voice pitch! :D

    19. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Jordi - definitely a possibility - out of curiosity, how would you put a slightly humorous spin on them?

    20. Christian Lajoie on

      Creature suggestion :
      - Child's rag-doll possed by a demon
      - Succubus
      - Harpy

    21. Jordi

      So I would aks for those as one of the next SG ;)

    22. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Jordi,

      No, not in the book. We did have a game where someone had a potion that made lead into lions that they used to fight a necromancer's minions, but that's the closest we got, I think!


    23. Jordi

      About the creatures, is there already a necromancer and undeath minion in the book?

    24. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Fakawi Atlas - of course it was, typo, my bad!

      The Lyre's lyre - and is that song the SONG OF LIES?
      The Flaccid Sword - I can't comment on that because I'm trying to keep this vaguely PG. But if you like the idea, nothing to stop you.
      Scroll of Pedegree - that I like. Acme Forgers... that's bound end well.

    25. Missing avatar

      Gary Rabinovich on

      The Lyre's lyre. Always in tune but can only play one song.
      The Flaccid Sword. It needs a bit of rubbing to get ready for the fight.
      Scroll of Pedegree. A forged scroll that shows that a person is a lord from a kingdom and of noble birth. Though when a person looks closely, they will se a copyright date and the name of Acme manufacturing company.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gary Rabinovich on

      The atlas is called The Fakawi Atlas. It was late. Sorry for the confusion.

    27. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      I think the cloak of Invisibility is my favourite there, that is truly awesome. Exactly the kind of item a Lyre wants!

      I'd submit that the Ring of Teleportation would teleport itself in the middle of the night to another location in the room - that's why you can never find it in the morning! It's even worse when you're drunk, it can teleport to anywhere you have been that night!

      Fawaki Atlas - Love it!

      The NPC - a little meta but still an awesome idea!

      Boo! - Cool. Like it. Assuming you don't just run away screaming!

      BMF - I just think of this... but that might be because I've been watching X-Men lately!

    28. Missing avatar

      Gary Rabinovich on

      BMF. A creature that is so large, when one looks at it all one can say is, " you're one Big Mother F#[|<.

    29. Missing avatar

      Gary Rabinovich on

      The NPC- The monster that can change forms and be something different every time he or she is met. Sort of like the NPC that a DM creates out of thin air.
      Boo!- A disembodied sound that comes from everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Will give directions if asked politely.

    30. Missing avatar

      Gary Rabinovich on

      The Fakawi Atlas. It shows you were you are, but the locations of everything on the maps change when the book is closed.
      The Ring of Self Teleportation. When worn it looks snazzy. When used it teleports only itself and maybe a part of the finger.
      The cloak of Invisibility. It's invisible and if you can find it and put it on, people will still see you but not the cloak.

    31. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Barnem... love your ideas!

      The Bees Knees - That would work (and love the pun! Well, I'd have to, inventing a game called Lyres!), except that it would have to be within a story rather than in the tavern, unfortunately, because you have never been adventurers, you have no chance of getting hold of something exotic like that! So, unfortunately, it wouldn't make the actual people in the tavern pay attention to you.

      Hardygrumphs sound interesting... and a good reason for an adventurer to have lost all their gear and had to buy a new sword in town and present themselves in nothing but peasants' clothing, when they've already killed a dragon. I think you might have just suggested something that would enable generations of Lyres!

      Living Tombstone - Nice! A wraith/ghost bound to a tombstone which you have to destroy to kill it, sort of like a Lich and its Phylactery. I like it!

      Attuned Compass - Now that's the sort of "magical" item anyone can get behind! Reminds me of that compass from the Secret of Monkey Island that always points towards Stan's!

      No, you're not spamming, feel free to put any ideas down here that you come up with, I enjoy reading them, and I'm sure everyone else does too!

    32. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Gary, I'm going to take this up with you via Messages because some other factors have an impact on that price as well!

    33. Missing avatar

      Gary Rabinovich on

      If I am pledging at the £5 level but also may want the full Delux edition, how much extra would that be?

    34. Missing avatar

      Barnem on

      Attuned Compass - This gilded compass seems useless at first. It only points North, no matter how you turn! But then you realize the gem set into it screws out, and no matter which way you move it, the compass points to that gem. Use it to track down targets, or place it at home to always know how to get back to civilization. Not sure if I'm spamming or not, the ideas arrive AFTER I hit post every single time, haha.

    35. Missing avatar

      Barnem on

      For a monster - The Hardygrumph. This oafish beast looks like an oversized raccoon with fae aspects. While not hunters, these creatures like finding victims and cause increasingly dangerous 'pranks' with their uncontrollable magical powers. They love stealing magical items, and are just magical enough to activate them, with odd results. They do not live in packs, but Hardygrumphs will occasionally team up to rob adventurers (known for having LOTS of magical items to take) of their trinkets.

      Living Tombstone - A spirit that seeks revenge. It manifests as it's tombstone, and whatever material around that it rises from. It attacks whatever it believes wronged it in life, until it is defeated, the spirit withdrawing into its tombstone. But the next night, it will repeat the process, until a keen adventurer realizes what it is, and destroys the tombstone itself!

    36. Missing avatar

      Barnem on

      Here's a consumable magical item - the Bee's Knees! You crush a pair in your hand, and for a short while people think you're a lot more interesting than you actually are!

    37. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Magic items could be anything from the glowing Manticore Tooth which automatically vanquishes Wererabbits by making them run away to a "magical" potion which makes evil necromancers' wives fall in love with you!

    38. A. C.

      Haha, that's great!... as for magic items I'm not sure where you'd even start? weapons?

    39. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      "Y... you're a clockwork man? Don't hurt me! That Golden Army thing that Bob the Hobgoblin mentioned... are you one of them?!"

      *backs away*

    40. A. C.

      "Well as a clockwork man myself, I obviously knew the weaknesses of the the mindless machine men, it's that they lack imagination, and opponents that can out maneuver them with feints or combat trickery"

    41. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      What's your favourite, then, and what would you describe as their greatest weakness - how did you defeat them?

      And I officially declare that there is no limit on the ideas that may be suggested!

    42. A. C.

      KOBOLDS! And Magitech machine men! Golems! I have too many ideas I can't post them all here!

    43. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Oh, here's an image of a Gorgonormous to help you out as to why my comment seemed a bit random:

      And here is who Professor Wilton-Smythe is...

    44. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Well, Jordan, any of those are fair game! The sailors at Eel's Ridge, on the coast, certainly have some amazing tales to tell...

      Although Kraken don't exist, of course. There is only the Gorgonormous, anyone who thinks they saw a Kraken made a mistake identifying it. (According to Professor Wilton-Smythe, the leading authority on creatures in the Kingdom, that is! He is so experienced that, although he has never ventured outside Yarnolth, he knows more about the realities of the Kingdom than anyone who has actually travelled!)

    45. Jordi

      I don't know exactly what kind of creatures come in the base game, but adding some kind of sea creatures such as merkfloks, krakens, sirens and all that would help to set up sea and pirate themed stories

    46. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hang Gliding Goblins? LOVE IT.

    47. Clive Saunders

      Two Legs.

      One Wing.

      No Brains.

      Unleash the Goblin with a Hang Glider.

    48. Shades of Vengeance 22-time creator on

      Hi Jordi,

      We're aiming for an A5 book (or 8.5 x 5.5 in the US). We're aiming for as few pages as possible, perhaps 30? It should fit in a pocket of a coat, perhaps not a jeans pocket!


    49. Jordi

      Just curious now to know if you have an idea of how many pages will the rulebook be and the size of this pocket edition (would it fit in my pocket?) Thanks!

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