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Gifpop is a tool to make custom cards from animated gifs, using the magic of lenticular printing.
Gifpop is a tool to make custom cards from animated gifs, using the magic of lenticular printing.
1,063 backers pledged $35,894 to help bring this project to life.

200% funded in the first twelve hours!


Oh. My. Gif. Here's what the last twelve hours have been like.

So, we flipped the switch for our Kickstarter this morning, and within three hours we were fully funded. It's been twelve hours now and we are 100% over our funding goal! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

This is how our day has been like, alternating between insane excitement:

 And total exhaustion:

The response has been incredible, and we're just getting started.

We are incredibly honored and humbled to have you all as our backers. You've been saying the nicest possible things, you've been sharing our projects far and wide, and we could not be more stunned and excited to bring Gifpop to life with you all. We've gotten some amazing press: 

The Atlantic just posted a great piece on us with more context on lenticular printing (they really, really understand gifs):

We answered some questions via email for VICE:

Gizmodo also put together this amazing sentence: "Sha Hwang and Rachel Binx want to blow our collective minds with the possibilities of this multi-lensed medium"

And even one of our favorite sources of inspiration, Prosthetic Knowledge, wrote about us:

And the tweets you've been writing have us spinning:

@moebio: "the 40s, the 90s and the 10s in a card" 

@jackcheng: "Mind blown dot gif"

@sfslim: "Their catchy slogan “Give the gift of gif” will forever end the hard/soft g debate."

@alexvessels: "Amazing @shashashasha is wearing @yeahweflashy shirt in the Gifpop vid! Kickstarter circle of life."

And that brings us to another point: Gifpop could not have been happened without Kickstarter. From my T-shirt to our tripod mount to talking about the project as a provocation, Gifpop is standing on the shoulders of some amazing projects and people. We're so so very excited, and we're just getting started.

So here's what we've got planned.

We've blown away our funding goal and our first stretch goal: Instagram video and Vine support. This means when Gifpop launches you'll be able to select a video from either service and select a short clip of video to be printed as a card, in a variety of sizes. We're so excited by all the inventive and beautiful work being made on Instagram and Vine, and are already itching to get started on development!

But we've also got some new goals lined up: 

If we hit $15,000, we'll be able to offer the ability to add your own custom note on the back of any gif card. That means regardless of your backer level, when you go to pick out your gif card you'll be able to personalize it with a note for sending as a gift.

If we hit $25,000, we'll be able to offer the ability to embed a Gifpop widget onto your very own website or Tumblr. Link it with a gif post and we'll be able to track orders through your widget, and send you a portion of the profits. This will allow artists to sell their own work from their own site, which would be absolutely amazing.

If momentum keeps up, we're also interested in researching completely new product lines! We're talking gif magnets, gif coasters, or even gif greeting cards with audio (I know right?). We completely did not expect to have to think about these stretch goals so soon, but we would love to do the proper materials testing and manufacturer coordination that would be required. Please, please let us know what else you'd like Gifpop to be. There is no way to overstate this: as a backer, you are our family. We are excited to hear your ideas, artist suggestions, partner ideas, and other feedback as Gifpop comes to life. 

And finally, thank you so much for your incredible support so far. Gifpop is now happening for sure, but now we have a chance to make it as magical as possible. Let's do it!


Sha + Rachel

Say hi to us on Twitter @gifpop! Like us on Facebook! Or just stare hypnotically into this gif, and feel the soothing warmth of Gifpop wash over you.

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    1. John Fox

      Perhaps a folding option that allows the card to sit on a desk, leaning back in a "display" mode.

    2. Missing avatar

      Ching-Hua Wang on

      Gif ear rings, rings, and pendants!

    3. Chris Delbuck on

      More like Gifsplode

    4. Missing avatar

      Cyriloneous on

      At this rate, you guys will hit over $25k EASILY. :)