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Gifpop is a tool to make custom cards from animated gifs, using the magic of lenticular printing.
Gifpop is a tool to make custom cards from animated gifs, using the magic of lenticular printing.
1,063 backers pledged $35,894 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Sha Hwang Creator on

      Ulrich, if you have hi-resolution images feel free to order as usual and send us an email with the assets, and we'll swap them out on our side!

    2. Sha Hwang Creator on

      Hi Alex, you should have a Kickstarter message with a discount code to redeem your Gifpop!

    3. Alex Radu on

      How do redeem what we pledged for? (in my case, the "lone GIF")

    4. Ulli on

      It would be great to upload 10 images. You said that sadly gif is not the perfect for printable images but there is no way to upload the images in a better quality. Maybe as zip file or just as separate or drag&drop upload for all the images.

    5. Sha Hwang Creator on

      Hi Linda! The password to get in is in the latest Kickstarter update!

    6. Linda on

      when will this be ready.

    7. Missing avatar

      Jesse McIlhenny on

      No, it's fine. I was just wondering. By the way, these would make some pretty sweet Christmas cards!

    8. Sha Hwang Creator on

      Hi Jesse,

      Not right now! If you're on a deadline we can try and figure something out. Feel free to email us at hi at!

    9. Missing avatar

      Jesse McIlhenny on

      Are we able to get the business & wedding cards through the Gifpop website right now?

    10. Missing avatar

      edzieba on

      Question: has the choice of resolution and lenticular sheet been finalised? If so, can you post the viewing angles for each 'frame' and the number of frames per lens, so we can correctly render '3D walkpast' images of objects (i.e. as you walk past the print, you will see an image of an object as if you were looking at it from that angle).

    11. Sha Hwang Creator on


    12. Missing avatar

      Ching-Hua Wang on

      Soooooooo proud of you two!!!

    13. Missing avatar

      Ching-Hua Wang on


    14. Takumi Yoshida on

      great thanks!! and huge congratz.

    15. Sha Hwang Creator on

      Takumi, Yes, international shipping will be paid at checkout. Thanks for backing!!

    16. Takumi Yoshida on

      ok I've missed this in the second tier reward "International shipping will be paid when you create your card". so I suppose I can pay at checkout of the gifpop not kickstarter as you've written. correct?

    17. Takumi Yoshida on

      I backed and realised I forgot to add international shipping cost. Was going to edit my pledge with whatever amount the shipping would be but couldn't find any info... can I pay for shipping at later time or if not, did I miss something?? last thing I want is to get shipping cost deducted from my pledge and get moved down to lower tier reward!! so please help! cheers.

    18. Sha Hwang Creator on

      Hi Britt, YES! You will be able to pick from any of the seven artists at the GIFTASTIC / GIFALICIOUS tiers. Sorry for any confusion!

    19. Britt Selvitelle on

      One more question about the artist prints. I am considering getting one of the GIFTASTIC/GIFALICIOUS tiers, but I can't decide between the two artist buckets! If I back one, can I pick my selection from all of the artist prints?

      It's all too much to decide now without seeing the print selections!

    20. Nomado-Coyote on

      The question is, really, what stops us from using some of mentioned artists' work as custom gifs? Will you learn all of them by heart and won't do if requested on lower pledges?
      I'm mostly curious just because the artists on your project are great, they are good examples of short and amazing gifs that are good for printing, and it's hard to find a lot of good short-framed gifs, and I don't want to make gifs myself yet, AND you will offer only 1 or few of those artists gifs as reward, even if I pledge 100$+, but what if I want to have some other gif (still by them)... I'm just a little bit confused, as I'm sure A LOT of "custom" gifs will be just found\copied gifs of others wanted on print, so what's stopping us from copying these particular gifs, as they are really cool?

    21. Missing avatar

      Ching-Hua Wang on

      You got $3,005 to go to meet the $35k goal. I hope you can make it to your goal. That'll be really cool!!

    22. Sha Hwang Creator on

      Hi Adam! Yes, all levels above $12 you will get to submit your own gif. At the artist tiers you will have a choice of whichever gif the artist has chosen for our special art prints!

    23. adam gould on

      I'm a little unclear on which levels (all?) we can send you our own animated .gif? I think you can do that on all, would you confirm? So at $30 level, I can send you 3 different .gifs and get a card for each?

    24. Sha Hwang Creator on

      Hi Britt,
      They can be manufactured in either direction. We were thinking of asking artist backers which orientation they prefer, precisely so that those mounted on the wall can be side-to-side. Cheers!

    25. Britt Selvitelle on

      Can lenticular cards be manufactured to work side-to-side or just up-and-down? I'd imagine side-to-side would produce the best effect for wall mounting the 8x8.

    26. Missing avatar

      Ching-Hua Wang on

      Like the new update with the new artists & images! Hope you reach $35k!

    27. Missing avatar

      Jesse McIlhenny on

      I got here from Steve Swink's SCALE. Looks really cool, and I am glad to be a backer!

    28. Marmæl

      Great, and thanks for answering! I wasn't sure that was available for all backer levels. But I have a couple in mind now... :D

    29. Missing avatar

      Ching-Hua Wang on

      You may want to add the new artists' gif images to your site for people to see and appreciate so that they will back you.

    30. Sha Hwang Creator on

      Hi Mira, you can upload your own gifs / images to use as well!

    31. Marmæl

      You have many great art designs, but I'm looking for something with nature. Especially waves, sea creatures, weather systems or other maritime motives. Do you have anything like that? :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Ching-Hua Wang on

      If you show a sample of a personalized business card containing changing gif images with some individual(s), their loved one(s), their beloved pets, and their work place logo, that may help you reach your business stretch goal. Just an idea...

    33. Sha Hwang Creator on

      Thanks everyone! Yeah, let's get to the business card stretch goal!

    34. Missing avatar

      Ching-Hua Wang on

      Hope you reach 800 backers soon!

    35. Sara Kate MacFarland on

      I think these are all wonderful! You two are absolutely delightful!
      So glad I was able to be a part of this adventure~~

    36. Edward Kwan on

      would love to hit the next stretch goal and unlock the business cards option! com'on folks. share this!

    37. Renrick on

      Just to be sure, what does the $100 custom card gives us?

      Does this mean we can send you a number of pictures and use it as the custom gif card? How many pictures can be placed per gif card?

    38. Sherif on

      just wondering ... what prevent me from copying the artist gifs in the product page and uploding them to your site after the camping as the custom gif for the lower pledges ??!!

    39. Alkapwn on

      Dang. SO many questions. I'm SO freaking excited!

      But for serious now.

      1. Do you have to tilt up and down for the gif to animate?
      2. If we want them to animate by tilting left and right, would we just have to rotate the gif 90º before importing it into the gif editor?
      3. If answerable, what's the angle of rotation of the gigpop from the start of the animation to the loop point? Got some sweet ideas in the works :)
      4. How many frames in the animation, and is that variable?
      5. What about a "Frequent Poppers" club, for

      Ok, I think that's all. This project ROCKS by the way!

    40. Simon Bunn on

      Pledged! I have been a fan of Mr Div for a while so this is perfect for me!

    41. Dave Van Domelen on

      I'm actually interested in utterly blank lenticular cards for use in teaching science, simplest GIF ever. ;) Right now I use Redakai cards that have large open areas, but I think you could find a secondary market selling business-card and 5x5 size blanks to science teachers (maybe with a small GIF in the corner with the company logo animation).

      If you shine a laser pointer on one, it comes out as a line. If you place two of them together, you can get a moire pattern as you shift them around.

    42. Missing avatar

      Ching-Hua Wang on

      What a brilliant idea! Perfect for holiday gift cards and cards for all occasions!

    43. Brad Herman on

      This is perfect for me. I have been looking for a good vendor to make prints for an up coming art show of my animated gifs from San Diego Comic Con.You can see the gifs online at
      including my favorite, the Flash:

    44. Mike Estee on

      i hope this is not the last video we'll see of you two about GIFs. a GIF Art History show would be awesome :)