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Sgnl is the smart strap that enables you to make calls by placing your fingertip on your ear. Connect with your watch to upgrade it.
Sgnl is the smart strap that enables you to make calls by placing your fingertip on your ear. Connect with your watch to upgrade it.
8,117 backers pledged $1,469,202 to help bring this project to life.

Post Campaign Update #44. Sound Issue

Posted by Sgnl Support (Collaborator)

Dear Sgnl Backers.

Currently, Sgnl has been officially released a sound algorithm (sound leakage reduction, voice clarity improvement) by firmware version 1.1.4 on August 10, 2018, and additionally the latest firmware version 1.1.5 was released on Wednesday, August 29, 2018 to improve device stability such as improving improper connection/reconnection of Bluetooth and malfunction of battery check.

 If the leak sound gets bigger, the sound goes back into the Sgnl’s microphone, so when the call is made, the user may hear the echo sound, which can be uncomfortable to use. 

In firmware version 1.1.4, we have made a lot of efforts to reduce the sound leakage and echo. As a result, the phone tones tend to sound a bit smaller on Android phones and iPhones, but we have been able to minimize the sound echo with the algorithm. Firstly, the development was proceeding with the plan to improve the voice clarity minimizing the leak sound and to be heard more clearly.

During the development, we’ve received feedbacks from Backers that the leak sound is too big and sound echo occurs. We’ve tested again and found out that sound echo occurs with iPhone as feedbacks, not with the Android phone according to our intention. 

To explain the current situation, Android works as our development intention, but iPhone, when the Sgnl is activated after Bluetooth connection, more Bluetooth power than our intention is delivered to the BCU (body conduction module), so that a much louder sound is being produced. The sound echo is occurring because of the big leak sound. 

Our development team is now investigating why this is happening on the iPhone. We apologize for the firmware update without noticing this problem. We’ll try to quickly identify the issue and resolve it.

There have been 4 firmware updates since July when we started shipping Sgnl. We’ll continue to make efforts to stabilize and improve the function by receiving feedbacks from Backers. 

They are the first mass-produced products of our lab, so they are not perfect, but we’ll always try our best to improve them with feedbacks from Backers. We’ll not forget your support and look for various ways to benefit you when our products come out in the future. We would be grateful if you could trust us to the end. 

Thank you.


The Sgnl Team

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    1. tony on

      I am yet to receive my item

    2. Missing avatar

      Audrey Gathy on

      I am yet to receive my item. I want my money back!

    3. Aaron Alnizzo on

      Refund us you jerkoffs. You've stolen money through fraud and you're about to get a huge reality check if you don't refund us immediately.

    4. Josh Kushner on

      Will the Sgnl be delivered soon? Haven't received mine yet.

    5. Missing avatar

      Jeff Beamish on

      Hey folks! Like Tony, I also have not received my Sgnl, and I'm a little concerned. Could you please let us know if these are shipping, or if there was an issue?

      Thank you,


    6. Tony De Wilde on

      Hello, still not received my signal!! Not even received a shipment mail.
      I am getting “post campaign “ emails so I am getting a bit worried that I will not recieve my Sgnl... please give me some feedback on status.

    7. Tony De Wilde on

      Hello, still not received my signal!! Not even received a shipment mail.
      I am getting “post campaign “ emails so I am getting a bit worried that I will not recieve my Sgnl... please give me some feedback on status.

    8. locknload1 on

      Backer #330, October 1st and no shipping notification yet.

    9. Missing avatar

      C.S. on

      They have deleted MANY, if not MOST, of the negative comments here, regarding the performance of this device.

      - Don’t worry. Even when/if you get it, it will be useless. As is mine.

      This project is a complete LIE.

      We all fell for the scam of a unique idea, some fancy videos showing off a concept that was NEVER intended to become a reality.

      We all paid for them to wrap a speaker inside a FAT rubber wrist band, with some flashy LED lights inside.

      Here is my original previous comment, posted on 15-SEP-2018:

      SGNL actually arrived.
      - No, I’m not drunk, or high, or out of my mind.

      I’m holding the device in my hand.
      - It doesn’t work, but I’m holding it in my hand.

      Oh it powers on, connects to my iPhone via Bluetooth.
      - App is installed, sound test sends sound to the band.
      - The band fits nicely out of the box, but I removed a band link to make sure it was snug.

      This device does not do what was promised.

      This is an expensive wrist speaker.

      “Some sound leak may occur”...yeah.
      - Some sound might leak into my ear, through my finger. The rest of the sound will be blasting into my neighbor’s ear drum, because this device is what I said...a SPEAKER.

      So, unless some miraculous software/firmware updates occur...sometime in the next TWO YEARS (by the example of speed Innomdle has set forth)...this device will be an awesome dust catcher.

      ———-Also, has anyone else noticed the instruction booklet has the “warranty” info printed on the last two pages...?

      It states:
      “The warranty starts from the date of purchase. Please keep your transaction receipt. If the purchase date cannot be confirmed, the warranty will last three months from the year when the product was created.”

      Well, a “purchase” means when you bought/paid for something.

      The KS page says the project was funded on 08-OCT-2016, and my bank statement shows that’s when the payment was made.

      So my “one year warranty” was over on 08-OCT-2017...which was ELEVEN MONTHS which point, this product was not even fully developed yet.

      Hahahaha! This has been a great learning experience!

      Thanks to @creator @InnomdleLab for the amazing talent show.

      And thanks to @KickStarter for allowing criminals to rob well-meaning people of their hard-earned money!

      Can’t wait for the day we all get to read the headlines, about your digital money laundering racket melting to the ground, when all the backers get tired of being ripped off and leave your digital carcass in the proverbial dust.

    10. locknload1 on

      Backer #330, September 29th and no shipping notification yet.

    11. Estevez Alberto on

      hello. Can you tell me when will I receive the bracelet? thank you for giving me feedback.

    12. Missing avatar

      Tan Cheng Hock on

      No shipping update still

    13. locknload1 on

      Backer #330, September 25th and no shipping notification yet.

    14. Missing avatar

      Nick Richter on

      I very excitedly received me 2 backer SGNL’s last week. Once set up, adjusted strap so it was nice and tight, and tested the product in the real world I have found that with this sound leak and echo when using with my iPhone that unfortunately the product is unusable. When I receive a call the audible sound coming from my risk is louder than my Apple Watch speaker an clearly audible to anyone else in the room. When inserting my finger on the correct bone on my ear there is only marginal improvement of perceived audio to me, and the caller on the other end of the line has repeatedly complained that they cannot hear me and that conversation is impossible. So I have put both my SGNL (I bought 2!) back in its box and hope that firmware upgrades will be possible at some point in the near future and I have not wasted my money. Please keep at this SGNL, I am really excited about the promises promoted in the kickstarter campaign.

    15. Dan Parks on

      Still nothing...

    16. Missing avatar

      Oliver Kuo on

      Backer number: 1,087

      Super Early bird... and no sign of my product, has it been sent out?? can someone please reply me

    17. Missing avatar

      Oliver Kuo on

      still no sign of my product?!?

    18. Li Feng on

      Same here still waiting too

    19. Aziz O. AL-Mubarak on

      Still waiting for my product

    20. Hoàng Hải Bình on

      Backer 1968:
      I did receive Sgnl 1 one week ago. Until today, despite the face that the voice is acceptable but the microphone is totaly broken. I can not speak by SGNL althought I can hear another very clear.

    21. locknload1 on

      Backer #330, September 19th and no shipping notification yet.

    22. Ale Rodz on

      I feel robbed. And Kickstarter is silent about the whole thing. Haven’t received the product and they will not refund the money.

      This was a scam.

    23. Missing avatar

      Long Nguyen on

      These are not only issues with iPhone but also with Android phones. I have both phones and Sgnl does work extremely poor with both.

    24. Missing avatar

      Long Nguyen on

      These are not only issues with iPhone but also with Android phones. I have both phones and Sgnl does work extremely poor with both.

    25. Missing avatar

      Meshell Lowe on

      When will I receive my product?

    26. Missing avatar

      Suvash Pokhrel on

      Where to complain for defective product ? emailed to SGNL team but no response . this is 2.2 million massive scam . why don't kickstarter bust them. These guys are cheaters South Koreans. paid for device and custom as well and got a piece of toy which i cannot gift to my kid.
      I think we all should file a case against these guys . totally fraud scam.

    27. Missing avatar

      Paul Gibson on

      Just received my sgnl, I just wish I hadn’t! It’s terrible, I feel so cheated by this whole experience, it’s put me off using kickstarter again

    28. Missing avatar

      Shah Saud on

      Can I please have my money refunded ASAP?

    29. Missing avatar

      James Narula on

      Blah blah blah blah blah... that's what every message is. Most backers aren't getting any watch and the ones that are, are having a crap experience. This experience has put me off backing anything on Kickstarter

    30. Hannes Schleeh on

      Hope you do not stop deliver your device like batband!

    31. Missing avatar

      Raymond Yiu on

      I did not receive the Sgnl yet. Anyone can tell me when it will deliver to me pls?

    32. Missing avatar

      Daniel Han on

      Just got the SGNL. I can’t pair my iPhone with the device. I charged it fully like it said and I still cannot pair it. The instructions says to press both volume buttons and then he round button for 7 seconds and the lights will alternate but mine only goes in one direction and stops. I can’t tell if the SGNL is on or not. The app keeps crashing and I have to log on every single time. How do I diagnose what’s going on or to see if I got a defect?

    33. Missing avatar

      이진권 on

      The order was not delivered yet. When will it be delivered? Can you give me a rough date?

      Jin Kwon Lee

    34. Missing avatar

      이진권 on

      I order was not delivered yet. When will it be delivered? Can you give me a rough date?

    35. Parswanath Dhanadevan on

      Firmware version 1.1.5 is not good either.

      1. The sound leak had reduced, but I still hear a crackling sound.

      2. Through the finger, I can listen to very less audio after a hard press of the Tragus which is painful.

      3. Bluetooth pairing is awful. After pairing using iPhone settings, again the Sgnl app asks for pairing and shows two Bluetooth pairing in iPhone settings. I had to forget Bluetooth connection, reboot the phone and device every time to make a proper Bluetooth connection.

      Good product concept, but lousy product quality and delivery.

    36. Missing avatar

      Suvash Pokhrel on

      Terrible sound leak . It is like speaker in my wrist . Also after first use I charged the device and now it never turns on . What is happening ? Please respond to me . I almost paid 200$ for this product . Very disappointed.

    37. Missing avatar

      james to on

      Where is my SGNI too ?????

    38. Missing avatar

      Long Nguyen on

      Keep cool if you still have not received your Sgnl. Because it is USELESS! “Sound leak” and “echo for the people you talk to” make all conversation just impossible.
      This is not only my experience but all comments posted here say the same.
      To be precise, I’ve paired Sgnl with my iPhone X. Will try tonight with an Android phone if it does make a difference or not.

    39. Missing avatar

      John Vander Stel on

      I should have included my backer number. It is 8,707 and I have not yet even received mine!

    40. Missing avatar

      John Vander Stel on

      What is going on?

      John Vander Stel
      Grand Rapids, Michigan

    41. Missing avatar

      eli Beja on

      I received my SGNL. Thanks for that. How can I update the firmware in order to avoid the sound leak (Android)?

    42. Missing avatar

      Andrew McCoy on

      Hello, the Sgnl notifies me every time I leave Bluetooth range and then again when I get back into Bluetooth range. How do I disable that from happening?

    43. Missing avatar

      Steve Tschacher on

      Out of 8 different things I have backed on 2 different sites, I got hosed on 2 and never received my backing award. When are the rest of the backers going to get the product?

    44. Missing avatar

      billy pool on

      Where is my SGNI. ?

    45. Aaron Alnizzo on

      It's good to see you are STILL following up with and developing the units, but at two years, I think most of us at this point just want to get our product and are not worried just now about firmware updates. So how about you focus on the shipping time table and update us on how long it's going to take to get our product in the first place.

    46. Missing avatar

      Paula lake on

      Doesn’t mean a thing to me still have not received mine yet, hope they get these issues sorted before they send it

    47. Yefei Jiang on

      What's the support status for Apple Watch Series 4?