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A heartwarming holiday tale of the Cthulhu Mythos. Fun for anyone who has the heart of a child (whether in a jar or still beating).
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The Final Week: Cthulhu Needs Backers!

Posted by Super Genius Games (Creator)

I've been trying not to throw out too many updates. Enough to keep everyone informed . . . but not so many that they seem superfluous or get annoying. But now that we're in the final week of the pledge drive, you might see me posting a little more frequently.

As I'm writing this, the campaign is still $959 away from the $10,000 level, which will allow me to upgrade the book to full-color printing. It's an additional $3,000 away from the stretch goal that will let me make the book a hardcover rather than softcover. Ideally, I'd like to hit BOTH of those targets before the Kickstarter wraps up . . . and I'm pretty sure that most of you would, too. 

I'm NOT intimating that you existing should throw more money at the project. Azathoth knows you've been incredibly generous already! Instead, I'm intimating that it's in your own interests to actively take a hand in helping to bring new backers into our little secret society. To help bring that point into even sharper focus, I'm going to add a different kind of stretch goal.

Currently, we have 277 backers. If we can get the total number of backers up to 300, I'll do a new, original piece of art showing Squammy devouring New York City, and I'll make that art available to all backers electronically in a format suitable for use as desktop wallpaper. (This art piece will be created sometime in the early part of 2013.)

What's more, for every 100 additional backers beyond that (400, 500, etc.), I will do an additional new, original piece of art showing Squammy devouring a different major city or landmark, and will likewise make free wallpaper versions available to all backers.

So get out there and help get us some new backers! There's cool digital art on the line. You aren't going to just let it slip through your fingers, are you?

I thought not.

— Stan!


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