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Investigate the crime scene, interrogate suspects, collect clues and solve puzzles, all to uncover the secret of the swamp!
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Detective Grimoire on Steam Greenlight!


Hi Everyone!

As promised Detective Grimoire is now up on Steam Greenlight!

If you've not heard of Greenlight before, it's a way for small developers like us to get our games onto Steam, the number one online PC game retailer. Steam users vote on whether they'd like to see a game on the store, and if the game gets enough votes, it gets let in!

It'd REALLY help us out if you could vote Yes on Detective Grimoire. In return, if it gets enough votes to get through to the store, every one of you, our backers, will get a free Steam key for the game!

We've also put our other game up, Haunt the House: Terrortown. Voting Yes on that would help us too!


Post-Launch Activities

Hi everyone!

Phew! This past week has been intense. So what's been going on?

Code Emails   

As most of you saw, I did finally manage to send out the code emails! As it turned out, my website hosting company had completely disabled the ability to send out mass emails, after the last time I sent one out: to contact en masse everyone who had missing pledges, details and other things we needed. It set off their spam alert, and even though they re-enabled it for me after a livechat, they wouldn't raise my emailing rate to more than 200 an hour. With 1,500 emails to send out, that would have taken ages, and ran the risk of tripping the alert again! Luckily a friend recommended MailChimp, which I was able to get up and running in no time and get the emails out!

If you don't yet have your code on any of the platforms, or any one of the other rewards, then please send me a message here on Kickstarter. That's the easiest way for me to be able to look up your details. Searching through comments on updates and the project is much more time consuming and trickier to reply to! I've got Dan from Armor Games helping out with answering Kickstarter messages too.

Bug Fixes
For all of the time we spent before launch fixing bugs and polishing everything, a few things snuck by us. Almost entirely on the one device type we didn't have to test on, the iPad 3. Thanks though to everyone who reported the bug and the fact that I was able to get my hands on an iPad 3, I was able to work for a few days straight last week and patch up pretty much every bug that was reported. The fixed version is now live across all stores, so if you did have any trouble, you should be able to update now!

If you do find any more bugs, or have any technical questions, please feel free to email me directly! tom [at] sfbgames dot com

The Independent Games Festival
We entered both Detective Grimoire and our other recent game, Haunt the House: Terrortown (PC version) to the IGF this year. Sadly, we weren't nominated, but Detective Grimoire was given an honorable mention for Excellence in Narrative, which we're pretty excited about! We wouldn't have been able to get the game this far without all your support, so thank you again!

Games Press?
We're still actively trying to get the word out about Detective Grimoire! We've had some great press so far though. said "the game is perfect for those who want to get their detective hats on. Missing Detective Grimoire would be a crime in itself.". said "it's definitely one of the better crime games I've played and it's a treat to experience.". said "From the moment you set foot on the docks, Boggy’s Bog is engrossing, its characters alive and endearing"

You can help! Tell your friends about it, or that cousin who writes reviews for the New York Times maybe? Anything to let people know that this game you made happen is out!

What's Next?
Speaking of how you can help, the next big thing for Detective Grimoire is going to be getting it on Steam! To that end, we're going to be launching a Steam Greenlight page for the game on Monday, so stand by to tell anyone who'll listen! If most of you vote on the game, that'll set us a long way along the path to getting Greenlit, and give us great momentum to carry on with. Watch out for details on Monday!

In February, I'll be taking Detective Grimoire to Casual Connect Europe to take part in the Indie Prize showcase. Wish us luck winning a prize! I'm entering the game into any and all contests I can this year, and taking it to any show I can afford to get to! If you know of any I may have missed, let me know. 

OK, that was quite a lot of information, so I'll stop for now! Thanks one more time (though it won't be the last) for all of your support. 


Game Codes


Hi Everyone!

It's been a whirlwind few days here at SFB Towers (again, my living room), and we're running on very little sleep, but we're getting there.

Firstly, for everyone that backed for copies of the game on Android, Windows, Mac and Linux, you should have codes waiting for you in your email inbox. I double checked everyone's orders, everyone's change requests, assigned codes to each of you and eventually after many hours of doing things with a spreadsheet I never thought I'd do, I let the emailing app do it's thing. It said 100% complete, no errors in mailing, but I haven't actually heard from anyone either way about if the emails arrived. Let me know if you did or didn't get your code email!

UPDATE: OK, looks like the program I used to send the code emails lied to me and didn't actually work. I'm installing a new one right now and I'll get them out to you soon! All the hard work with spreadsheets is already done.

For the iOS backers, our US partners at Armor Games, who helped this kickstarter even happen before the site was opened up to us in the UK, tried gifting everyone copies, but as much as we had hoped that would work for everyone, it's only worked for those in the US. That's over half of you, but now we're dealing with the rest! 

For those of you in more, ahem, 'popular' countries, where lots of you backed from such as the UK, Australia, France, Germany and so on, we have people standing by in those countries to gift the copies from the correct store! I'll be personally doing the UK codes myself. 

For everyone else, we'll be using our press codes to get you your copies. By our count, that should cover everyone! If not, we have a few more things to try after that.

Hopefully by the end of today, everyone should have their copies at last, and we can sleep soundly with dreams of people enjoying the game around the world.


Detective Grimoire IS OUT!


Hi Everyone! 

It's finally out!

We've spent all day wrangling the various stores and versions into place and now that we have access to the codes for those versions, we plan to spend all night sending you your copies! There are just 2 of us here at SFB Games HQ (my living room), over 2000 of you, and over 3000 copies to send out, so it may take us a while. We WILL get to you though, don't worry. We have coffee, jaffa cakes and cola to hand, so we're set until the morning.

For anyone who wanted to pick up a version on a platform you didn't back for, or who didn't back at all, you can find a copy on

Wish us luck and awakeness!


Detective Grimoire Launch Date


Hi Everyone!

We have a release date!

We'll be releasing Detective Grimoire on the 2nd of January, just 14 days time! It's been a long time coming, but this is finally it. 

For Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android copies, we'll be sending them to you by email with help from the folks at Humble. Simply click the code and download your copy!

iOS copies will be sent out slightly differently, but just as simply on your end.

I know I say it every time, but thank you all for being amazingly supportive and patient. Trying to release in so many places at once is no easy task we've learned, and finding a date that works for everyone involved is equally tricky. We've managed it though, with a good deal of help from the chaps at Armor Games!

So what happens now? Well tomorrow I'll send out a quick form to all our iOS backers, to gather your Apple account emails. Then while you all enjoy the festive season, Adam and I will be working to try and get the game some launch coverage with the press. Then on the 2nd, look for that all important email in your inbox!