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This year's pre-order model for the return of Jack Palms to print: get THIS IS LIFE here now!
This year's pre-order model for the return of Jack Palms to print: get THIS IS LIFE here now!
92 backers pledged $7,167 to help bring this project to life.

We did it!!

Well guys,

We DID it!! I'm so impressed, happy, inspired, touched and encouraged by the way we rocked this campaign right out of the box! We made the financial goal for this project in just under 25 hours! At $4k, that's no easy task and it seems like it happened without even breaking a sweat! So first, I want to say THANK YOU!! For those of you who stepped up and helped me to fund this right away, you're awesome! It's amazeballs! Thank you! 

Now, here we are with 28 days left to go and a few big questions. The first is, of course, so why donate now?

The answer is, of course, BOOKS: this campaign will be the only chance to grab up the hardcover of THIS IS LIFE, and I expect it'll be the only chance to get the paperback until sometime in early 2012. So those are fairly limited. My plan is to have Triad Death Match, A Long Way from Disney and In Broad Daylight out as eBooks for sure as soon as possible, and the further we go with this campaign, the more likely that I'll be able to offer those as paperbacks in the foreseeable future too. But for you, this is a chance to grab 'em up now without any fear. 

The other answer, however, even bigger perhaps, is this: more content! The more this campaign raises, the more time it buys me at the desk to crank out fiction, record it, podcast it, and make it available for you and Palms Nation to hear. 

So that's the exciting prospects that still lie out there for this campaign. I can't thank you guys enough for stepping up and helping me to reach the first financial goal of the Campaign: getting it funded! We cold-slammed that one! Now let's keep spreading the word, posting links and even badges to let other folks know about the preorders, THIS IS LIFE, and everything that we've accomplished in the online author space!

In truth, I couldn't be more encouraged and satisfied right now. You guys showed up BIG TIME as I knew you would and I've accomplished another one of my goals with your help. I can say thank you again, but listen for me to go buck wild on the next episode of In Broad Daylight with personal thanks to each of you! Can't wait to spill out all the names and tell you each how great you are!

Until then,

This is your boy, 



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