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Survive the Spike's video poster

A digital collage of emotional stories from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Read more

London, UK Film & Video
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This project was successfully funded on July 27, 2012.

A digital collage of emotional stories from the 2012 Summer Olympic Games.

London, UK Film & Video
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About this project

We're setting out to combine athletes' journeys with fans' experiences watching those journeys unfold through a filmed series of candid conversations in and around the 2012 Summer Olympic Games in London.

This footage will become the seed of a digital collage that we're building for anyone to share their memorable stories from the Games through words, pictures, and video. Our goal is for this collage to become an engaging public space that carries on the Olympic sensation as people vividly recount their experiences together.

Where did 'Survive the Spike' come from?

While organizing a TEDx conference at the University of Michigan, one of the biggest challenges we face is how to sustain the energy of the event. During a team meeting, someone illustrated this challenge on a whiteboard by drawing a line graph with a spike in it, suggesting that this picture is what our event currently feels like compared to people's normal routines. That picture has been our driving motivation for change ever since.

So why the Olympics?

We first learned about the goals of the Olympic Movement during a conversation we had with Apolo Ohno where he drew the parallel between the Movement's high-level goal of having the Games be an example for daily life and our goals for TEDxUofM. We were just finishing up a similar interview series for TEDxUofM and we realized that we could do something similar in London while learning from an incredibly diverse group of people in the process.


We believe that when we communally reflect on our experience by telling stories, the event's influence will live on. Our vision is to grow a community of storytellers who remain connected by recounting their memorable experiences, whether it's from the Olympics or any organized event.


Now – purchase rest of filming equipment, map out filming locations
July 20 – arrive in London 
August 14 – depart London
September 1 – start post-production

Without YOU, none of this is possible

Become a Backer – For the Kickstarter campaign to be successful, we have to at least meet our goal of $5,000, so every dollar does indeed count!

Keep tabsSubscribe to the updates we send out from in and around London.

Share it with anyone who might be interested – the more stories the merrier!

This project popped into our heads late on a Thursday night in the library; your support is now making it a reality, and for that we are forever appreciative.

Thank you for being a part of the journey.


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    Check the mail! We're sending a homemade postcard for you to send us an Olympic story of your own, which will be part of the first set of stories to go up on the collage.

    And as you're filling that out, we're placing your name in the credits of the final film to represent all of the people who propped it up.

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    From London with Love – All of the above + an Olympics Souvenir, the snazzy Survive the Spike t-shirt we'll be wearing throughout the city, and the buzz-building stickers that we'll be handing out; stick it on your cork board, binder, or car bumper, spread the project love...

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    Techie – All of the above + an interactive e-book of photos and video clips from London

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    Movie Buff – All of the above + the film's trailer + the movie poster we'll use to promote the film + a shout-out treat from the project's Ann Arbor roots to enjoy while watching the trailer, compliments of Zingerman's (please let us know if you have any allergies!)

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    Connoisseur – All of the above + dinner wherever you fancy to talk about the project and access the footage before we release it (travel and accommodations not included)

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    Story Chieftain – Of course all of above + custom built collage to compile the stories at your own event, whether it's for work or the family

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