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A pull-tab minimalist smart wallet. Designed for every day.
A pull-tab minimalist smart wallet. Designed for every day.
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Stretch Goal #1 Is Here!!

Posted by FOCX™ (Creator)

Hey backers!

We have a big update for you today! 

We are ready to announce our first stretch goal! What's a stretch goal? For those new to Kickstarter, a stretch goal is when we set a funding amount and a reward if we reach that funding amount. It's a way for us to keep the momentum going in our campaign and also reward YOU for helping us spread the word.

Brown leather + grey elasticband!

We are so blown away by your incredible support! Thank you guys.

Next goals

  • 15.000 € - Black leather + grey elasticband
  • 20.000 € - Brown leather + brown elasticband

Good news, production has begun!

You will get your FOCX Wallet as promised.


We´re really thankful for all kind of social support.




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    1. FOCX™ 2-time creator on

      Hi Macroidtoe, we have do some good decisions regarding PR. Happy to see the growing community :)

    2. macroidtoe on

      Not even 24 hours after this post, and you just passed the next stretch goal. I'm curious to know if there was an article on a specific website or avenue of advertisement which brought in so many people today... :)