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A pull-tab minimalist smart wallet. Designed for every day.
A pull-tab minimalist smart wallet. Designed for every day.
A pull-tab minimalist smart wallet. Designed for every day.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Oscar Prietop on April 27

      Just gone mine. Thanks Serkan for such neat wallet and easy dealings!

    2. Missing avatar

      Michael Kien on April 20

      I did not get the wallet back then, it might have been a fault of the deliverer.
      After a friendly contact with Serkan he sent me a wallet again. This time I got it. I am finally happy to be on the road with this wonderful wallet. Thank you, Serkan

    3. Prabhakar Thota on April 3

      Thanks for your replay!

      Yeh! I got Black card!

      1. If possible please share sample video for RFID usage.

      2. I have tried many times with NFC tools its shows error like `write error`. But unfortunately now it is working. But unable to identify where i done the mistake.

      Loved this product! Hats-off!

    4. FOCX™ 2-time creator on April 3

      Hey Prabhakar, there was a black card on the back side of the wallet. We control all of our shipments. If there was not a card, did you see any cuts on the package? Which app do you use? We prefer "NFC Tools". The chip is over 5.000.000 time rewritable!

    5. Prabhakar Thota on April 3

      Please don't ignore, give replay for my comment

      1. Finally I got it, looks awesome! Tested NFC mode works perfect! But where is RFID block card ?

      2. Is NFC one time action ? I have written small `hello` text file, from then its shows like write error unable to edit or add new record, please help on this!

    6. FOCX™ 2-time creator on April 2

      Hi Irina, your wallet came back on Saturday, maybe your address was not correct (RETURN TO SENDER). I have sent to your email the mailing (picture of it) with the incorrect address - please check it and give me your correct address!

    7. Missing avatar

      Irina Truong on April 2

      I never received mine either.

    8. Prabhakar Thota on April 1

      Finally I got it, looks awesome! Tested NFC mode works perfect! But where is RFID block card ?

    9. FOCX™ 2-time creator on March 31

      Hi Oscar, that´s bad. I wrote you a PM.

    10. Missing avatar

      Oscar Prietop on March 31

      I never got mine, CN: 5faf8fbac721d221bbe64335ffdda2d
      I actually forgot about it but today's project update acted as a reminder.

    11. FOCX™ 2-time creator on March 31

      Hi Marco, sweet to hear that :) Of course yes, we sell it currently on INDIEGOGO but we plan to open an own shop in the next months.

      If you need one, just write me an email to and I sent you one, two or how much you need :)

      Best regards, and happy Easter.

    12. Missing avatar

      Calbha on March 31

      Hey Serkan, is there a way to buy focx in retail in germany or switzerland? I've gave away one of my pledges, but now i have focx in use for around four months and don't wanna miss it. So if mine will broke someday i wonder if i can buy a new one somewhere.

    13. FOCX™ 2-time creator on March 27

      Hi Vinod, you have just pledged 14 Euros for the Blocking Card + NFC Chip - not wallet.
      Nothing arrived?

    14. Missing avatar

      Vinod on March 27

      I haven’t received mine as well. No update from last two months.

    15. Prabhakar Thota on March 26

      Sure! Thank you

    16. FOCX™ 2-time creator on March 26

      Maybe lost, maybe arrive in the next week - who knows.
      As I mention in the many messages I have written to you, at the first delivery, there was no tracking.

      But when both arrive, please write me!

    17. Prabhakar Thota on March 26

      Thank you! What happens to first one? Why I didnt received ? Can you share tracking number ?

    18. FOCX™ 2-time creator on March 26

      No, you don´t!

    19. FOCX™ 2-time creator on March 26

      Of course, I understand.
      But don´t worry Prabhakar, for me, it´s a matter of honor!!!

      Thi is the link to the India Post:


    20. Prabhakar Thota on March 26

      One more question! Do I need to pay Customs charges for this ?

    21. Prabhakar Thota on March 26

      Please share the link to track! Hope you have to understood from customer point of view there are lot of scammers in Kickstarter example LumNKey. As backer we will always scare untill to get product in our hands. Thanks for your reply!

    22. FOCX™ 2-time creator on March 26

      Yay, Prabhakar, as I say: EVERYONE will get his wallet.

      I´ve sent you TWO Wallets. The first one on 2th February (2 months) and the second one on 13th March. This is the tracking number: RC 30 602 963 2DE

      The wallet is in India.
      Best regards,

      Ps. I know what I wrote to you via message.

    23. Prabhakar Thota on March 26

      Hello! I got message from you like `Why do you write message and comment?` instead of resolving my problem. OK i will comment only! Sorry for message.

    24. Prabhakar Thota on March 26

      3 months now still not yet received please share tracking number

    25. FOCX™ 2-time creator on March 23

      Hi Gregg,
      you have never fulfilled the survey. But now I have your address (and the rest of the world :) I sent the wallet on Monday.

    26. Missing avatar

      Gregg Buie on March 23

      Hi, I have not received my wallet. My Confirmation number: 197bf237a85f29237686cada4b779e25 Please send to me.
      Gregg Buie
      727 Old Farm Lane
      Aptos, CA 95003

    27. FOCX™ 2-time creator on March 20

      Hey Samar, first of all, sorry for the delay. As you can read in the comments below, almost every backer has got their FOCX. But we have bad experience with India mailings. Most of them need more than 5 weeks to arrive - or never arrives. Anyway. As I mention earlier, EVERYONE will get his FOCX. You too!

      I wrote you an email with next steps.


    28. Missing avatar

      Samar Tomar on March 20

      Hi FOCX,

      Where is my wallet, March is almost finished and I haven't received any updates. This is not done, pls get me some tracking number.

      Country: India


    29. Michael Conte on March 8

      @Alejandro Diaz C. I did the same thing, I contacted Serkan and he had me send him payment via paypal, hopefully mine went out in this last shipment.

    30. Missing avatar

      Juan on March 7

      Just received my wallet, it looks great! but it took quite a while to arrive (to Mexico), around 2 months since the dispatch, I guess it takes a while packages to clear customs and stuff, but at the end it finally did!

    31. Theodore Chiu
      on March 6

      Just received mine today, excited to try them out. Also, thanks for the gummy bears!

    32. Daniel Fontoura on March 6

      Hi Serkan,

      Is there a tracking number?
      I'm still anxiously waiting my wallet


    33. Alejandro Diaz C. on March 2

      Hi! Got my card today, silly me I thought I preordered the wallet, can I still get one?

    34. Gary Bunker on February 27

      After a couple weeks, I'm growing accustomed to the Focx. I still have to retrain myself to not feel like I'm missing something because my back pocket isn't laden with a massive chunk of leather. Favorite part of the design must be the pull-tab to eject my most-used cards (ATM and Driver's License for me). Great little wallet.

    35. FOCX™ 2-time creator on February 26

      Hi Quang, it is necessary that your cards in the same slot as the blocking card. It's a comfortable Card but it can't perform miracles. Please send me a picture of your setup to

    36. Missing avatar

      QP on February 26

      unsure if I'm using it correctly but I've placed the the RFID card in the back slot, with my (UK) Oyster card in the middle slot and it can still read.

    37. FOCX™ 2-time creator on February 26

      Hi Morgan, the NFC Chip is on the backside of the wallet, not in the Card. Please check it again :)

    38. Missing avatar

      Morgan Kelsie McGuire on February 25

      Absolutely love the wallet, I can't seem to use the NFC card though. I've tried writing just text to it multiple times and it always fails. Formatting fails too. Tried on about the different apps, including the recommended NFC tools but nothing seems to work :(

    39. macroidtoe on February 23

      After doing some research, I'm pretty sure that you can turn your FOCX wallet into a Nintendo Amiibo. But, very important note: it's a one-way trip. Once you write an Amiibo file to an NTAG215, it locks it down permanently, and you can't rewrite it. I'm putting my plan on hold to turn my FOCX into a Fox McCloud... at least for now.

    40. Jay Brewer on February 22

      How do you use the NTAG on the wallet and store info on it? I removed the RFID blocker but it never scans with GoToTags app and iPhone - some instructions on this would be great.

    41. FOCX™ 2-time creator on February 21

      Hi Ting Wai, I send you a message.

    42. Ting Wai Chun Thomas on February 21

      Still haven’t receive my wallet, would be nice if there is any tracking method.

    43. Michael Conte on February 18

      Sent message from email. Apologies, I thought for sure I ordered the full wallet.

    44. FOCX™ 2-time creator on February 18

      Hi Michael, you just pledged 14€ for the RFID Card. If you wish to Upgrade please write me a message to

    45. Michael Conte on February 17

      So I received my RFID tag in an envelope today, but no wallet yet.

    46. Missing avatar

      Matt C on February 16

      Just want to say plain and simple; best wallet I have ever owned. Friends of mine have already asked about where I got it, compact and can literally fit more than imaginable. As for the producers, really perfect execution and communication. Can tell how passionate he is about the project, and he went to bat for his customers, myself included. Thank you for an excellent product and delivery.

    47. Gary Bunker on February 15

      Mine arrived on Tuesday here in the middle of nowhere Texas. I'm digging it so far, just need to pare down my unnecessary wallet bloat. :-)

    48. Missing avatar

      hokit on February 13

      Received mine today, thanks serkan, i like the wallet and the haribo. =D

    49. Missing avatar

      Alexander Maslo on February 13

      Received today! Thanks a lot for additional sweeties:)

    50. FOCX™ 2-time creator on February 12

      Hey guys, it may take longer till the wallet arrives. During the Christmas FOCX deliveries, some wallets arrived after 4 weeks. Give it time. We stay in touch!!!

      EVERYONE gets his wallet :)

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